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  1. Ronin Oni

    NE gate on Esamir (currently held by VS) has a major disadvantage...

    it's the ONLY WG on Esamir that lacks ANY +30 air resource facility, requiring NE WG faction to take Ymir Biolab from South WG or Freyr from NW WG in order to get air ticks...

    furthermore, there are hardly even any +5 air resource bases in the NE, further compounding the problem.

    On a continent where there is no MBT unless you own Eisa, Air is extremely important, yet it is literally impossible for NE WG to keep up a sustained Air Presence with only +25 air resource ticks (and that's taking a couple +5 bases from the other WG 'zones')

    NE gets Armor resource a plenty with both the Biolab and Amp station both providing a +30 Armor tick, and if you take Eisa for MBT spawning you get a 3rd... but if you don't hold Eisa then you aren't likely to need that much Armor resource since you can only spawn MBT's from WG, and if you can spawn MBT's then you get the extra +30 from Eisa anyways.

    TL;DR change the NE Amp station to provide Air Resource so NE WG faction is able to compete in the air. This is BS. On the whole, the Continent may need a resource node overhaul, but this simple fix would alleviate a lot.
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  2. FateJH

    What if you spawned Skyguards with those Armor resources?
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  3. Ronin Oni

    AA is not the issue...

    lack of air support is.

    There's no reason 1 WG should be so crippled in 1 of the 3 capacities of the combined arms warfare.

    This is not an issue on any other continent. Why is it on Esamir?

    They need to relook at the resource provisions and balance out the layout better.

    We'll see how you like it next time they rotate and they stick TR up there and you can't pull Mossies or Libs or Gals after a couple times.
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  4. FateJH

    Thank you for your cross-factional concern.
    Personally, I don't fly.
  5. Ronin Oni

    You'll feel it on the ground anyways if you lose the ability to sustain air pressure on the enemy as a faction.
  6. Ronin Oni

    Bump this mofo... Esamir needs to get fixed!
  7. Cougarbrit

    Um, the entirety of Esamir's resource balance is ******. It was balanced with the Hex system in mind iirc, and Lattice has well dun ****** it.

    But it won't get redone so don't bother complaining, just wait for the resource revamp, they aren't gonna waste man hours redoing something they're gonna rehaul anyways.
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  8. Ronin Oni

    My fix is pretty darned simple. Wouldn't take long.

    NE WG is completely screwed for air resource. Just change the NE Amp Station from Armor resource to Air Resource.


    It could use a better, more thought out remap to ensure proper balance of resources by zone... but this simple fix would at least leave all factions with a Armor and Air +30 resource node.
  9. Cougarbrit

    Isn't Elli Amp armour resources as well? I remember when I was playing there complaining ingame that'd we'll have to cap all the way to Ymir to get some decent air res.
  10. Ronin Oni

    Yes, Elli is Ground resource, but Ymir Bio is the South WG biolab and provides the +30 Air ticks.

    So South and NW both get a +30 Armor and +30 Air resource facility. NE Gate gets 2 +30 Tank facilities and has to cap into either Ymir which is South gates Biolab, or Freyr which is NW's Amp station in order to secure air resource.
  11. Cougarbrit

    Ymir is equidistant to both the SW and NE WGs.

    All the biolabs are equidistant to their conflicting WGs.

    I think Ymir itself is only 20 though. I'll be logging in shortly to check in person.

    All I really know is that Esamir is one of the worst continents to fly on if your empire is underpop there, as it's practically a guarantee that no matter what WG you'll be in you'll have bugger all air income and far too much infantry income.
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  12. Mxiter

    Boi labs are between all WGs on esamir. No WG have "natural" biolabs. It's your faction choice to decide wich one capping/owning/defending.

    It's as easy to get Mani from the NE or the NW WG.

    It's as easy to get Ymir from the NE and the SW WG.

    It's as easy to get Andvari for the NW or the SW WG.

    If you're from the NE WG and want air ressources, focus Ymir.
  13. Ronin Oni

    If Ymir is only 20 that's another problem... all Main Facilities should be +30

    and yes, the BioLab is equidistant. Maybe make biolabs all be Armor and Amps all be Air resource to fix that issue as well.

    I'm just looking for quick and easy fix to some of the resource problems. On the whole Esamir could use a major resource overhaul... but at least a couple quick fixes could definitely make a profound impact. I know flying on Esamir is hard due to open terrain and clear LoS on air targets, but there's no denying that NE gate is at a disadvantage here for air resource.

    On the flip side, it has an armor resource advantage which is also kinda effed.

    I'm just asking for better resource balance between the Gates.
  14. IamDH

    Wouldnt having less air resources mean you have more of another?
    So it would kinda be like you have more infantry resources than air but the other WG has more air than resources.
  15. AuntLou42

    Esamir's resources as a whole are screwed. Let's give you tons of vehicle resources and then redesign every base to lock the vehicles out.
    But yes I agree w/ Ronin his suggestion should be a quick/simple fix.
  16. Anonomaly

    Bump for Ronin's fix.
  17. AlephZed

    Esamir is fine. The resource layout is actually well thought out, and if you fail to understand where they are and what you need to hold, well that's your problem, not the maps.
  18. St0mpy

    Bottom Left corner of Indar is the same but for infantry resouce, have to fight right out to the quarter to get 3 measly bases - but as soon as youre pushed back its a pathetic dribble meaning anyone who needs resource to supply their needs runs out very quickly.
  19. Ronin Oni

    There are *no* +30 inf resource facilities on Esamir...

    That said, I had +60-70 inf resource ticks when I only had +25 air resource ticks

    Uhmmm.... no. We had control over the entire part of the map considered "NE's" and we had +25 air resource ticks (meaning 50 minutes for 1 ESF)

    Saying we need to move into enemy territory to get air resource and that's "Our problem not the maps" is inane.
  20. Mental888

    Always wondered why it sucked so hard to play on Esamir.

    Personally I spend most of my time in my Scythe. This sucks.
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