Whenever I play Infiltrator I feel helpless vs. Armor

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Meserion, Feb 4, 2017.

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    For a fury flash (FF) vs a main battle tank (MBT) usually takes 3 full clips in however many runs. Lets face it after the first pass the guy knows your there and is looking for you hence you will rarely see a second pass.

    FF vs lightning about two clips or passes with a little change to spare if they are any good.

    FF vs Sundy 4+ clips or passes or both.

    FF vs empire specific fighter (ESF) maybe 1.5 clips.

    FF vs Valk maybe 2-3 clips.

    FF vs Lib forget it switch to a Bassy.

    FF vs Gal = omg who would consider this?

    As far as air goes use the Bassy.

    Now with this being said, is the cloak an AV class? Absolutely not. All of these vehicles carry armament that will kill you with one shot.
    Can it be done, yes. I have each of them logged as in-game kills, and with the exception of the Gal I did solo one or more of each class with the flash (this includes the Libs, it was really more of a challenge from the devs to do so with a flash).
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    Infil were supposed to have vehicle hacking but that never got put in. I think it on their dev version but never on live or pts. Then there was a talk awhile back saying that infils were going to get the anti-material rifle then it was named the archer but that never happen. So you pretty much got to hide still from vehicles XD
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    Other than the flash with fury option (warning: requires a lot of practice) you can use explosive bolts on a crossbow. Yes, this is a serious suggestion. Nutshell with what to do, as two options:

    1. Sneak behind a vehicle that is dealing with other vehicles. As your target engages, unload bolts into its ***. Watch it freak out - for bonus points, fire as it becomes heavily damaged - you might get the kill. I've done this many times.
    2. Find a vehicle by itself that is sniping or spotting. Get into its rear arc and start hitting it with two bolts before cloaking so that you can't get shot. It WILL move, and likely won't actively hunt you as it won't be able to find you if you're any good at sneaking around and won't be doing its intended job. Congrats, you just functionally disabled a vehicle with a inf.

    I'm assuming that most people who suggest explosive bolts haven't actually ever tried it. I suggest you actually do so as you may find you like it. I know I do.

    P.S. Why hasn't anyone ever gotten 4 stalkers together to do this as a unit? It would destroy tanks outright. Well, maybe I will then.

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