Whenever I play Infiltrator I feel helpless vs. Armor

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Meserion, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. Meserion

    Armor whizzing past me in my cloak as I look for Infantry, but nope! They're all in the damn vehicles....

    I really wish we had some way to damage armor, I'd settle for the NS archer even....
  2. BoatsFriends

    I recommend getting a lightning, or a Valkyrie. Both are able to damage vehicles.
    I also recommend a cloaked sunderer. You can switch to any class, shoot the vehicles, and switch back.
    The archer is too powerful vs maxes for infils to have.
    Maybe what you want would be an AP round for your sniper rifles.
    With 1.4286x HS multiplier
    Same resists as Archer except instead of the 88% bonus damage to maxes, there would be a 50% damage penalty.
    with a 700dmg sniper, you could still get a 1 shot HS on infantry within 10 meters.
    Dmg vs maxes would be 350, or 500 with a HS.
    How does that sound?
  3. Shocky

    cloaker is afraid of vehicles you should be. cross bow with explosive rounds is your only option at his point or you could wait for the driver to get out and rep to kill him pick one.

    sarcasm: why play cloaker when you can play heavy heavies fear nothing
  4. Demigan

    I dont think the OP means to give infiltrators the ability to murder vehicles with ease.

    There are many options that you can give the infiltrator. Such as the ability to hack empty vehicles (exception: deployed sunderers). Or the ability to nerf vehicle capabilities such as turret rotation or movement speed. Or how about the ability to place timed explosives that warn people nearby and can be destroyed safely with small-arms fire? The vehicle owner has to simultaneously deal with the explosives and try to survive the infiltrator.

    As for what you can do right now:
    Hunt down players as they repair their vehicles.
    Hack AV turrets and shoot them in the back.
    If no AV turrets are available or too many players are protecting the turrets, bring your own! Its a bit more time consuming: get an ANT, gather some resources, deploy near a base, grab a turret (NOT A TOWER!), then drive behind your enemies on a wraith flash. Deploy your turret at a nice distance preferably on an elevation and you can murder entire tank columns with a super-sturdy and not that easily spottable turret. Pick off damaged vehicles that go back for repairs first, that means they have less time to realize where it comes from and prevents players to come looking for you too soon.
  5. Eternaloptimist

    Infil is no an AV class - infantry are your prey.

    But if you want you could invest in a cloaked Flash and put a Fury on it.
  6. TR5L4Y3R

    Infiltrators with any antiarmorweapon would but be problematic .. remember you are able to cloak
    so imagine c4 or mines .. you cloak get to a place and lay any of the 2 boom and no one knows who hit them unless it is too late .. archer now you suddenly become a huge threat to maxes and can hide away with just countersnipers to pick you off
    magnify this with a cloaked flash and suddenly you are a far FAR more powerful class than what either LA's or engies are supposed to be ... have any good player with access to such a loadout and the potential of disruption would go not only through the roof but may pierce the sun ...
  7. customer548

    We already have a powerful way to fight against Armor : the Flash.
    Very good at supporting teammates against Harrasers, good support against Light tanks, useless against MBTs.
    Very good against Infantry and outdoors Maxes.

    Or drop Engi AV mines and get the Archer. Go HA RL.
  8. SupaFlea

    if thats the case you have give every class the ability to hit or see infil and 1000m while their on top of a hill with their 10x scopes, Infils already not infils, and now most infil just want to be assassins. most infils in this game quit cloaker in PS1 because it would of been far to hard for them to play. a dedicated infil in PS1 was one for the most skilled and dangerous classes in the game, capable disruption a whole squad but i came at a cost of offence,, no primary weapon only secondary slot and only enough inventory for 4 packs of ammo or grenades or tools. Buuuuut you could hack vehicles and deconstruct them once to take them from the battlefield, you had to be stealthy and skilled, avoiding a firefight as much as possible to turn the tide of a battle by getting rid of the Sunderer(AMS)
  9. Kopulator

    I often sit near enemy armor with a suppressed weapons and start blowing people away. Trust me...they like it from behind.
  10. TR5L4Y3R

  11. Serevn

    I wonder why their all in vehicles... probably cause everyone is sick of infiltrators.
  12. doomedking517

    dont we also have access to grenade launchers? (im not sure if they work against vehicles, though i would assume they do? i have only actually used them for 1 shotting infantry in the face from 15 meters xD)
  13. Eternaloptimist

    Yes, but only UBGLs on battle rifles for infils IIRC - two drawbacks:
    1 UBGL will probably only have any real effect against Flash driver and Harrasser passenger on rumble seat
    2 You're running a BR instead of a proper infil weapon

    The explosive crossbow bolt is an option but weak except for finishing badly damaged vehicles, or so I hear.

    I think Wraith Fury Flash is the only AV option that is worthy of the name.
  14. BrbImAFK

    Not to mention that an UBGL gets only two rounds by default (and your infil probably won't have a ready source of resupply), which is just enough to destroy a single flash.....
  15. BartasRS

    Except some situations when I have purely AI weapon set and no means to hack vehicle terminal or AV turret I do not feel helpless. Even if that is the case dealing with vehicles is not an infil thing and if you play infil how it should be played vehicles should not even be able to touch you.

    For sure someone in a tank can "snipe" you. I do it all the time to other infiltrators just because I know most places they will be hiding - one of the benefits of playing infil a lot. Again, infiltrator should not be dealing with vehicles but with infantry and, as lame as it is considered by many, you can camp/mine vehicle terminal and prevent those HE sh!tters from doing their stuff :D
  16. doomedking517

    This is all true, its just more i was surprised no one ever considered the BR or its nades. Like, the BR is weaker than our scout rifles per bullet but i work pretty well with it (probably because when i run engineer i use it, so i get quite a bit of use out of it - i used it on engie before it went to infil...)

    It's just that if i happen to have the nade launcher it can be fun to troll engies when their vehicles are damaged, (especially when they are around bases cause ammo packs). I have made a couple of vehicle kills like this. dont get me wrong, its completely dependant on me having it at the time (I dont go out intending to kill tanks with a nade launcher...) but I generally keep the the spiker (i think) as my side arm (as opposed to the crossbow), cause BR/SR are medium range equipment so up close i prefer it... there's also the fact that if i do want a 1 hit kill, assuming i pick my battles well... i can get one with the nade launcher (its a pain we dont know if someone runs flak armour or not though... not too sure if it should matter though... - this one time, got a headshot with the nade launcher... the hate tell i got from that fellow was great)

    its certainly not the most efficient load out, but it is fun when you are using it and a circumstance pops up where i get to make full use of it. For me personally, I find the BR works well, but i highly doubt I make as much out of it, as you guys make out of your own load outs. I could probably be as successful with other equipment (scout rifles etc.) but i have more experience and feel with this stuff I suppose (its also worth noting I mainly run with smoke nades... i find that inside buildings if I know im out numbered, the smoke nades can help me escape, especially because im using a medium range set up - damn the people who turn their particles off... evil evil people...)
  17. CuteBeaver

    I feel like this thread could use a video posted on reddit. ;)
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  18. Cullwch

    Best way I found to combat armour as an infiltrator is using the sheer hatred vehicular combatants seem to have for infiltrators. I can hardly count all the times when I have been fruitlessly pursued by someone in an mbt and we did circles around a rock formation or a larger tree or something. In that time, there was one less tank destroying friendly vehicles or shelling the capture point room with HE rounds. With mbts, you're wasting continuously wasting the time of two players - that's generally a good deal for your faction, unless the skill gap is hugely in your favour and your time could be better spent elsewhere, in which case those tankers are likely to be blown up in quick order somewhere along the way by friendlies.

    Actually, I don't know if it's just me, but I generally seem to be removed from the realm of vehicles when I play. Over the years, you just know where you're not supposed to be, and there's generally nothing there for you anyway. I mean, I don't see the point of going into the 'vehicle barrens' - the desolate strip between two columns of opposing tanks where infantry are eradicated after taking two steps. If it's a tank fight, either pick something other than an infiltrator, something which can handle armour, or relocate to where an infiltrator is useful.
  19. Akashar

    I fail to see the problem here : I can't remember when it has been in any roadmap to make infiltrator a viable class against vehicles. They shouldn't be.
  20. Sil4ntChaozz

    The most fun I've had. But i never have a buddy so i end up targeting damaged vehicles or die.
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