where are my fellow medics?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Kalari, Apr 23, 2017.

  1. MarauderW

    You did your job.

    Proud of you.
  2. Tozze101

    Just came back after a one year break and i DO feel the game has changed in what type of players you got. One year ago i saw plenty of medics almost throwing themselfs at me to rez. I guess it was still back when people farmed certs as medics/engis. Today i mostly see them in outfits and/or squads. Alot of new players (low br) usually are infils/heavies/light assaults wich makes sence. You either want mobility, lots of firepower or snipe/being sneaky and to be honest, medics and engis do not offer anything special.

    I for one can't aim even if my life depended on it. Nervedmg causes my hand to twitch and shake on occasion but i still feel drawn towards infils and/or heavies. I'm glad however that people still are loyal to medic class and i will actually give it a shot. A TR medic should be able to hit something with that high ammocap rifle :)
  3. Redoubt

    I think that, teams are the ones that use medics more. I know that the outfit that I play with use them. I love that, because we get a massive advantage.

    Though, having played the medic lately, I've found him very squishy. His gun seems alright I think, in fact, its the same one as carried by the light assault I believe. I could be wrong.

    Overall I've found the medic a nice change, when the circumstances allow, to the rhythm of the game.
  4. Eternaloptimist

    I find medics more commonly in squads and platoons as well.

    NB medics have the same armour options as engies, infils and LA but they have the Assault Rifle, most likely the best class of primary weapon in the game. What they lack are anti armour options compared to engies (mines, AV turret) and LA (RR) unless they run C4 instead or the aux armour which is the only other choice in that slot. The choice of taking a rezz 'nade (best thing ever) unfortunately sacrifices the explosive option of a frag too.
  5. Doc Jim

    My recent experience is that there are either no medics at all, or so many active medics that there is no point in playing one myself...
  6. Oleker2

    Pretty much that... From base to base you can have dozens of medics spammin ress nades or 48+ with no medics what so ever.
  7. Dualice


    Standard operating procedure for my outfit on Cobalt, BR0S. Usually a five or six-man squad, equally spread HA and medic, sometimes more medics than heavies, even.

    As to where your fellow medics went, OP... I don't have a decent gaming rig anymore, and refuse to play this game on 15FPS :p
  8. DarkStarAnubis

    I don't play in any outfit.

    My experience is that I am rezzed most of the times, but not always. I can't complain about that, and I can't complain in general about NOT being rezzed because there is no guarantee for that in the game.

    As Medic, I try to rez or heal as much as possible and that focus my attention so I don't use my weapons often: for that reason I prefer to use long range assault rifles (Corvus, Reaper DMR, SABR-13) and engage far-away targets.
  9. Dualice

    Fair enough.

    If I'm lone-wolfing with "randoms", I guess my experience would be about the same.

    And yeah, I usually try to heal and pick up as many fallen allies as possible, unless it means suicide. I found Reaper and SABR actually work okay in tight spaces too, as long as you choose your engagements and can land those precious headshots.
  10. Twin Suns

    Making like a Field Corpsman (8404).

    I'm like Bounty Paper Towels...the quicker, picker, upper.

    Caduceus UP!
  11. CplRDaWiggy

    Due to the propagation of kamikaze LA's, bits of my medic are over there by that greasey smear on the wall, the rest will hopefully be found and sent to a biolab in a shoebox.

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