Where is promised by Higby nerf to Infantry AV?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mystogan, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Mystogan

    Back when HE/HEAT were nerfed by SOE, Higby said that it is just first step in AI/AV balance and that next will be nerf to infantry AV to compensate AI nerf on Vehicles.

    I ask- when we can expect that balance tweaks? Probably it will mostly only focus on nerfing C4, but still- I hope Higby didn't forget what he said and will keep his word.

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  2. Auzor

    Honestly, the one thing I'd like to see nerfed of infantry AV is engineer AV turrets; no longer instagib infantry (the phoenix doesn't, ravens don't,..) ; range limitation of some sort.

    Apparantly, Ravens will get nerfed; goodbye ranged NC max...
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  3. DatVanuMan

    Screw you and your nerf hopes. Your lack of consideration is what hurts this game. Why not ask for a REBUFF so that what you once enjoyed would return?
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  4. Ripster

    They're coming. At least to NC maxes.
  5. LodeTria

    It was a hallow bone they threw tankers in hopes of shutting them up.
    They have no intention of nerfing infantry AV.
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  6. Metallic123

    Didn't they buff the armor to tanks since then? I remember 1 AV nade + deci in the butt could kill a vanguard back when HE/Heat was king.
  7. Mystogan

    I just hope that Higby do not think we have forgotten what he promised. Right now HEAT Cannons are tottaly useless while evry LA can insta gib tank. And HE are laughtable with their exposion.
  8. CNR4806

    They're too busy breaking the game by disappearifying entire bases, adding bright neon green walls and preparing to count the money from the anniversary bundle to actually do anything that are meaningful to the game.

    Promised AV damage nerf? Resource revamp phase 2? Mission phase 2? Who cares! Let's prepare for the snowman event for Christmas.
  9. lothbrook

    Infantry AV really needs its range reduced, lockons should be 300 for air 200 for ground, lancers and vortexes reduced to 300m range, AV mana turrets reduces to 300m, ravens 300m, hell all AV stops at 300m except AV fired from a vehicle.
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  10. z1967

    You can't buff anything here without breaking something else. AV infantry guns should not be doing damage past 300m. Ravens shouldn't, AV MANA turrets shouldn't, Lancers/Vortexes shouldn't, lock-ons shouldn't etc. Buffing HE to beta levels would be an absolutely stupid and game breaking suggestion. Nerfs aren't inherently bad, they are the unloved siblings of Buffs that are just as important for fixing game problems.
  11. StillMostlyClueless

    Is infantry AV that scary? Other than the Lancer I'm not scared of infantry AV when I'm in my Harasser and that dies to two and a bit rockets. In a tank I feel basically invincible to infantry.
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  12. Keldrath

    If anything, infantry AV needs to be buffed significantly.
  13. Daithmn

    Why would C4 get nerfed? You have to literally get on or near a vehicle to place it effectively. Vehicles allowing infantry to get that close should be punished. I just wish C4 was more effective against unguarded but shielded sundies and vanguard. It's rough getting through the front lines and attacking armor only to see a stick or two of C4 do so little damage to these high threat targets.
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  14. Moz

    Stupid nerf thread is stupid..... you just want to own infantry without any risk to pad your KD.

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  15. BlueSkies

    Generally speaking, if I die to infantry AV while I'm in a tank I either did something incredibly stupid, or they did something fairly clever.

    edit: Just to be clear... I do a lot of stupid things...
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  16. stalkish

    Its actualy the opposite for me, i want to fight vehicles, but since neither the VS or TR want to use tanks much im stuck with picking off random infantry that attack me with my AP. While this isnt hard, it isnt fun either, if infantry had less means to fight vehicles there would be more vehicles to fight me.
    And why is it that it seems ill wait hrs and hrs for a good tank fight and as soon as i get 1 and am concentrating on the enemy tank i get c4d lol. Sods law i guess (althought i tend to call it stalks law atm, bad luck patch going strong) :D.
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  17. Copasetic

    Add full turret stabilization (the same kind you have in 3rd person)
    Reduce all infantry AV ranges to less than 300m

    After those two changes you let things play out for a few weeks then go back and make adjustments to individual weapons. But IMO we need those two changes first to lay the groundwork for vehicle gameplay that actually works. It's pretty dumb that they have to sit still to fight each other and it's dumb that infantry can obliterate them from 300m beyond render range.
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  18. Unclematos7

    HE and HEAT blast radius is no terrible now that you are better off using AP for all roles.