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  1. Firestruck

    I have saw many times people talking about PS2 coming out for mac, but there have been no recent posts or news on the subject. What I would like to know is if it is still being worked on or if it is going to happen at all. Im sure all of us Mac users can't wait to get it downloaded.
  2. Ecko

    One does not simply buy a Mac to game.
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  3. OutbreakMonkey

    Not going to happen. Ever. Microsoft won't port DirectX to OSX. OpenGL ports work for crappy older games on the Source engine but won't work for Planetside. Run bootcamp or better yet buy a PC.
  4. xpsyclosarinx

  5. OutbreakMonkey

    Ok, so apparently OpenGL 4.3 will do all the same fancy stuff as DirectX 11 but given there isn't a single popular game using it while there are literally hundreds of games on Dx11. Well it kind of speaks volumes.
  6. C4Chaos42

    It's so freaking hard not to mac vs pc, Buh.

    You need a windows operating system to run this game.
  7. Veri

    Killing Floor is a Direct X game which can run on a Mac, so it is possible but there will still have to be adjustments made for it to run at an optimal level on a mac which SOE may not be inclined to do.

    Macs are useful if you are wanting to avoid spending money on games rather than studying.
    Also gives the person higher swag value at cafes.
  8. Ripshaft

    It's in the works, cant remember when I last heard it mentioned, I think in the community development meeting Higby mentioned it in response to someone asking the question. You can find the video on azuretwilight's twitch channel.... though im not too sure where in the vid it is, probably about 70-80% of the way through when they're answering some final questions.
  9. Firestruck

    thanks dude i just cant believe it isnt out yet, btw do you know how long it took for them to make planetside2 for pc, if so do you think it will take as long for mac
  10. Kylln

    ...still waiting for a PC version to work smoothly
  11. BenYeeHua

    Is Windows version.;)