Where are the comps for the disconnect issue?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SmittyJensen, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. SmittyJensen

    Three weeks ago Nick Silva posted a Producers Letter which stated, "We also plan on working with the Customer Service team to grant month long boosts and other make-goods to the players that have been affected by this issue. "

    A week ago they finally rolled back the patch to 'resolve' the disconnect bug for those of us plagued with it. And, since then (a solid week), we haven't heard anything about when and exactly what compensatory items will be provided.

    Can we please get a status update on where we're at with this please?
  2. SmittyJensen

  3. Kristan

    Not sure if this is the part of compensation, but currently there is Double Exp going on.
  4. SmittyJensen

    I wondered about that. Apparently that was part of the twitch charity thing they did yesterday. They gave 24 hours of double exp for meeting their financial goal. Not related.

    I just hope they don't cop out on doing anything.. letting it quietly disappear until the fervor has died down. It shouldn't take a solid week to generate a list of everyone who had a disconnection in the 2 week time period they were having disconnection issues due to the code issue. And actual rewards and compensatory favors should have already been decided.

    That said, in some cases the issue wasn't disconnecting but simply massive server latency that never resolved in a given session. As in 30 to 120 seconds or more! It would probably be easier to just assume everyone had the issue and have 2 tiers of rewards -- those for unsubs at the time and those for subs. my thoughts at least..
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  5. ZaphodBeeblebrox

    I don't want compensation I just want it *fixed*.

    It's ironic that the only server staying up is Briggs, for a change.
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  6. SmittyJensen

    I want compensation. Two weeks on a sub with flaky network and reduced player count... that's unsat.

    And right now they aren't even mentioning anything about it anymore.. it is as if they are hoping it gets quiet so they don't have to offer anything...
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  7. 0xdeadbabe

    I posted this in another thread.

    Consider this:
    - The disconnect issue started with the Oct Halloween patch on Oct 11.
    - Oct 18 Producer's letter says a fix is coming in the next few days and to make up for things double-XP
    will be offered for everyone from Oct 22 - Oct 26.
    - A patch was released Oct 22 to address the issue. The issue was not resolved.
    - On Oct 25 the Oct 11 engine changes are rolled back. Server maintenance ends at the end of the day Oct 25.
    - Most affect players are finally able to play starting Oct 26.

    This means that affected players were doubly screwed. First, affected players were prevented from playing for 15 days.
    Second, they were locked out of all but 1 day of the double XP week offered as a make-good for the community.

    And still no word on the make-goods and boosts hinted by the Producer in the Oct letter
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  8. strikearrow

    Asking corporations to return money is like asking a baby to voluntarily surrender candy - very unlikely.
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  9. SmittyJensen

    Well Nick Silva openly stated they were coming... I'd like to think he is a man of his word. But I don't understand the lengthy delay (3 weeks thus far from penning of that open letter) and now quietness out of them on the matter.... if they thought (at least a few of us) would just easily go away, they are mistaken!
  10. strikearrow

    Just don't expect it to be money.
  11. SmittyJensen

    Hard money? Hah no, not at all.

    But that open letter specifically mentions a month long exp booster as well as other 'make-goods' --- I would wager the other make goods would include perhaps extra sub time for those of us who were subbed during the patch, dbc, and/or poodle stickers.

    I got another response today on my ticket and the rep stated they've asked themselves and was told it is still on the way but wasn't given any more details... I sort of wonder if they're just going to roll it into the anniversary thing at this point... or sweep it under the rug. one.
  12. 0xdeadbabe

  13. Gen.Drake61

    Well then you obviously haven't been playing tr on ps4,Get maybe less than 125+ players,overall average player count is less than 300( 1000+ when it first came out (the crashes ant tking have pushed new and existing players off the game because thier is no ingame report function That actively works and on a side note tried to join damage incorporated only to be cicked out because i tkd thier officer n2b(one of them said it was probably bias by n2b on his part,im starting to think its also because they dont like the way i am and becuse i found out they exploit and stream,heard one of them talking about one of their members explioting iso-4,really dont care if they find out i told people on the forums that thier exploiting,btw)overall tr gets farmed constantly at night,we barely ever win a continent,and nc and vs has more pop overall,dbg did not handle the ps4 game well,which really upsets me because i see the same thing happening like ccp did with dust 514.
  14. Gen.Drake61

    And a lot of players that flock to planetside 2 are toxic,some of my friends are saying it might not be around by the end of next year.
  15. Gen.Drake61

    And forgot to mention,i had already apoligized to n2b directly for tking him,i was having A bad day with harrassment via tking that day,now iregret the apology.
  16. Twin Suns

    That rant was a 0 out of 10.
  17. Gen.Drake61

    Wasnt just a rant,this actually is a concern for the ps4 community of ps4,plus more than likely the company doesn care what i think or anyone else,roxxyl hasnt even replied to my question about the ps4 tking and harrassment,or if theyre gonna even enable in game reporing,which not replying says it all,instead they ask us to go through a website,instead of ingame,thats bad customer service for console base,sony even removed the option to report players in the system update 6.0 for dbg games and to go through the support forums for company(im guessing this applies to all games,havent checked,all i know is once. And if the game is shutdown,i will request a deletion of my dbg account and stop using dbg products because of this,ps4 community is pretty much in my and friends experiences is being ignored, and toxicity is rampant (tking,exclusion,harrassment,bullying etc.)did it with ccp,and i will do it with dbg,game it self is great but not cs in my oppinion.
  18. Twin Suns

    *long sigh*

    It's not wise to air you're dirty laundry in public killer.

    Now back to compensation. :)
  19. Gen.Drake61

    As i said,this is a concern for the ps4 community,what i dont get is why your trying to troll me when you dont even play ps4,so as to my initial question
    *have you played the ps4 version*
    Answer is:no,your a pc player,*i looked you up on the auraxis control center app for android*

    -seems to me like you dislike ps4 players the way you troll me at every turn,but you fail every time.
  20. Twin Suns

    ......Wrong! I'm PS4.

    Now wonder you got drama, you just don't play well with others. It's clearly evident.

    See you on Genudine sucka!

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