When will the alert system change?

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  1. Mr_Cheese

    Does anyone know when this god awful double-teaming alert system will get changed?

    I haven't seen any information about a possible update but a few members in my outfit have mentioned some of the developers have spoken about the alert system removing the double team feature?

    Does anyone have informaiton on this?

    It would be great to be able to enjoy alerts again.
  2. Eternaloptimist

    I have heard people complain that alerts are a foregone conclusion because one faction starts with a huge advantage and I have also heard that triggering an alert gets you double teamed so you lose the alert. It seems to depend on the server and I read that Connery is a particularly bad experience. It also may be something to do with what times you play. But the EU servers I play on generate some seriously good fights that are not always foregone conclusions one way or the other.
  3. frozen north

    Connery has a nasty habit of almost always being one of those two stereo types. Basically, most alerts start with the TR or in rare cases the NC, already getting double teamed like crazy to begin with, and this either continues for the first half of the alert, or stops immediately and has both factions kicking in teeth of the alert faction.
  4. supahitecjetfyta

    like i keep saying in game everyday


    stop relying on numbers and sitting around in a zerg waiting on a timer capping bases with a 4-1 pop advantage and using 100ppl to cap minor single CP bases when you could be out there controlling the territory and learning the game.

    turn on voice, use comms, share intel, call out threats, lay some mines, shoot out some sensors, give out some ammo, place a shield regen, man the turrets, set up AA, patrol the perimeter,do something that others arent already doing, learn some strats, learn how to counter them strats, dont rush off after a cap, wait for the second wave of attackers before leaving a base, do more than just sit around pointing and clicking at things, its a team strategy game not a deathmatch.


    tldr: l2p

  5. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    I don't have an ETA to give, but I can confirm we will be making some changes to Meltdown alerts to change how they are currently operating. We've also discussed the idea of playing with some new alert types as well, but I don't have much more I can say about that possibility right now.
  6. Sorrn

    hi sry , i can't make a new topic ,then sorry for this message but please , prototype tank will not come to live server ? or something ' new ' ? new map ? or what ? if someone can tell me please ^^ ?
  7. JibbaJabba


    On a more macro level, try to get yourself out popped by about 5% across your entire front. Spread it evenly. Defenders can hold with a 5% pop disadvantage, and if they can't then they can control the timer well enough to buy time for reinforcements. When reinforcements arrive, they should resecure the points, take out some enemy spawn logistics and then LEAVE to go where they are needed next. Don't sit around waiting on resecure timers to hit 0. When the job is done, move on.

    I really don't mind the double teaming.
  8. Mr_Cheese

    Most of the times I log on to Miller the TR actively try to avoid triggering an alert. If one is triggered, people post in outfit chat with "prepare to lose 1/2 our territory". I was in one alert recently that was triggered by TR at 80% and after 45 minutes of RedeploySide TR ended with 24%.

    When you have a faction actively trying to avoid alerts and a vastly negative reaction when one is triggered, it really shows how broken the current system is.

    Thank you Roxxlyy for your reply. I am glad to hear the alert system is having the necessary changes implemented. I hope the changes come sooner rather than later as alerts are the main reason for playing planetside.
  9. Oleker2