Where to Park Sunderers to create rewarding battles?

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  1. EarlofSunderer

    Ixtab water Purification (Hossin):
    Drive sunderer through vehicle shield & up steps, straight up the middle & park it where you want.
    Gives defenders the ability to spawn and use grav lift almost immediately, to super jump and land a few meters from the A point. Also supports friendly tanks using vehicle shields as cover, with the sundy so close it's easy to switch to engineer to repair the tanks, and many do.

    Another advantage for defending is it gets people away from spawn and near the A point. Also nearer the generator. Revive grenades are handy to combat the frag grenades thrown down the hole.

    Attackers have a hard time holding A with even numbers, with defenders coming from spawn from and from opposite side up the lift. Every time I've seen a sunderer parked there and someone was trying to take it with evenish numbers, the fighting was intense.

    That's one place I've found that's fun to park a sunderer, to help create a more rewarding battle.

    Any spots you've come across, that are your favorite park at?
    not for the purpose of winning necessarily, but to create a battle.
    For the purpose of starting a good battle that everyone wishes would go on longer.
  2. PrimePriest

    Techplant - Straight on A point, or big gun area...easymode defense enabled

    Construction sites - Ram as many Sundies as you can on A point....setup that works well is 4 rep Sundies (2 in each corner), 2 Battlebuses and Ammo sundy
  3. FateJH

    In general, I've found that most of these "awesome battle Sunderer locations" that plop defenders right onto the capture point actually tend to produce unfun battles because the location was not designed into the natural flow of battle inherent to the base. For some bases, it's not actually that bad - Tech Plants have enough alternate access points, for example, that setting up an AMS on the [ A ] point isn't too much of an issue, if you can figure out how to get it up there.

    A place like Heyoka Armory's blind corner capture point and stowing spawning Sunderers in the corners of the Hossin Construction Site point buildings are different matters. In both cases, the position has very little vulnerability, no matter what the attackers do. In former case, the second story capture point corner is windowless, there's a convenient wall blocking visibility of the point (and AMS) from the access points, and enough base clutter to protect the Sunderer from significant fire, forcing attackers to have to push into a constantly-spawning CQC kill zone just to get a view of the Vehicle. As far as I know, you can't even throw grenades over the obstacles unless you get halfway into the room because the roof is too low. In the latter case, the attackers have no means of establishing any useful angles on the spawn Vehicles because the large "bay" doors are under constant fire from elevated interior positions, and the outside corners don't even allow them to be visible, and the side entrances are under constant crossfire from the spawn room platform and said elevated interior positions.

    Generally, these fights get put to an end because of the unimaginative efforts of kamikaze explosive runners, not because the attackers as a whole succeeded in any of their collective efforts. There's no victory because of good strategy or tactics or fireteam positioning, is what I mean, just unmitigable swarming.
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  4. MikeyGeeMan

    Amp station

    3 sundies with the gate diffuser

    1 with ammo
    2 with repair

    Drive right into A.

    Open fire and spawn in as many people as possible to get the point...loads of fun.
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  5. CNR4806

    And it pays very, very well if the fight snowballs into a massive 96+ vs 96+ zergfest

    On a less selfish note, if the defending Sunderer drivers can cooperate by maximizing their distance (via deploying at the edges of their respective rooms), it is possible to deploy two Sunderers inside a tech plant - one in the vehicle-spawning garage and one at A point.
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  6. Flamberge

    East River Sky Station on Esamir. You can drive up the large crystal to the west with a Sundy with Racer and deploy right on the A point.
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  7. Liewec123

    esamir, if you can push the north west team right the way back to their warpgate and take Haven Outpost you can park a sundy behind the building with the capture point, it usually leads to a big battle on the bridge :)
    and also makes it really really hard for the enemies to reach the point!
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  8. EarlofSunderer

    guide to get sunderer to second level of tech plant
  9. Tamon

    This game becomes more broken every day.
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  10. prodo123

    1. For defending, nothing beats a Sunderer deployed by the points. Unless the base is walled shut like Waterson's, you can with some effort drive a Sunderer onto the point. The only issue is that once the battle gets really hot and people start hitting the points, your allies will become dependent on your Sunderer while it goes down fast. However this is when the point is a good distance from the spawn, and once it happens you either lost the base or need a very good, organized push to recapture the point.

    2. For attacking, places where the Sunderer is close enough to the base, provides ease of access (roads, paths, stairs) and has enough cover to hide it from enemy vehicles. Sometimes this can also be by a capture point; one example is C point at Splitpeak Pass. Use the terrain to your advantage; don't put a Sunderer on the wall of Waterson's that faces the enemy lattice if you want to keep it alive.

    Also, in most walled bases you can jam a Sunderer up the stairs of one of the wall towers, and the no-deploy zones are small enough to let you deploy. Take for example Mao Southwest Gate. If you can't do that or the vehicle shield is up and you don't have GSD, park it by the tower in a way that provides it with good cover.

    3. For field battles, find cover. Good example is between Howling Pass and Abandoned NS Offices. The desert is littered with large rocks that hide the Sunderer from frontal fire. Most likely you will have an armor column supporting you in these situations, so you'll have your sides covered given they're not stupid.

    4. If you're driving support Sunderers such as repair and ammo, stay BEHIND the armor column and out of sight. Repair Sunderers should stack up so they repair each other as well as nearby armor. Most of the time you should not deploy the Sunderer as it becomes a sitting duck with no defenses and can't follow the armor column rapidly. Invest into better weapons than Basilisks. Personally I'm really into dual Kobalts as it can completely destroy C4 faeries and deal surprising amounts of damage to ESFs with rockets.

    5. Battle buses—stay frosty. Max out Blockade Armor, invest in Furies, fire suppression and Rival chassis, and put on a badass horn to top it off. Drive in a way to give the gunners a good angle to fire at; heading straight-on for the enemy blocks the rear gunner's view with the front turret. Drive slightly at an angle for optimal results.

    TL;DR: Find cover. Sunderers should stay alive as long as they can to support your teammates.

    I will not disclose some of my secret spots ;)
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  11. MikeyGeeMan

    Then play another game.

    Not sure what you mean by broken....large epic battles, lots of explosions. Different gear to buy and play with.

    I still haven't found a comparable game...and I am trying them I just always feel constrained by the small maps.

    Thank u planetside for spoiling my future fps games. I won't ever look at them the same again.
  12. Ballto21

    Next to vanu spawnrooms like AOD does on esamir alerts

    i wish i were joking
  13. Morti

    Finding insane places to deploy sunderers is the new metagame.
  14. Springjack

    I need to make a video tutorial on this or something, except I've never done such a thing before. The video would be titled "Exceptional Parking!" .... I took a few minutes to doll up this amp station picture. The picture isn't quite the same feeling as the "3D" world we play in because it is the map, Let me tell you it is exhilarating.
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  15. TheFamilyGhost

    Don't forget the reserve sundy placement. A sundy placed in the rear will come in handy when the forward sundy is killed.
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  16. Makora

    Would DBG please at least FIX the damn techplants so getting sunderers on A can't be done. This is ******** on so many levels I can't even begin to formulate things to say about this that wouldn't devolve into a curse filled rambling.
    I mean those poles and blockades were put in to stop or make it more difficult to get harassers on those points. What makes getting a god damn SUNDERER up there more acceptable? NOTHING. This oversight is unacceptable in every single level.

    Secondly, make it so you can't squad spawn into any vehicle that is in a hostile no-deploy zone. This is not rocket science. The NDZ is there for a god damn reason and letting people exploit this is beyond being an *******. Thirdly make it so base NDZ's apply to both friendlies and enemies. No one is supposed to get a free pass here. Fight in the base like it's supposed to be fought in.

    Sunderer's traction also might need to be toned down.
  17. EarlofSunderer

    I think the sunderer on A point of tech plant is great, if you're the defender. As the attacker it's very unfair, the defender travel distance to A being almost instant, while you take a lot longer to get back into the action.

    Squad spawning into a sunderer in the no-deploy zone is a bug, it's got to be.

    Sunderers in bases mix things up, disrupt the normal flow of battle that would occur...and I think this can be a good thing.
    provides some variety to fights, and the objective of taking out the sunderer on A instead of just sitting on the point & containing the defenders in their spawn room.
    The defenders are meant to have an advantage, it's their base. It's the point of a base, to be easier to defend than it is to take.

    I haven't seen anyone else park a sunderer on A point in tech plants on briggs (yet), it takes a while to get up there and it's not guaranteed it'll do any good, unless you sit with it and make sure someone doesn't blow it up.
    Sometimes the fight doesn't reach the tech plant and all that effort goes to waste (try it, it will be stressful to get it up there if you haven't tried it before).

    The way bases are designed seems to be the attackers are meant to spawncap the defenders, and then sit on points until cap. Attackers can come from many directions, defenders can be contained in their little boxes in a lot of bases.

    Love the map Springjack!

    "Next to vanu spawnrooms like AOD does on esamir alerts"
    what madness is this?