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  1. topblackbirdy

    Title says it all.
    Anyone have any info on this.
    I am sick of creepping up to a heay with my smg, unloading into his back and having him turn around and kill me.
  2. stalkish

    Stop doing it then......
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  3. ZenzotuskeN

    It has already been nerfed to the ground, its recharge rate is way to slow.
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  4. Covah

    I you can't kill a heavy with a SMG by shooting in his back, you are bad.

    And hopefully HA shield nerf won't come.
    Because it's not needed.
    L2p with every class strenght and stop whinning.
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  5. Akashar

    OP: "I am not satisfied that my cloak+smg combo doesn't wreck everything up all the time! I want infiltrators to be the only true CQC class, as it is their right place! Everybody knows that infiltrators are the true master race! No one should be forced to change playstyle according to the situation! Smg+ cloak is up! It should OHK tanks!"
    Thank you, OP.
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  6. Plunutsud pls

    If you can't beat them, join them.
  7. Flea6.8

    1. Aim for the head
    2. Stop beaching
    4. Profit
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  8. Kulantan

    Yeah, how dare he want the infiltrator do that, that is the Heavy's job.
  9. WarmasterRaptor

    Where it is?

    In neverhappening land, with rainbows and unicorns.

    Blame it on bad hit registration or bad aim. I hope for you it's not the second.
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  10. LordTankT9

    I hope HA put boots to you... medium style... Do some real job and not just raising your K/D ratio.
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  11. Robertooooo

    You don't even need to hit the head to succesfully ambush and kill a heavy. If someone seriously fails at that they must be doing something very wrong.
  12. Neo3602

    Just wondering OP what SMG are you using?
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  13. Plunutsud pls

    probably a suppressed PDW at 50m lol.
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  14. SeanFree

    They put the heavy shield ramp up time on the back burner because there are more pressing things right now.
  15. DatVanuMan

    It's a Heavy's job to wipe the hard alloy floor with your pathetic Gluteus Maximus if you fail to kill him while obtaining the element of surprise. It's also a fact that the shield is not a I WIN one, it is a YOU LOSE one. If you fail to kill a Heavy while attacking from behind, then you make me SICK. *Spits at the Auraxian ground* Bloody infiltrators. Useless for everything. *Gets sniped by DarkElf* Damnit.
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  16. DrBash00

    Heavy shield nerf, would basicly kill the heavy unit... because why should i play a heavy, when i can go with a light assault... because the heavy shield is just useless... or go with a medic, because his gun does much bigger DPS...
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  17. Casterbridge

    Well let's not go overboard here, I'm not calling for a HA nerf, but they would be far from useless if there was one implemented, the shield would still be there, just not reactive, and there would still be the bigger capacity machine guns, and let's not forget the rocket launchers.

    Regardless I'm still in the boat that don't think a shield nerf is necessary, there are probably some changes I would have made but none that are likely to happen.
  18. Scr1nRusher

    why does this thread exist?

    we have went over this topic so many times before.

    the Ha is not OP, and nerfing it would cause many issues.
  19. DrBash00

    If you nerf the shield activation time, it would dmg. the normal shield, and it would kill the adrenalin shield (because it requires skill, to trigger the shield in the right situation, because it makes you slow).

    So the most heavys would just move over to the resistence shield or simply using maxes.... and you can start to complain about maxes.... And if they get nerfed... well i think the light assault is to op... it should not be able to jump ^^
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  20. Takoita


    But seriously, OP, what kind of reply did you expect?