Which continent would you delete?

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  1. GerryAtric


    I really don't understand the Esamir hate, as it is my favorite continent. But then again, I don't like vehicles. Different strokes, I suppose.
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  2. Champagon

    We shouldn't get rid of continents we need MORE about 7 more to be more specific, and sanctuaries(Safe faction specific mini continents) and lattice and continental lattice, and cont locks.

    "Then, you have my permission to cry"
  3. Morchai

    If everyone who likes Indar were HE tank spammers, why do the infantry players play there? Nothing stops those who prefer infantry play from moving the fight to Amerish or Esimir. If a large enough percentage of the (majority) infantry playing population hated Indar, the battles would be someplace else. They have the numbers to move it.

    Of course, I don't confuse the opinions of the average player with those of the more dedicated players who are actually engaged enough to bother with the forums. Forum posters tend to have stronger and more 'extreme' (probably not the best term) opinions about the game and it's issues than the average player.
  4. Pikachu

    Eskimo you got to tell me what ever made old Esamir such a good vehicle continent. To me that is nothing but rumors coming from people reading the tooltip thing on loadind screens. The most flat territory in the game is Indar desert and second comes Indar grasslands. Esamir is only exceptionally flat at the rivers and grass fields which you know are areas that never see combat. Show me that the vehicle goodness of Esamir isn't just forumside mush.
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  5. JesusVoxel

    Ghostcapping empty bases in empty continent ain't fun, and as we players don't posess collective mind, we don't move to Amerish or Esamir all at the same time. We hope that others would move there so we could move there to enjoy the game too.

    These days I usually join the game, see if there are any fights around Amerish or Esamir, if not I either quit or join Indarside for few minutes until I get bored and log off.
  6. Pikachu

    You don't think number of maps should be proportional to number of players? o_O
  7. EliteEskimo

    1. IT was even more wide open, and really flat you didn't need to use the roads at all to get around at all for basically any part of Map. That isn't the case as much now. This also allowed for huge open field battles, and infantry could rarely get an elevation advantage over tanks to the extent it meant something, and because of the lack of trees and terrain infantry were very vulnerable wherever they went without vehicle support

    2. The distance between bases was more massive before the additional bases, so zerg infantry rushing between bases was much less of the thing and again due to the lack of cover between bases infantry would just get totally annihilated by vehicles in trying to do so.

    2. More places for tanks to fight, and I forget the name of the long bridge where really awesome battles were had, and tanks would have epic battles at EISA tech. However now EISA techplant and that bridge has walls everywhere instead of being places for tanks it's much more a place for infantry now.:(

    3. Its easy to traverse terrain made for less vehicle suicides. There was much much more flat Terrain before they added all the random rocks and other crap onto Esamir.

    You don't have to believe me, but old Esamir was awesome, and when the description said it was a continent designed for tanks that used to be the truth. Anyhow, this is probably my favorite video of old Esamir and one of my favorite Planetside 2 videos. It shows much of the old layout of the map, and shows battles how they should be with vehicles mostly on the outside and infantry mostly on the inside. (Watch in HD and in full screen mode :cool:)

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  8. MrMindyMind

    If I had to chose it would be Esamir.
  9. Kislany

    Amerish. I started to really love Esamir, spending these days most of my time over there.
  10. PWGuy93

    I wouldn't want to delete any continent.
    That stated I would trim the number of bases and outposts on each to help consolidate battles.
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  11. AshHill07

    Personally I am just fed up of Indar right now.
    Yes, the maps not bad, and yes I am primarily an MBT / Engineer player.
    But I like adapting to new challenges, and after several months now of Indarside its just not interesting anymore.
  12. Ronin Oni


    Also, only map that still suffers from rampant armor blasting into bases
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  13. IamDH

    Indar. Because i've spent too much damn time there even though it has better design than Esamir
  14. dBMachine

    Amerish is a pain to travel on but some of the bases are pretty cool.

    Sure Indar is boring but that's because it's a decent map that's getting overplayed.

    Now Esamir.... It was one of my favorites before the revamp. Now it's just walls, walls, and more walls. I really don't wanna say it but probably Esamir. :(
  15. eldarfalcongravtank

    ALL OF 'EM!

    start anew and give us some REAL continents that have better flow of battle, better visuals, better base design, better immersion and better optimization!
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  16. tekknej

    i think Mattherson is the one i like the least. other continents are fine. but i heard they are going to merge into a corner of other continent, so it will be ok.

    *hides in corner*
  17. BadAsElite

    Both Indar and Esamir, both poorly designed.
    Indar is to crampt and makes tanks useless (Too many base's to close together). Esamir Awful resource tick and again awful for tanks.
  18. Malorn

    Just so there is no confusion anywhere, we have no plans on removing any continents from the game.

    The Continent Locking feature will be going in with Hossin so population density is maintained and made even made better with Hossin's release. That addresses the concern of the OP without needing to permanently remove any content.
  19. Scr1nRusher

    you know continents would function alot better without bio-labs, they literally stop flows of battle around the map in every location they are in.
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  20. Irish Breakfast

    One, I don't think you need to get rid of any. Two, if you had to, take Esamir. Its the most bland. It doesn't vary enough in environment to make it worth playing on. Indar is bearable because of the numbers despite poor base design. Amerish (my favorite) suffers from low numbers but it has the best design in the game.
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