Where is this VS helmet?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kulso, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Kulso

  2. cruczi

    Can't find it either. Went through all VS helmets in-game and none of them looks exactly like that. The closest one I found was Ganymede but it doesn't have the teal streaks on the sides.
  3. Kulso

    I've seen this helmet floating around on the internet for a while so I'm guessing it's pretty old. Was it removed or something? And the Ganymede is new.
  4. Kulso

    Found a better image of it.[IMG]I WANT IT! SOE TAKE MY MONEY I WANT THIS HELMET!
  5. Shadowomega

    Looks a little like a PS2 version of the PS1 rexo helmet, just need the black to become more of a goldish tint to it and it would be perfect.
  6. Prudentia

    Looks more like the Preceptor (?) MAX Helmet
  7. TheReaperKing82

    If that isn't in the game yet, someone should submit something like that for player studio.
  8. Kulso

    yes plz
  9. Zotamedu

    There's lots and lots of fan art from players and prototypes submitted for player studio that never made it to the game. So it might be one of those helmets. Someone made it for fun and it was never included in the game.
  10. Vertabrae

    I'd be all for that, but player studio stuff rarely makes it into the game anymore. Used to be updated every month with new items. Nowadays it feels like the devs feel like adding player studio stuff is a chore to be avoided at all costs.
  11. Foxirus

    I can see why a helmet like that would not make the cut. It looks far to similar to NC helmets.

    Upon closer inspection, It gives the appearance that things are just "Glued on". T-ray is a good at seeing this in helmets and denies them. If I had to say why it was declined, I would say it doesn't look VS and that certain parts of the helmet just look like they were glued on to take up space and add detail.
  12. Lazaruz

    Some helmets go through a "tuning" pass before going on the marketplace as well. I remember seeing one TR helmet on VanuLabs that I really wanted to buy for my heavy. I waited months to get it in game, and saw that they had modified the faceplate, so I never bought it.
  13. kadney

  14. Tito

    havoc nc for mee its the best can wait
  15. Kulso

  16. kadney

    Wow, that picture is scary..:confused:
  17. Kulso

    I thought it was hysterical.