Where is the earth shattering kaboom?!?!?

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  1. L1ttlebear

    First things first, if you do not understand the reference in the title, than you are two young to comment on this thread so please hit the back button or close the tab now.

    are we alone?

    ok good, its adult talk time.

    I was sitting in my car the other day recalling some of my favorite gaming moments ever. To no surprise, most of them come from a very specific group of games, and most of them include earth shattering kabooms. I remember a weapons system in particular from a game called DCX. This weapons system was used successfully twice in all the years that I played the game. This weapons system was so hard to use that almost no one ever even tried to use it...except for me :) This weapons system was so vulnerable that anything could kill it in a matter of seconds, it took minutes to get into action (all the while being highly recognizable and vulnerable), it had a reload of what seemed like forever (literally minutes), using it IMMEDIATELY gave away your position and left a large smoke trail back to your vehicle, It usually took several tries to land a successful shot BUT...when you did land a hit. oh...my...goodness was it glorious.

    The weapon in DXC was an iraqi scud missle, capable of obliterating an entire small outpost. IMO this would be a massivley fun idea in PS2.

    KEEP READING!!!!!!!!!!!$(!$!$!@#$!@$!@

    Some of you, particularly the kiddies that did not heed my instructions, will stop reading right there and say "NO! I do not want a vehicle (eyes fill with rage) that is capable of spamming super weapons and ruining my infantry fun!!!! hrmph!"

    That is not what I want at all. What I want is a weapons system that is so hard to use that you will die to it maybe...once a week? if that? If you read the description above, this weapons system would need teamwork to even attempt and then the attempt alone would result in a 99% fail rate BUT every successful attempt would be on youtube...guaranteed :) In PS2 it could be almost the same concept as the scud missile. An infiltrator would need to get into enemy territory and place a beacon on the ground that would be obvious and visible. The missile operator would then need to lock onto the beacon in some way and attempt to fire the missile towards it. The missile could be slow, be able to be shot down in flight, leave a massive smoke trail to the shooter and be forced to render. Reload time would be around the 5 min mark. If you as a faction allow a second shot it would be purely because you failed to act as a single plane could kill this thing in 2 seconds...as in one strafe run...as in even a no skill nubbie would be able to kill it unless an entire platoon was protecting it at which point you would win the overall battle anyways :p

    All im saying is that this game severely lacks in the rare, but deadly weapons systems. Everything in the game is spammable and semi effective. I want a zerg stopper, a stalemate breaker, an....well an auraxium shattering KABOOM!!!! :D
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  2. Cab00se187

    You can't have weapons that require multiple teamwork in PS2. You must be able to 1/4 it because that shows true skillz
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  3. AzureKnight

    Somewhat relating to this, when the Lattice was first introduced, i had suggestions for beacons that could override and allow adjacent territories to the lattice to be capped as an actual tactic. They'd be larger, kill-able and would get a map marker for the enemies. they'd have a long cool down and high resource cost but would add an actual a tactical level to the game where cutting off the supply lines would be an actual viable, and possible, strategy. I doubt it's been even considered by the devs.

    I am for a few weapon systems that require teamwork to use, a gunner and spotter. Both would get the experience from the kill so there would be reason for both to use. For instance, a rocket launcher that could require two people working in tandem. It would seek everything besides basic infantry (MAXes could be locked on to as well), be faster and deadlier than every other launcher, but only could be fired when the spotter had a target lock with an item that took a little longer to lock than other items, had to have a clear line of sight from the spotter, and had something like a bright beam showing the spotter's location. If not a rocket launcher, than instead a mortar launcher allowing people with mortars to shoot from behind rocks thanks to a spotter showing them where targets were.

    perhaps the orbital strikes I've heard about from PS1 will be placed in here ad will have such a system.
  4. Camycamera

    you do realise that kids can just search that reference up on the internets and be eligible to read the thread, right? ;)
  5. Blarg20011

  6. Luighseach

    I'll be honest I'm not a fan of this idea. I would like some type of artillery but this one just seems goofy. I mean if your going with the beacon idea then why not just wait for orbital strikes which will do the exact same job but better.

    I am also not a fan of the orbital strike idea because well honestly artillery in this game just seems dumb the way the current game is. There is no real benefit to having artillery in the game in the games current form. The maps, being massive, feel way too small for artillery. It really is not even their size that makes it feel small but how every base is clumped so close together.

    However if artillery comes into the game then why make it something as laughable as a scud launcher. Just make it some type of mobile artillery vehicle that requires team work.
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  7. Earthman

    If your definition of age and presumably maturity is whether you remember a Marvin the Martian cartoon, perhaps you need to look in the mirror before posting again.
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  8. MrMurdok

    Earth shattering- OH! Okay, yeah, got it. Got it indeed.

    Regarding artillary weapons, I think PS2 can learn from C&C games and in fact impliment missile based hard hitting weapons, provided you add a healthy counter to them- They can be shot down by using AA weapons like skyguards and the likes.

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  9. LibertyRevolution

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  10. L1ttlebear

    yea.... SHHHHHHHHH!
  11. L1ttlebear

    Yea, the point of the post wasn't to take this specific idea all to seriously (the whole post is goofy ) but rather to shed light on the lacking of weapons systems that CAN alter a battle rather than just adding one more max to the mix or one more tank to the mix.

    I would like to see weapons systems added into the game that are rare, perhaps only attainable by an accomplishment like capturing an enemy's home continent (META GAME :eek:), yet extraordinarily deadly. the ultimate high risk, high reward weapon kind of deal.

    A lot of people talk about how this game gets boring. Well its because its the same game over and over and over. Every weapon is constantly on the battlefield in some capacity. People have mentioned super tanks that require 5 people just to operate but would be devastatingly effective when operated correctly. Thats the same principle here only not to create an unstoppable monster tank or plane or whatever but rather to have a weapon that REALLY hurts, yet hardly ever gets to hurt you. Dieing OR seeing one used would be bound to put a smile on most peoples faces :p
  12. CEGrif

    oh dear the Covenant have come to Glass Auraxis
  13. TheBloodEagle

    Yep, Orbital Strikes.
  14. Crashsplash

    The problem with ps2 is not the lack of yet another weapon.
  15. L1ttlebear

    Your absolutely right...the problem is in the lack ofweapon VARIANCE, not the literal number of weapons. Thank you for adding another level of illustration to my point :)
  16. phreec

    I'm two young. :(
  17. L1ttlebear

    Lol I noticed that after I posted :p. Surprised no one else pointed it out

    I think the op is talking about player controled, heavy crew, arty. Not point andx click magic arty from the kindergarden level of gaming development.

    That scud missle took FOREVER to use. So irrtating. I can remember spending damn near an entire NIGHT just to pull off one successfull hit. But man that hit was worth it. "Was that a nuke?" LOL
  20. KAHR-Alpha

    DXC/DCX, it's either Dracula X Chronicle or Ravage DCX. And no amount of googling will change the fact that if you didn't know about it beforehand you still got branded a kid.

    I stop buying the "humor" excuse when said "joke" is repeated several times, especially when it's used to comment about maturity. And adding "neandertalians" and mentionning "mental capacities" is definitely not going to convince me otherwise.
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