When Tunnel Camping Goes Wrong.

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  1. Yuukikun

    I feel sad that a whole platoon of players couldn't see a lightning icon on the mini-map right on top of their head. If there were really that many people, you would've been able to destroy the lightning without any effort and without him having time to run away. I'm sorry to have to tell you this but this is purely a case of stupidity coming from your outfit / faction. This is not the first time someone tried to do this but it's the first time people were dumb enough to die to it in mass.
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  2. Serafine

    My suggestion is to hand out brains to the TR. Seriously unless he has vehicles max level stealth (which I doubt he had) you can see that there is a Lighting on the minimap and jumping out in front of one one is pretty stupid in the first place. But apparently you all jumped deliberately in front of his vehicle like the lemmings.
    I have experienced similar stuff and I cannot see any difference between that and a Battlesundy with two Bulldogs or Furys camping the tunnel exit.

    In fact both methods are a good idea to cut off enemy reinforcements and force them to choose another way to get in. And in case you didn't know - there is more than one tunnel exit.
  3. TheFamilyGhost

    If the enemy is killing you, stop going there.

    Voila! The tactic is rendered useless.
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  4. SinerAthin

    Not really... the tactic would still be a success, as he'd deny you the approach :p
  5. Flapatax

    Watching defenders come up en masse from that tunnel always reminds me of the shower room scene from The Rock.
  6. TheFamilyGhost

    I sit corrected.:)
  7. jak

    I think Mike's point is a very good one. Rather than have things that promote back and forth fights with a sense of tension, excitement, and continuous (crazy...) fun, we continually are subjected to fights that end up with one side staring at an entry point all waiting to play whack-a-mole and the other side wondering why the **** they're playing the game.
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