Which are the best Outfits?

Discussion in 'Emerald (US East)' started by Haskaal, Oct 19, 2013.

  1. LieutenantHuge

    Do.. do you play the game often?
  2. Frizzbro

    Lets be real here.

    NUC - Its NUC or mid-tier at best. Sorry. I'm not saying NUC is much above that but just sayinnn. They have some really good pilots, gunners, aswell as a handful of good infantry players. The cool ones that I have gotten to know are awesome dudes.

    TIW - Cool guys. I wont judge them since we shelter some of their members and most of the run-ins we have had with them have been enjoyable. The players i have been been able to hang with on VOIP are cool dudes to hang with aswell.

    PREY - Some of the best pilots on NC. rguitar being a top pilot on the server and work horse obv.

    C150** - Departed TIW flyers. Couple good lib crews.

    ZAPS - Coolest and best dudes that wreck face in the game. Swallow or ****.

    OPTR - New outfit. Watch out for them dudes.

    XOO - While I disagree with most of their members and leadership. They have some dudes that can support well in fights that count.

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  3. Frizzbro

  4. Inf1d3l

    I, by no means, am intentionally leaving anyone out. Just posting my personal opinion on the topic. All outfits are good, but these are my 2 picks from each
    HSTL - Fun guys to fight, good reputation, upstanding peeps
    NUC - Great fights versus these guys, good solid outfit
    TIW - Good solid outfit, always challenging
    PREY - Good way to lose your aircraft, great pilots
    R8TH - Little biased here, but small but organized, respectable, and fun loving
    ZAPS - Can come ruin someone's day pretty quickly, organized, solid

  5. StayFrostyGents

    All these small unknown outfits up here, its like people say their outfit...... one or two common "mlg" outfits then their friends outfit.

    For waterson it's really not that hard.


    Nuc are the best. What happens when you poach the best off the server.

    In terms of tactics, squad play and platoon play. Nothing really comes close to them on waterson TR.


    Honestly NC are pretty disjointed.

    [TIW] split , most of their good air left. Leaving their only pilots flying around in groups with a2a. smh.

    Noone on NC really stands out in terms of tactics , squad play ect.


    [Dluv] & zappz those mlg people.

    XOO is good too with stong individual infantry skill

    VREV has some good coordination and movements sometimes, not too many outfits though.
  6. Tigobit

    TR - OPTR

    NC- OPTR

    VS- OPTR and maybe ZAPS....

    Easy one guys. :p
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  7. Posse

    Who is OPTR again?
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  8. Cswic

    Makes comment about how people are naming "small unknown outfits", proceeds to list small and likely relatively unknown outfit composed of mattherson players' alts.

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  9. yllom001

    OPTR - The sunshine delivery service, and trust me they take plenty of sunshine shipments they just generally don't make it to their final destinations - NC AIR FORCE RAMMING SPEED :D
  10. AuxiMoron

    For NC Waterson the best are:
    - Recon Team Six [RCN6] - fun guys that always kick butt in their MAXes
    - We Gonna Die [WGD] - great 1v1'ers and friendly members
    - The Iron Wolves [TIW] - best NC outfit in the world (we are very small and low-popped these days)
    - WTFux [PREY] - best Reaver pilots on server
    - The Daltons [C150] - best NC lib pilots on server
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  11. doombro

    Adding DAWN to my VS list. Those dudes kept me on my toes tonight.
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  12. dmorr145

    When Longbow is ranked 6th on the server, you can make wild accusations about Sunshine not being delivered.
  13. DaMann22

    Thats whats up! We have our great nights that can hang with you MLG outfits during Dawn Ops. Every other night its very casual and just for fun
  14. yllom001

    Just making jokes, truthfully do (kinda) hate you guys for being good, and at least your not like ZAPS bringing random Libs to every fight the TR and the NC fight. Great at flying and vehicles, haven't seen that many of you on the ground without wheels.
  15. Rasui

    Stop hogging all the farm fighting each other and we won't have to come find you.
  16. ApolloMCProductions

    amen to that tigo.
  17. Scientiarum

    I made an algorithm comparing statistical averages of the Waterson outfits based on competitive gameplay metrics for all Waterson outfits with 24 plus players online in the last 30 days and 50% or greater member activity levels (no dead or declining outfits listed here). It has a weighted biased towards high average BR and xppm, outfits but also takes into account base defenses, base captures, K/D, infantry accuracy, infantry head shot rate, and vehicle kills. I am not sure I agree with what my little algorithm came up with, but since you ask such a broad and easily biased question I have decided to go with my what I have found there, rather than my personal feelings or what the community generally thinks.

    Below is a list of the Outfits that met the 'competitive caliber' minimum standards for each faction and a listing in order from highest performing to lowest performing (but above the minimum values). I feel like especially for TR a lot of the better outfits were left out and I probably weighted BR and xppm too much but take it for what it is. I don't want anyone getting upset over this, it was just a bit of a 'for fun' experiment on my part. This was as of 3/16/14:

    VETZ (marginal)
    R8TH (marginal)
    XOO (marginal)

    EZC (marginal)

    NUC (By far highest scoring on the Waterson. In fact highest scoring outfit among all PS2 servers meeting minimum active members)
    TWO4 (marginal)
    QPRO (marginal)
  18. Sonahit

    OPTR ( Sunshine Delivery Services ) are being famous :D
  19. EzioDevil

    And its back to the old discussion who's the best... *facepalm*
  20. Colonelveers12

    These are not ranked in any order just the top five of each. Then again this is all subjective so who really cares? :p




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