Which continent would you delete?

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  1. andy_m

    Plus one to that one :D
  2. Paragon Exile


    Only scrubs play on Nexus
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  3. andy_m

    No, there are at least two of us...

  4. Silkensmooth

    This thread is not smart. Why would you want to limit choice?

    You don't like Indar? Too bad cause most people do. So lets delete the best most popular continent because thats not your favorite.
  5. DxAdder

    Amerish in a second
  6. Flying Mug

  7. Regpuppy


    As soon as the newness wore off the terrain was boring and most of the bases were like indar bases without the varied terrain. At least pre-walls. Now most of the bases are walled in such a way that actually traps defenders inside.

    It's not that we hate the design of indar. It's just that some of us forumsiders have been around since alpha/beta and have played on indar for a majority of that time. That's nearly two years of playtime for people. Two years where it hasn't gotten an Amerish-scale revamp.
  8. K2k4


    Actually the only reason I don't like esamir is because the snow shines a brilliant hot white under my ir/nv scopes, making them useless on the entire continent. also, lack of trees means less fun for me.
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  9. Hibiki54


    Trivia note - Indar is actually based off of the battle islands from Planetside 1. True fact if you research the names. It is NOT based off of Ishundar.

    After Hossin, give me Cyssor or Searhus.
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  10. EliteEskimo

    I'd remove Wallamir. It was a good when it was actually the tank continent, but once that concept was scrapped in favor of the "Walls, Walls Everywhere!" concept it became garbage.
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  11. JesusVoxel

    There is so many reasons why Indar shoul be removed.

    1. Horrible base design.
    2. Tanks can "participate" in base fights by farming the bases non-stop.
    3. Overplayed to the point of knowing every detail about it.
    4. Unfriendly for vehicles (more than Amerish or Esamir combined, some people just don't know about that because they have spent so few time on other continents).
    5. Unfriendly for infatry
    6. Only interesting terrain (and vehicle friendly) is north desert.
    7. When looking for fights outside primtime, everyone is in biolabs (the absolute worst base design in the whole game).

    On Esamir you have great tank and air battles, and few of the bases are good, though I don't like all the walls that much. Still helps to keep all the vehicle farmers away.

    Amerish has the most beautiful terrain for combined arms gameplay. i've seen some insane tank and air battles there. The bases there are far above Esamir not to even talk about Indar. Most people propably don't even know how unigue the bases there are and most are built so that vehicle farmers can't enjoy their pathetic cert grind there. Bases are really fun for 48+ vs 48+ infantryfights.
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  12. Crashsplash


    I try to play infantry these days and it's only good if you're in a tank and wanting to farm.
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  13. Surmise

    You are probably full time HE/Viper lighting or HE/HEAT MBT spammer.
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  14. Littleman

    Esamir. Just featureless and like someone said, most facilities feel like cages.

    Indar is tolerable only in that the landscape was built right - like a bunch of smaller continents smashed together in a jigsaw puzzle to provide biome diversity - it just needs half of its conquerable facilities culled completely from the lattice, and the remainder to be rebuilt up to the standards of Amerish's facilities. Changes to places like Quartz Ridge are one step towards this end.

    Esamir could take from Indar's example by being comprised of a frozen lake with ice flows, mountain peaks and roads, and possibly a giant crystal cavern as the three major regions.

    Amerish's only crime is being green everywhere. I love fighting on it regardless though.

    I wouldn't say Indar is "popular" so much as that's where all the lemmings go. When pops drop at night, everyone concentrates where the fighting is, and that's Indar. As more people log on, they want to go where the fighting is, and that's Indar... If Indar were removed, we'd just see a new "default" continent get played on day in and day out.
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  15. Posse

  16. Humvoid

    Esamir. It's dead most of the time anyway, plus it's just terrible terrain and base layout.
  17. Regpuppy

    Already been confirmed that Searhus is the next one. They haven't started work on it, but they've got a few textures laying around (one of the devs goofed and showed us the lava texture).

    Way way way back they said Oshur would be after Hossin, but was a long time ago. So I hope they reconsider that one.
  18. Axehilt

    Deleting a continent would be dumb.
    • Add locking.
    • Add Hossin.
    • For the next 6 months have level designers focus on polishing all existing bases
    • In particular, fix esamir by changing it to a 3-tech layout instead of 1-tech. Esamir's use of walls is also a bit shaky but really it's the tech limitations that cause the most degenerative gameplay.
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  19. Genetic

    Without question Indar , it was good as a tempory map for alpha/beta but its got a crap landscapr , crap layout , crap latice , crap base designs , just a crap map with to many stale same old same old fights every single damn day
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  20. SavageBacon

    Easimir got borked when the decision to turn the best ground vehicle map into Wallsamir. I'd remove it and tweak Amerish so there wasn't so many 2 way lattice connections.
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