Which dev thought it was a good idea to buff lock-on tracking?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by PhilDun, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. PhilDun

    Because that guy's judgment is seriously questionable.

    "Hey guys, we have a weapon that takes on skill to use but some players have learned how to dodge it. Let's make the missiles impossible to dodge."

  2. Jube

    The intent I'm sure wasn't to make impossible to dodge, but to fix the flightpath overreaction the rockets had when released.
    Obviously they failed in two categories. First the rockets still overreact in their flightpath and they now go around obstacles.

    I wish they would stop trying to fix this terrible lock-on guidance and just give it the same guidance as the Raven already.
  3. starlinvf

    Became a space fairing species..... abandon automated guidance systems? And do you realize how terrible the Raven is for hitting all but the slowest, hoveringist aircraft?
  4. PS2Freak

    As lockon flyed before - it was looking very unnatural, this

    predicting_the_place_where_it_go_path -

    was ugly to watch, looked unnaturally to observer eye, and was bad addition.

    now lockon fly like they should.

    sure esf not like it, be pretty sure ground troops not like You picking them up from above, and covering them with 10 rockets to head. unable to dodge from your ace rocketspam! ( ha!)... feels also wrong....

    only Fair you become it back! adapt!
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  5. Wezdor

    This is why the forums are such a terrible place. Because of people like you.
  6. starlinvf

    What do YOU mean "you people"?
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  7. PS2Freak

    you mean, because of people have other opinion then you ?... i really dont want to live in your "perfect world"...
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  8. Wezdor

    I mean the child like logic of "You used to be OP so now you don't deserve balance, because at some point you killed me too much!!!11one"
  9. IamDH


    Lock-ons were a terrible addition to the game because anyone with hands can use them. Skilled pilots should be rewarded and atleast get the ability to evade them. The game should be risk vs reward and hopefully the ESF update will succeed with that
  10. Gheeta

    Planetside 2 would be a better game if there were no lock on weapons.
  11. Zenanii

    That's a terrible attitude. Just because rocket-pods takes not skill to use, you want their natural counter to follow the same pattern? How about we try to apply mutual balance changes to make both rocket-pods and G2A missiles rewarding to use and fair to fight against?
  12. Metalsheep

    The rockets USED to be dodgeable to some degree. You could trick them out with sudden maneuvers or sharp dives or using cover. But they also were a bit buggy, a lot of times you could just stop and the missile would miss you entirely.

    I'm not sure why they buffed them. Higby even said the only way to not get hit now would be Flares when they did that update.
  13. zib1911

    Upcoming patch this way
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  14. TWolfJaeger

    We already abandoned stabilized turrets and fire control systems for tanks, reverting centuries of technological development so we can recreate those epic tank battles from World War II.

    But ... but.. the Vanu tanks hover! HOVER!

    No for reals, I like the new missiles. I like the idea of the new missiles correcting around obstructions. What the missile really needs though is a chance to break lock if it loses line of sight, or have it accelerate like a rocket with reduced maneuverability the longer its in flight.