Where did all the deep rivers go?

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  1. Suicidalspectre

    I remember VS hover actually meaning something. Forget that the VS 'tank' isnt built like a tank shoule be. Without obstacles to hover over, what's the point? But they can strafe you say? Strafing might make pieing a corner easier, but let's be honest, as for dodging shots in a tank battle, it just isn't effective.
    I miss the days of magrider columns jumping a river saving tons of time in assaulting a base or getting behind an enemy group that can't hover across.
    I'm sure someone would say it's too much of an advantage, and if that is the case have the ants be able to build a bridge or bring back the lodestar.
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  2. Fishpoke

    I was thinking about this last night, the first game had water EVERYWHERE, and you could run through it with BFR or over it with a mag OR (if you remember the APC vehicle from PS1) (can we have an APC again, more marketplace weapons? Oh ok good, for second I thought the esteemed devs would give the players something cool for a change)

    "Our game engine can't support water, please buy it, but also ignore the water in our game... it's not actually water! We swear we didn't lie to you when the reality was it was just a budgetary issue which was easier to play off with a lie than suffer the potential loss of telling your players your game has no water in for a combined arms game!"

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  3. FateJH

    Oh, Forgelight can do water. They just don't want to try because they think they can't do convincing, performance-safe water.

    That, and they'd have to redesign the continents again. You know what kind of disaster that would be?
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  4. Pikachu

    Shame we can't have nice water like in World of Tanks recent update. :D

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  5. Fishpoke

    I would take ghetto fabulous water if it meant waiting on better looking water down the road. Battlecruisers please!
  6. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    I miss the Vanu hovering haraser, whatever it was called.
    I never saw any excuse given for having no lakes/rivers but I wouldn't buy any of them. QuakeWorld had water in 1998. EverQuest had water in 1999. Would could the excuse possibly be?
  7. FateJH

    I'm going to improve on my own comment. Esamir is the only continent that could manage water without a major redesign. It already is built on top of frozen rivers (and classic Esamir had two islands separated from the main continent by some water too). Topographically, Indar would either be half underwater or just J908 and the northern trench would be underwater. Amerish is a mixed bag in my opinion - not enough existing space for water, but probably enough empty space for deleting part of a mountain and placing a river.

    Hossin would be the hardest to adapt, in my opinion. Even though it arguably would have the most water and currently does present itself as the continent with the most "water," most of that is intended to be semi-navigable swamp. There'd be nowhere to plop down water without massive inconvenience, especially without a better means of communicating the ability to traverse to the user. Also, Gourney Dam.
  8. DirArtillerySupport

    I miss bridges, I miss water, I miss PS1. :(
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  9. frozen north

    True, but did you ever play on original amerish? They completely reworked that disaster before the game was even two years old, cause frankly, it was just horrific to play on.

    Way I see continent revamps, is that their a 50/50 opportunity. Indar, amerish and hossin would all need varying degrees of work regarding water ( esamirs icy terrain means I am fine with it not having water). Hossin might actually be able to get a chance to get rid of some of its more atrocious facilities that detract from the continents experience ( IE, the uber bland copy and pasted ones).
  10. asmodraxus

    The deliverer was the NS Transport vehicle with a driver and upto 4 gunners, the Thresher was the VS buggy (NC was The Enforcer and TR was Marauder and omg I can still remember the names :(, ok so the buggies might have to get some new names at least for the smurfs and elmos).

    In the original game the water was a shader effect that affected movement within it (10% slower and no VS plasma weapons could shoot within it or into it, NS and TR/NC could) and added a 10/20 second air meter for anything under the water level, yes there would now have to be some effects but not that many tbh.
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  11. FateJH

    *checks historical notes*
    What you're describing would become the Terran Republic Raider, which would inherit the exact same chassis design as the original Deliverer. The shared Deliverer, meanwhile, only had two mounted weapons, much like its other faction-flavor variants, the NC Thunderer and the VS Aurora.
    Ground vehicles would eventually become disabled if underwater for a short amount of time. Air vehicles immediately stalled once underwater. Players would slowly run out of air and then drown. The drowning and stalling would happen simultaneously.
  12. DirArtillerySupport

    Ok..!? please just stop...this is just making me sad.
  13. Metalsheep

    It was called the Thresher.

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  14. Fishpoke

    omg forgot about that thing <3