[Suggestion] Where is Vanguard Foward Shield integration?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Clipped!, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Clipped!

    So Prowler's got their Anchored Mode integrated into the tank and then got the reload speed bonus turned into Barrage. And now Magrider's got their Magburner integrated into that tank. So where is the integration of the Vanguard's Forward Shield into that tank? If VS and TR have their MBT's get their special ability without taking up a slot, then NC's MBT special shouldn't take up a slot ether.

    Who else is with me on this? Because I mentioned this when Magburner integration was still on the PTS and several other people ether agreed with me on this or said that the Magrider should get it's top speed improved to be in line with the other MBTs instead of Magburner getting integrated. Personally, logically, and balance wise, if Magburner is getting integrated with the Magirder ether the Vanguard needs Forward Shield integrated into it or Magburner deintegrated and have the Magrider's top speed to be more in line with the other MBTs.
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  2. LodeTria

    Anchor mode only gives velocity now though, doesn't effect reload at all.
    Barrage still takes a slot.
    The Vanguard already has 1000hp as it's "default" ability.
  3. Johannes Kaiser

    The 1000 Hp are, however, outbalanced by the fact that the VG drives like a drunk oxen laden with bricks when compared to the other tanks. Chassis balance is not the same as ability balance.
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