Where is cert refund for NC Max SLUGS?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JibbaJabba, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. JibbaJabba

    As posted.

    Honestly when you cut the DPS of a weapon in half, that sounds to me like a cert refund. There was none. Maybe it didn't meet some bar?

    BUT... the slugs. There is no bar to meet there. They were deleted.

    I payed certs for slugs now I have no slugs and I have no certs.
    When is this going to be remedied?

    @Roxxley can you chase down an answer for us on this one?
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  2. JibbaJabba

    it's not a trivial amount. 500 certs per weapon if I recall. I had them on multiple weapons so that's several thousand certs.
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  3. Campagne

    Are you sure you're not just remembering your cert pile incorrectly?

    The patchnotes do claim slugs were refunded.
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  4. Kristan

    Can confirm that mine certs for slugs were not refunded.
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  5. Campagne

    Hmm. They're certainly supposed to be.

    Someone will have to catch some attention on Reddit and get that fixed.
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  6. JibbaJabba

    DBG is aware of it but looks like it may take a bit to fix. I opened a ticket, got following..

    "I'd like to let you know that we're looking into the status of refunds for the Slug Ammunition and as soon as we have more information for you, we'll update this ticket.
    It will be placed on hold for the meantime. My apologies for the wait!"
  7. Lina Garjzla

    I got this on my ticket that I sent in. I thought they were 500 to.
    The Slug Ammunition on NC MAX weapons only cost 150 Certification points; did you only have the one Scattercannon upgraded?
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  8. Liewec123

    maybe they have reduced the cost recently, i'm not sure though because like you i bought them all when they were 500 certs,
    i'll be pretty pissed if they give me 600 certs for removing something that i spent 3,000 certs on...
    (had double slugs on everything except scattercannons)
    i guess they're gonna take every chance they can to screw over NC.

    perhaps they weren't 500 (though i think they were, it has been a long time) but they certainly weren't 150!
  9. Pacster3

    Yeah, NC inferiority complex again? In case you didn't notice: They never did refund anything when reducing the price of it. They didn't do that with many tools in the game when reducing them from 1000 to 550, 650 ot 875. They didn't do it when reducing the A2A lockon utility levels(if someone maxed those before he "lost" like 3k certs too). If they take something out they so far always did refund it to current prices. NC is nothing special(although you seem to believe you deserve a better treatment than others). Get over yourself.
  10. Liewec123

    NC is nothing special? oh, how much did you need to spend on your TR and VS max AI to make them viable at range?
    on nvm, you didn't need to spend 1000 certs extra per weapon set, simply to be able to do range combat with them.
    you can just shoot at range for free.
    and now they remove this NC only extra cost, without refund and you're like "get over yourself."

    seriously pacster, 4Q.
  11. strikearrow

    Beyond the refunds for removed items, people who bought items before a nerf should have the option to return those items afterwards for a full refund. If you buy an automobile and the dealer confiscates it to remove 1 seat, of course people would receive refunds.
  12. DarkStarAnubis

    When you buy equipment with certs/DBG cash it is stated that the equipment characteristics may change at any point in time and that does not entitle you to a refund.

    Whether this is fair or not it is another issue, but those are the rules.

    If an equipment is entirely removed from the game it clearly warrants a refund.
  13. JibbaJabba

    Update: Customer Service has refunded my slugs.
  14. TRspy007

    Yup not sure why that wasn't refunded, maybe NC didn't earn their bonus checks?
  15. Liewec123

    i wonder if every NC player will need to go through customer service in order to get their certs back? :confused:
    kinda stupid that they haven't said anything and are just leaving us hanging,
    wonder if they even know that the certs weren't refunded,
    wondering if they ever plan on refunding like they said they would.

    i don't leap at the idea of needing to go through customer service >_<
  16. Hegeteus

    It's been a while since I got any slugs, but someone on reddit said they had just spent 4K certs on them prior to removal. That's slugs for all of the guns.

    I'm pretty sure I never saw a price drop either.
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  17. Liewec123

    would be nice if we could get an official message from them letting us know if/when we can expect the refund,
    even if its "i'm not sure when it will happen" that atleast lets us know that it will happen XD
  18. pnkdth

  19. Liewec123

    still, they haven't been refunded, anyone whos played NC long term will probably have slugs on almost every max gun,
    so you'd know if you had a large amount of certs added,
    i keep counting down constantly to the 750 certs needed for implant boxes, so i know i've not had them refunded.
  20. pnkdth

    There are people who are living under the misapprehension they've been cheated due to not getting what they spent so I was setting the record straight. NC MAX Slugs have always been 150 certs (per arm). That was the intent of the post, to end the confusion.

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