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  1. Diggsano

  2. _itg

    It's already an upgraded clone of the Desperado. What more do you want?
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  3. Prudentia

    i already liked the first version of the spiker. the current version is bland, but it usually kills people very fast, not sure why it would need a buff
  4. thebigbortishbort

    i think its where higby also is , Gone.

    serious note , doesn't need one.
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  5. Armcross

    Because some people complain rather to adopt or learn.
  6. DooDooBreff

    is the spiker up for adoption? i know a few who can offer a good forever home
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  7. AxiomInsanity87

    Shouldn't the spiker be 500rpm and the Desperado 480rpm?
  8. PasitheeVS

    It's not only a "buff", but also a "fix" that has been anounced and not implemented on Live.

    Since the Spiker has a Magazine size of 16, it makes sense.

  9. TeknoBug

    I like the Spiker in burst mode, but the ironsight is SO unfriendly.
  10. MonnyMoony

    How is the Spiker an "upgraded" clone of the Desperado. The Spiker vs Desperado has:

    A lower ROF - 480 vs 500
    A lower muzzle velocity - 325 vs 350
    A lower damage profile beyond 50m (at 60m the Spiker does almost 20% less damage per shot)
    Worse horizontal recoil - 0.175 vs 0.15
    Same damage profile closer than 50m
    Same vertical recoil
    Same crouching hip fire accuracy

    Against it - the Desperado has

    A smaller magazine 14 vs 16
    A bit lower accuracy standing or ADS
    Very slightly higher bloom per shot
    A very slightly slower reload (0.05 seconds slower - LOL)

    The Spiker's charge gimmick in no way counts as an "upgrade".
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  11. Diggsano

    also this should be our ES Pistol........and now it is that...
  12. Ronin Oni

    Not really 'upgraded'

    they're nearly identical with a couple of very minor differences that don't really amount ot anything (and theoretically balance each other out)

    If spiker is 'better' it's be a negligible amount.

    If you're referring to it's alt fire capability, it is presently absolutely worthless and about as useful as activating ZOE in front of an enemy firing line.
  13. TheFlamingLemon

    Anything close to nearly as good as the TR starter pistol
  14. The Shady Engineer

    Out of all you've mentioned there are only 2 stats that actually matter.

    Desperado has 20 more RPM or 5% faster TTK.
    Spiker has 2 more bullets which translate to an extra trigger pull per magazine.

    Wouldn't say the Spiker is an upgrade but they're balanced compared to each other.
  15. Diggsano

    Keep in mind that Spiker should be special like AMP and Scatterpistol!

    It is unfair to have a "clone" of a Weapon as ES Pistol
  16. MonnyMoony

    Well quite.

    IMO the Spiker should be a 4 burst 112 damage weapon with a ROF of 800, a mag size of 24 and an ammo pool of 144 - and remove the charge mechanic.

    There are no 4 shot burst pistols - so it would at least be unique in this regard and would slot nicely in between the 2/3 shot burst pistols and the full autos.
  17. Diggsano

    I'll just Necromance this thread...

    how about we buff the charge?...

    The charge currently takes 4 shots of ammo but does deal less than 4 normal shots....also it takes more time to do just doubletab the mousebutton...

    The charge makes you vulnerable in the moment you are charging because you can't even move normal....
  18. Problem Officer

    Wanted it, procrastinated, saw it later, don't want it.
    Charge is stupid gimmick that even defenders disregard, normal mode too similar to Desperado.
    IMO redo the regular projectiles into mini Lasher shots, with the charge shot a larger one. Megaman pistol.
  19. Diggsano

    No we don't want a Lasherpistol ffs.

    The specialmode should be a viable option....something you can and should can decide between burst or that...

    otherwise it should be singleshot like beamer instead.
  20. Liewec123

    necromancy is evil!
    and also as was already mentioned, the burst fire mode already makes it better than desperado.
    simply ignore the charge mode and you have a gun superior to its NC counterpart.

    its better they work on stuff that is actually bad before buffing stuff that is already good.

    thats actually what was going to happen to it when the other ES pistols received buffs,
    it already deals splash when you charge it, but Wrel said they planned to change it to deal splash even without charging, obviously less splash than charged.
    there were complications though and the change never went live.

    still its a good pistol in burst mode, of all the things that need buffing it is way down on the list :)