When will the spiker get nerfed?

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    It's been a month now and this pistol hasn't been nerfed. This is getting ridiculous. The spiker can currently 1 shot non-nano weave targets with a charge that 99% of the time gets you killed. I'm sick of this OP weapon staying in its current state. It outclasses the repeater in literally every way.
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  2. ShadowViper

    I laughed really, really hard. Thank you for this gift.
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  3. Posse

    What's the spiker?
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  4. Jetlag

    How can you not know what the Spiker is?
    Its the most OP secondary in the game, even better than the Beamer.
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  5. Oddhermit

    I killed a Liberator with my Spiker once.
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  6. TheMish

    Oh praise Talos for his signature, or I would've lost it.
  7. Syphers

    I liberator a Spiker once
  8. Call-Me-Kenneth

    lest be honest, all 3 new secondaries are completely garbage, they bring no new gameplay whatsoever, they are just SC traps for new players.

    the spiker is probably the worst of the 3, but the other two are still terrible when compared to the starting secondary.
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  9. Jac70

    Seems the Spiker was a failure. They should have made it so it was a pistol variant of the lasher. Firing plasma balls that do a reasonable amount of direct damage but also do some spash - then make the orbs bounce of walls. 10 shot magazine. It would have been niche and a lot of fun if not very effective.
  10. Camycamera

    did you miss all the reviews for the spiker once it came out? the gun was slammed as like one of the worst guns in the game....
  11. Xasapis

    I'm attracted to pretty things, so I got it. Got a whooping 40 kills with it, before deciding that I'll park it for when I feel like derping around.

    It does serve a function though. Getting killed by it is more humiliating than getting killed by pretty much everything, including the flare gun.
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  12. CipherNine

    Hopefully this is all part of "Lets release it UP, we will slowly buff it later on" strategy.

    If not, team behind weapon design should play this game more often.
  13. Siilk

    Pfff, I once accidentally a Spiker. The whole thing, you know.
  14. Jetlag

    HOLY ****
  15. sindz

    I got teamkilled by it once because I teased a guy for buying it :(
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  16. Vixxing

    Hmm... they can try and nerf it... but i dont think it can be done... they dont have the technology to make it any worse.... YET! (only option i see is if the combine it with medic tool so it actually heals enemies)
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  17. CNR4806

    Sure, it will be nerfed shortly alongside with the C85 Canister and the NS Patriot Flare Gun.

    ... Are you serious?
  18. Prudentia

    i got ignored by many People while using the spiker...
    the temptation to send everyone of them a "Spiked scrub" was just too high :(
  19. DatVanuMan

    It's okay...
    The Spiker must have been controlling his mind. Stick to your Commissioner like a loyal VS soldier; the heretics such as him that dare use anything but the 44 shall be punished by Vanu.
  20. DatVanuMan

    At first:
    We are going to release a pistol that can be fired quickly or charged up for explosive damage.
    My face:
    We are releasing a burst pistol that can be charged for a more powerful burst!!!!
    My face:
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