Which continent would you delete?

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  1. Divinorium

    Hard one... Amerish was a joke at launch for non air vehicles, and still a joke.(death trap to non air.)
    Wallsemir was good for vehicles but bad to air, now it's bad at everything.
    IMO could delete both.

    Keep indar. Good balance between air/ground/infantry with a base for every type of gameplay.
    Hossin? It will never happen. I mean the launch of hossin not the deletion.
  2. Colonelveers12

    Considering Indar was supposed to be a Beta only continent, and Hossin was SUPPOSED to come out on launch day, I think we have our answer about continents.
  3. Xebov

    Indar, there are to much players there and i have my doubts that Indar will ever be locked.
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  4. KnightCole

    Indar......definitely indar. I hate its layout from one corner to the other.

    Amerish is better, Esa is still my favorite.

    Indar and Amerish need to keep the lights on longer though....seems the are in night cycle 23 1/2 out of every 24 hrs on those conts...
  5. vincent-

    I got to agree now the bio labs have become a literal road stopper.
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  6. NinjaTurtle

    Come on there is no way you could argue it is better designed than Amerish, especially since the update?
  7. NinjaTurtle

    If you could accidentally on purpose lock Indar for a week or so that would be awesome.... I'm sure you can find a Gremlin somewhere
  8. Masterofm


    If you are going to have a wasteland you might as well make it a wasteland. Instead of claustrophobic nightmares followed by a bunch of weird open spaces.
  9. Hibiki54

    Indar should be auto-locked when Hossin is released. Just saying.
  10. GaBeRock

    Malorn, at some point you'll probably just need to make a template:
    Just so there is no confusion anywhere, we have no plans on removing/changing/buffing/nerfing [feature/vehicle/server/faction].

    [Reassuring words]
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  11. Pikachu

    Indar is the only continent were nights are as long as days. Amerish has more day than night and Esamir has no real nights. Hossin days are betewen Amerish and Indar.
    Indar sunrise: east, sunset: west
    Esamir "sunrise:" south east, "sunset:" south west, actual dark period between south-south west and south
    Amerish sunrise: south east, sunset: south west
    Hossin sunrise: east, sunset: south west
    Nexus "sunrise:" south east, "sunset:" south west
  12. Canno

    Absolutely, 100%, completely wrong. Next time take a moment to check someone's stats before embarrassing yourself like that.

    This is where you say "could be an alt" or something to save face.
  13. SNAFUS

    Hosin, that continent will lead to more air is OP threads due to the amazing concealment the trees offer air craft.
  14. Silus

    Sounds like I'll need to invest in Thermal on my Skyguard.

    Stealth Skyguards are best Skyguards :3
  15. geekrider

    Esamir. That blinding white hurts my eyes.

    PS: Say nothing about Amerish. It's the most beautiful of the three.
  16. geekrider

    But doesn't that mean trees conceal infantry? Also, aren't trees the worst enemy of aircraft?
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  17. Villanuk

    When of if they start continent locking and force us to play Esamir then watch the numbers drop, pointless terrible map.
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  18. Makora

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  19. Flying Mug

    A shredder or a AI nose gun have very fast TTKs on infantry while a dual burster MAX takes significantly longer to actually kill a plane. Also they could just fly around the tree. A bunch of trees just keeps AA from having the sustained line of sight it needs to inflict damage.
  20. Pikachu

    Pilots will avoid Hossin just because of how ugly it is to fly in a land with 800m render distance. A big yellow wall that constantly unveils the world and trees or their branches popping into existence. The faster you fly the worse it looks.