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  1. Diggsano

    That is wrong.

    The Desperado has better overall stats!
  2. Exitus Acta Probat

    Make the spiker charge shot be a emp blast
  3. Liewec123

    they're both very similar except spiker has 2 extra shots per mag and 2m further max damage range. (8 vs 10)
    infact the only thing desperado has slightly better is velocity (lol its a pistol.) and 20RPM (480 vs 500, which is unnoticable)
    desperado also has an unnoticably longer reload and its CoF bloom is slightly worse.

    Spiker is better ;)
  4. Ziggurat8

    The spiker is all right as is but I think we do need a true ES pistol.

    I want a laser pistol. An actual beam weapon that uses ammo as long as you hold the trigger and has 0 COF/Bloom. Maybe give it a huge damage fall off so it's not crazy op and only a mediocre ttk, like 0.65s @5m 1.3s @ 75m and 0 damage outside of 75m. Give it enough ammo it can be used for 1s without a reload and standard HS multiplier of 2x. Reload time of 1.8s/2.3s

    How's that sound?
  5. Ziggurat8

    Or how about the spiker secondary inflicts 3m splash burn damage as a DOT. That could be cool too. The current charge up mechanic is pretty useless as is.