When Video Games get Boring?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gundem, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Gundem

    It's been over three years that I have enjoyed this game. I've learned a lot, made some friends, and shot a ****-ton of planetmans.

    But, I've reached the point where a lot of PS2 is feeling really boring.

    I've tried playing other classes, other factions, different vehicles, new weapons, but none of it helps.

    So, should I really just take a break? I know that if I don't play PS2 for a while, I'll eventually get a hankering for it and it will feel more fun again, but then I fear the inevitable staleness of PS2 will get to me again and I'll get bored again quickly.

    And frankly, video games in general have gotten kind of stale for me... Though I don't have a ton of variation, I still have 4 different games that are very different conceptually(TF2, War Thunder, Hawken, PS2). None of these sound very appealing to me right now.

    Maybe I should just do something productive... Get a life or something like that.

    Honestly, I have no idea why I'm posting something this personal. It just feels, weird. I dunno.

  2. Armcross

    Try single players or a game with good story in it.
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  3. Moridin6

    yeah i took a break for awhile there and played through Dark Souls (1) a few times, was my first time playing really enjoyed it and it was a super change of pace.

    there some other F2Ps i enjoy on occasion, Heroes and generals for example

    go burn up a bunch of netflix content instead of playing Anything.

    emulate some classics, Symphony of the night ill play through once every 4 years or so lol
  4. thed1rt

    You gotta start paying attention to the game that exists in real life.


    Or be ok with being nothing when you die. (no judgement here, buddy) Nothing really matters... But everyone is addicted to their own personal love of attention.


    Planetside 2 is a game that exsists in real life.
  5. Taemien

    If you liked Hawken, consider giving MechWarrior Online a try.

    PS2 is one of my fall back games. I've been playing it for nearly 4 years but not every day. In fact I usually play either 1-2 or 2-3 days a week. Sometimes I go a week or two without playing.

    I usually play another MMO such as Final Fantasy XIV, Star Trek Online, or even Everquest on their progression server. In between MMOs, I usually play Diablo 3 and today a buddy got me to try Heroes of the Storm (not sure how I feel about a MOBA, but its something I guess).

    When I feel like being creative I dink around in Space Engineers and set a creational type goal and see what comes out of it.
  6. orangejedi829

    I would seriously hesitate to call those four games "very different". Heck, they're all non-sim first-person shooters, for crying out loud.
    "Very different" would be something like Minecraft, Kerbal Space Program, or The Witcher 3. (All three are excellent, by the way)
  7. Demigan

    Go play something that satisfies some other human needs. For instance, get an RTS and play that. Building and larger strategy satisfy on a whole different level than FPS's and first/third person simulators.
    Alternatively go build a character in an MMO. I hear that The Witcher 3 is pure mastery. Otherwise there's a million free MMORTS's around you could give a go.
    Maybe space exploration is your thing? I'm sure there's something out there you like, maybe Elite Dangerous or something?
  8. breeje

    take a break from all the games you play now, find a new game or do something else
    i do take sometimes a break PS2 and after a week or two it start to itch again
    or cut down the hours you play the game, it works for me
    playing for 2/3 hours every two days is working well for me to keep me interested in this game
    and getting drunk while trolling this forum on the days i don't play is like physician counseling :D
  9. DeadlyOmen

    Pick up the guitar, go to museums, read a book, go (back?) to school. Get a GF, play golf, join a flag football team, etc, etc...
  10. LodeTria

    Get out of your comfort zone in gaming and try something in a genre you've never bothered to care about or think about. There are many many gems in all genre's of gaming.
  11. TheFlamingLemon

    This happened to me a bit ago. Then I went off and played 300 hours of warframe, played through dishonored one and a half times, and watched an unhealthy amount of netflix. Once that was done, PlanetSide was perfectly fun.
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  12. Liewec123

    yeah if it really is getting boring and you've already done all of the ingame fixes (variety!), then taking a break is the best bet :D

    you say you've tried all classes, but have you tried everything there is to try on each?
    like magscatter stalker on NC can be pretty hilarious (albeit lackluster)
    maxing out grenade bandoleer on engie with sticky nades will give hours of fun (if you have the -50% consumable thing)

    tried skywhaling?

    if you really have tried everything in game then yep, take a break and come back when you feel like :D
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  13. Klabauter8

    Modern games in general are boring. They don't require any skills to play, and are just there for dumb entertainment. They don't value gameplay, but just try to be blockbuster movies or soap operas.

    Planetside 2 is one of the few teamplay games I can enjoy, because it is on such a big scale that even if your team is bad, you still have good chances to do your own thing in it.
  14. Trudriban

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  15. Klabauter8

    Souls games also don't require skills to play, merely patience.
  16. Trudriban

    gurl I wanna know what your definition of skill is
  17. Klabauter8

    Something you aquire with hard work and perhaps also some natural talent. Anyone can play through a Souls game. You are immortal (have infinite continues), can grind to oblivion, have checkpoints every 5 minutes, can even summon other players to completely cheese through the game, and overall the gameplay is pretty easy.

    Even though Souls games are seen as "the hardest game ever" nowadays, the gameplay in it is very casual.
  18. Trudriban

    Under that definition Souls games still need skill
    • gotta know how to dodge
    • gotta know how to build your character
    • gotta know what weapons are worth it and which ones aren't
    • if a red guy pops up gotta defend yourself against them
    • if you are the red guy gotta beat the crap out of the other guy
    The infinite lives only give you the time to actually learn these skills

    And it still works in Planetside 2
    • Gotta know which weapons suck and which ones don't
    • gotta know how to properly ADAD
    • gotta land consistent headshots
    • gotta know which fights to pick in a tank
    • gotta know which fights to pick in a MAX suit
    • gotta know what mines look like and where people place them
    • and many more
    Don't play the elitist card if you can't outdo my bureaucratic correctness one, you will lose
  19. Klabauter8

    You don't have to know how to dodge in Souls games. You also can just grind and tank your way through it, or just summon a friend and let him to do the dodges. And even if you'd have to know how to dodge, learning to dodge in these games is not difficult and does not take hard work to learn. The same goes for every other thing on that list. Plus, if you fail to do anything, just restart at the next bonfire 2 minutes away and try again.

    And Planetside 2 is a multiplayer game, which means that it doesn't have a real difficulty. The game is just as difficult as you want it to be and how good your team is compared to the opponents. You also can just play medic and do nothing but taking cover and reviving people for example.

    But whatever, I am pretty tired of modern babbie gamers like you who have zero idea what they are talking about and then call you an elitist when you call them out on their bullsh*t, so think whatever you want.
  20. Shiaari

    Gotta love the hypocrisy in some of these replies.

    OP, just play a different game. I currently rotate between PS2 and Fallout 4. I may get into Elite: Dangerous when I have the time and money to invest in a good flight stick and throttle.

    For the white knight idiots: I still read and write science fiction, dabble in photography, and play violin.

    Being a gamer isn't a stereotype.