Where are the outfit wars ?

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  1. omfgweeee

    Realy simple a fun thing to have will be outfit wars. I`m pretty sure someone alrdy sugested it before but why isnt in the game?
  2. Taemien

    Nothing is stopping players from doing this on their own. Back in 2013 it wasn't uncommon for outfits to schedule skirmishes and the like. The most famous that I remember is between Execution (TR), Dropping Purple Smoke (VS), and A Different Kind (NC) on Genudine. ADK did a no-show on Amerish and NC back capped Indar (back when Indar was major bragging rights).

    ADK didn't backstab the other two outfits, they just didn't have enough peeps joining for a squad (problem with Zergfits, sometimes they just don't do what you want). But the VS and TR thought they did and took it very personally leading to an alliance that lasted over a year and even into two server merges (Helios then Connery).

    There were other rivalries as well. I remember air skirmishes while in Recursion versus Future Crew. I'm sure other servers have similar things.

    Just get your outfit leader to speak with other opposing factions' outfits and work something out. Sometimes it can be fun, sometimes drama can happen, but either way, you get a good fight.
  3. Devilllike

    They were ment to bring the battle islands dunno what happened to that,Battle islands where supposed to be islands for team fights 42 vs 42 or so
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  4. omfgweeee

    No i mean it can be done in live server regular play too.

    This is just an example:

    Outfit decalre war to another the winner is the one who reach 1st 500 points.

    1 kill of enemy infantry outfit 1 point
    Sunderer 5 points

    Captuare an enemy base with your enemy outfit tag 50 points

    Stuff like this.

    Imo will be very fun.
  5. Taemien

    Why not throw down the gauntlet to another outfit and say, "meet you on x" where X is a continent. Winner is the one who takes it.

    Don't need a dev for that.
  6. omfgweeee

    Because it takes too much organisation to do that...
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  7. WeRelic

    Not only a significant amount of organization, but there is also a lot of chance for wildcard groups joining in and ruining the balance. (Not that I think that's bad, but it kind of kills the competitive part of the idea)

    I think we should have an outfit battle that is instanced, but limit it to X per month/week so it doesn't leech too many players from Live.

    Sure, you can do it yourself, but it'd be 1000x easier if there was a builtin mechanism for it.
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  8. omfgweeee

    In the version i propouse there is 0 balance. Its dirty fighting all over the way because it will not teleport you in some isolated box but you gona stay in the live server inviorment. Just both outfits will have to try rly hard to capture enemy bases by themselfs not some other outfit from their faction and peoples will have more penaltys from dieing all the time cuz give points to enemy etc.
  9. WeRelic

    Personally, I prefer having it in an open environment, but to be honest, every other successful competitive scene has had some type of balance. Every single one. Even if it's asymmetrical, it's got some type of balance. Most also separates players with different goals in game. ( e.g. CS:GO: Casual vs. Competitive ).

    Open worlds aren't conducive to good competition. There are just too many wildcards with no way to account for them if it's not a dedicated competitive server, and everyone is playing to win.
  10. Jubikus

    We dont have any runways for outfit wars. Or homosexual/female judges.
  11. Taemien

    No it doesn't. It takes more to start the outfits in question. It seriously is as simple as, "I got my guys, you take yours, we meet on x."

    If thats too much organization for you, then its too much for a coder to put in. Which means there's no point in having this discussion, its moot.
  12. omfgweeee

    Its never simple like this...
  13. Taemien

    When I played MechCommander, MechWarrior 3 and 4, we used to schedule league games. We'd find an opponent, ask them for a match, and run it. For planetary leagues, we'd engage in fights with another unit for up to 2-3 days at a time, taking shifts to get those large fights done.

    When I was in Recursion in PS2, we used to send a message to an enemy outfit and say, "meet here" and we'd meet there and come to blows.

    Its simple. Its easy.
  14. St0mpy

    We already have Server Smash, Lane Smash, not sure if farmers league is still on, theres the 12v12 battles thing too, not sure what else you needed?
  15. zaspacer

    Wouldn't they have to add Bounty-like tags on each other to know which enemies are the Outfit they are at war with? Or have have have tags on the map showing which bases were taking by the Outfit they are at war with? (if part of it is taking those bases away from them)
  16. omfgweeee

    Guys how u cant get it what i`m talking about.

    Its like clan vs clan war on Lineage 2. Brutal and literaly active 24/7 until someone win. No special conditions no shcedules nothing. Just i declare war to you outfit you accept and now it deppends on the strenght of your members to win on one way or another.

    I dont talk about 2 vs 2 squards or lane smash or something, this is totaly separate thing.
  17. ViXeN

    The battle islands never happened? I remember they had them on the test server or something. What happened?
  18. CorporationUSA

    Because some people would rather not have random players in their outfit matches. Other games handle clan matches by allowing for private servers, so that is what people have come to expect.

    And an outfit war mode would incentivize joining outfits and using real team strategies more than the current game does.

    I know, PS2 isn't "other games," but it's going to die and get shutdown while other games live on. And we are going to be left with revelations of hindsight about how they should have done more to increase the depth of the teamwork to keep people playing, among other things.
  19. Taemien

    Judging by the amount of players some outfits have as members.. this whole thread is redundant because no one has enough outfit members active online at the same time to even think of doing what the OP suggested. So 'not having random players in outfit matches' doesn't apply here.

    If you want to run a 5, 8, or 10 man match, there's plenty of match based FPS's out there.
  20. Towie

    Interestingly there is a bit of rivalry starting on Cobalt - specifically the Reavers (RE4, NC) vs Trident (TRID) - and funnily enough I play both.

    TRID have always been well organised (same with TFDN / The Foundation) and have really great leaders but are genuinely struggling now. The difference ? NC are getting organised.

    I always said that if NC could actually get their act together, they would be a force to be reckoned with - well - it's happening before my eyes. TR - a bit more hit and miss organisationally but still do well due to numbers and BRRT !