Where's the patch notes dudes?!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MorganM, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. MorganM

    Message says it's down for PATCHING not MAINTENANCE ... so ... which is it? If it's a patch I'd like to see what's being patched. If it's maintenance then fix the message.

    Honestly you guys should post EVERY time the game comes down. Tell us why and estimated outage length. It's soooooooooooo frustrating to see the game come down, go to the official freak'n section where this info should be communicated, and see nothing.

    Communication from you guys is so frustrating. I can't get a straight answer on what the Higby is going on, what you guys are doing, or where the game is going. It's all spread across the web as forum posts, tweets, streams, reddit posts, youtube videos.

    Can you just start here and make sure every time the game goes down its clearly communicated in the one place specially set aside for this?

    Maybe in the future you can get super keen and post this information BEFORE it happens! I mean... I assume you guys knew yesterday there would be an outage today. Right? Not sure why it couldn't have been 0communicated yesterday.
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  2. omfgweeee

    Usualy this are some small hotfixes for curent bugs.
  3. Agamemnonas

    maybe they gonna release a new cheat for planetside 2 cheat league :p
    the best cheat wins lol
  4. DashRendar

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  5. Klypto

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  6. MorganM

    My point exactly!)@(*#$#*()(!#*

    Call me a Luddite... I don't have freak'n twitter... I don't go to their website to look up stuff... I don't "follow" anyone....

    I come to their officially G.D. forums with an official seciotn set aside JUST for communicating this information... and it's not here. This is not a rare occurrence; it happens all the F'n time!

    Also to my other point...this msg was sent out this morning. Why can't they be professionals and notify us that the service will be going down the day before ?

    Vanu help me! This stuff drives me bonkers! Maybe it's because I work in IT and if we even think about touching a service we have to notify over standard communication channels our customers ahead of time, clearly say what we are doing, and estimate the length of the outage. If you don't... it could be a career changing decision. It's just basic, simple, business here. I don't get it.... I just ... don't... get it...
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  7. Kcalehc

    It may be 'Scheduled' patching maintenance, but the schedule seems to be such a closely guarded secret, so much that it might as well be 'surprise maintenance' as we almost never find out till hours or even minutes before they do it. I think many of us who aren't twitter/reddit fans, would appreciate some advance notice from the patcher (or at the very least, the forums); rather than logging in to find 'server unavailable' and wondering what's up.

    It's great they are trying to fix things, but I'd appreciate the ability to plan around it. Rather than each time being "Surprise!, game is down, now you have to find something else to do instead," every time (well almost).
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  8. Colakold

    I´m with you. This modern thing that we need to follow dozens of people and to check multiple sources to get the information is just bad. The "I can't post in Announcements" part of message is strange for me. There is nobody working in the office to spend 2 minutes for giving the information through official chanels? Is he the only person with access to the forum?
  9. lkeren1998

    usually you at least write something about it in the forums, but this time, there was nothing? its one little post here, nothing too big. please stop such things from happening again!
  10. MorganM

    Even if there was nobody this morning... I guarantee there was someone yesterday who could have posted!
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  11. Kazzah

    According to that twitter link the guy in charge of the changes hasn't got permission to post in the announcements forum - kind of a strange set-up but there you go.
  12. Goretzu

    :D Honestly they really should just call it "surprise maintance", it would just be much better all around.

    As for using the forums or Vanu-forbid the patcher..... that seems like another example of technological senescence as 21st century gaming slowly levels out at Candy Crush Saga. o_O
  13. Liewec123

    pfff didn't you check the twitter, reddits, tumblrs and facebooks of 15 different DBG employees?
    why would you expect patch notes to be in the patch notes area of the official forum? XD
    only a mad man would expect such a logical action!

    (yes that one guy doesn't have permission, but then either:
    1. he should be given it
    2. someone with permission should post it.

    we shouldn't have blind patches, imagine if they'd fixed something you really loved (but stopped using because it was bugged or broken) and they didn't let you know? so you continue avoiding it.

    its not that difficult to post patch notes.
    plus it illuminates what is going on at DBG and shows us that work is being done,
    currently we all think its like...
    Welcome to Daybreak Games!
  14. Morrak

    Agree with MorganM at 100%
    We NEED to be alerted of the server's shutdown for a patch application or manteinance by the apposite space in the LAUNCHAPAD with a link that bring us HERE in the OFFICIAL forum and NOT by stupid tweet or other kind of messages coming from other "cool" social platform

    And PLEASE let us know what you would to correct or change with that patch or manteinance so we could to VERIFY if the job has been done with success