When Video Games get Boring?

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  1. Dennisz125

    Try Squad,
    The learning curve is median but the teamwork is high,assume that everyone has a mic and understand the game.
    It's one few games that perfectly capture the idea of large scale "tactical" Shooter.
    It's $40 us dollars right now and not planning to change it but the devs are honest and made a promise that they will work until it reach the level of PR (Project Reality) which is a mod of bf2 which is free and stand alone from it and you can try it out if you want to see the future of Squad.
  2. Jake the Dog

    its not about the ratio, being right doesn't get you likes XD
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  3. Trudriban

    fun fact my most liked comment ever made was hating on implants being p2w and how our opinions as consumers mattered more than theirs as devs about to get layed off when SoE was purchased, but none of that is nearly MLG enough for this line of posts so
    u jus jalus ur not as cool as mi
  4. Jake the Dog