When you get "warpgated" what are your reactions/feelings?

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  1. NC supporter

    Planetside 2 can't have an endgame, since its entirely based on war. If there were an endgame then the war would technically end and you lose gameplay. Another option, would be to reset everything but then we would have a glorified COD match. Also regarding the idea of being warpgated. Its a pretty good thing for the factions that are being warpgated. It gives incentive to team up and as long as a zerg is formed, there is hope. Its like stocks, you invest when the stock is low and then reap in the rewards as it increases, and then pull out. Thats how I do it when I'm playing. Play on the underdog side and pull out as soon as we warpgate the enemy.
  2. NC supporter

    I swear you are so rigid. Loosen up a little, this is a forum. Threads are going to be derailed.
  3. Scr1nRusher

    I was joking :p.

    Yes PS2 can have "endgames & "victories" even if its a an endless war.
  4. MarkAntony

    "Why do I keep playing as NC?"- my reaction after being warpgated....
  5. Naphemil

    because it's fun as **** to destroy vehicles with ravens :) duhh
  6. Morti

    "Who cares, we'll take it all back in 30 minutes after they move on"
  7. Scr1nRusher