When will Planetside 2 come out for Mac?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EchoGeneral, Dec 4, 2012.

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  1. EchoGeneral

    I read in an interview somewhere before it was released that it was going to be made for Mac, but not at launch. I was just wondering if anyone has a date?
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  2. KoSGunny

    Not trying to rip on Macs here, but I can't think of a single Mac that could run this game at decent settings.

    I'm going to guess that because of that fact: They will probably release a Mac version after the game has been optimized. It's already hard enough to play on most good home-built rigs.. until that's fixed I can't see it being very playable on even the world's most expensive mac.
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  3. Bigperm

    There is no date, but it is confirmed that they are working on it.
  4. Phrygen

    You have no idea what you are talking about. Many mac computers can easily run this game


    . I run PS on my 2008 Mac Pro 2.8g xeon dual quad core with a crucial m4 SSD, 14ghz of ddr2 fdimms and a ati radeon HD 6870.

    Its called boot camp, we don't need an OSX version of planet side, though it would be good for business. Just get Win 7 ultimate and bootcamp a windows partition.
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  5. Tobax

    My friend already plays on a mac with a win7 os partition on his HD and his machine plays the game better than my pc does, which is annoying since my machine is less than a year old (yes a gaming rig) and his is nearly 2 years old.
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  6. TheEvilBlight

    An OS X version of Planetside 2 would require finding all the bugs even in one platform, let alone the ones that porting to OS X would open up. Sure they both run on x86 (can you imagine if Apple was still PPC?!), but that simply eliminates some problems, and not all of them.

    Just boot camp it.
  7. KoSGunny

    X86 platforms support less than 4GB of memory.

    This game's current minimum specification for memory is 4GB.

    Think about that..

    You can't compare Windows and mac in this case simply because they run x86: As an x86 Windows platform would not even be able to run the game at all.
  8. EchoGeneral

    Bootcamp and parrelel and stuff for some reason don't work on my Mac...
  9. TheEvilBlight

    Whoops, forget the _64. I forget there are still 32-bit machines running around out there.
  10. Beliskner

    I hate everything about Apple and I know this is stupid.
  11. KoSGunny

    Then you know what kind of crap hardware they sell at ridiculous prices. As such you probably also know that a home-built $850 windows desktop runs this game about as well as a $350 system runs battlefield..

    Put it all together and imagine just how poorly gaming on a mac in the game's current condition would be.
  12. Phrygen

    Are you trying to imply OS X isn't a 64 bit system? I assure you OS X is 64 bit. My computer uses 14g of ram.

    also, given the case, i have no idea why planetside 2 default installs to the x86 folder....

    seriously though, i'm running this game on a mac i purchased in February of 2008. 2008!!! Granted i upgraded the thing, but the point is that mac hardware is exactly the same as pc hardware. about the only difference is that macs use EFI, but even then i use a bios GPU in my mac.

    Edit: AND FOR THE RECORD, when i purchased my mac pro workstation, the price was equivalent to PC hardware. infact is was competitive. Now Mac charges even more per power point, and pc hardware is much cheaper. Macs are no longer worth purchasing unless you must have OS X. even then if you are savy you can build a hackintosh
  13. Ashnal

    Oh they would be able to run the game. The game only uses up about 1.5 GB while playing. As long as the rest of your programs don't add up to 2.5 GB or more, you'd be fine on a 32-bit machine, given it had the processor and gfx card power to run it.
  14. KoSGunny


    Read post #1. Minimum requirement is 4GB. They would NOT be able to run the game: It won't even load.
  15. KoSGunny

    Phrygen: You're running this game on a mac?

    Please, share the download link for the Mac version of this game.

    Lying doesn't help you in forums. Everything you said is moot because your argument is based on playing this game on a platform the game is not available on.

    And no, Mac hardware is not 'the same as pc hardware.' You pay $400 for some outdated and slow laptop hardware, where I'll buy something 10 times better with identical capacity for $30. No need to take this conversation any further, Mac fanboys have and always will be brainwashed into thinking they have good hardware.
  16. TheEvilBlight

    I'm tempted to strip my 64-bit machine to 4 GB and see how it runs.
  17. Bonga

    lol i think most bigger MAC's can run this game in soft windows at ok settings..
    and if u wanna run it on a mac .. get a extra HD and install windows on it .. then you can boot up the Mac as a PC on disk 2 ..
  18. TheEvilBlight

    Bootcamp. He's running the game on an Apple Macintosh computer, using Windows bootcamp. Hence the

    "also, given the case, i have no idea why planetside 2 default installs to the x86 folder...."

    OS X doesn't use the Program Files || Program Files (x86) setup like windows 7 does.

    Strangely, PS2 likes to install in C:/Users/Public/Installed Games/...
  19. KoSGunny

    Phrygen: Gameplay videos from your mac. Not just gameplay videos, prove it's running on a mac.

    Because i don't believe you at all: bootcamp yes could run the game, but on your '2 year old mac' it's not running 'fine'. 800x600 and low settings is not running fine, just fyi.
  20. TheEvilBlight

    Good point. A 2008 Mac is old, but the Mac /Pro/ isn't too bad:


    The Xeon in question appears to be based off of Penryn. But comparing consumer Penryn and Xeon penryn may not be straightforward.

    Core (tock)->Penryn (tick)->Nehalem (tock)-> Westmere (tick)-> Sandy Bridge (tock)->Ivy Bridge (tick)

    I'm weirded out that Apple is still using Nehalem/Westmeres in 2012. They should be on Sandy, unless they bought in bulk and are still chewing through old inventory?
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