When Tunnel Camping Goes Wrong.

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  1. MikeJackson

    not to mention, this game IS a set of arenas (hexes/bases) with a bunch of point holds (mostly indoor ones).

    EDIT: oops didn't want to reply to myself. uhhhh intention was to edit the quoted comment. FML im tired.
  2. MajiinBuu

    I doubt the lightning had stealth fully certed and equipped, look at the goddamn minimap once in a while.
    Also you could have repaired a generator and he'd be stuck in the shield, completely frozen.
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  3. wolfva

    In other words, the ONLY way to play is YOUR way, and anyone who disagrees is a stupid child and should just shut up or you'll cry?

    You speak of pride? What's pride have to do with anything? It's a war game, he used a valid tactic to beat you. That you don't like it doesn't make it any less valid. As far as your personal attacks go, THAT is the behavior of a child. At no time have I stated that *I* would use such a tactic, or that I condone it. I point out that it is VALID. That this is a war game and not an arena game. You keep insisting that it should be some type of honorable dueling game. Ok. So. I suppose you also think there should be no sniping? That ANY enemy, before shooting at someone, MUST alert them to their presence? After all, where is the 'pride' in shooting someone in the back? Or in lobbing a grenade into a room? Where is the honor in dropping C4 or a bouncing betty? Or in taking out an infantry in an AV Max suit? Or straffing someone with an ESF? The next time I knife an infiltrator who's sniping someone I guess I better loudly announce my presense, I'd hate for you to think I'm getting a 'cheese' kill, or acting 'unethically' or dishonorably.
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  4. deggy

    Not gonna read the entire thread, so someone may have said this before.

    Stand next to jump pad. Throw C4 into beam. Detonate C4.

    You now have a clear area around the jump pad.

    If there was a Lightning over the pad, you should have tossed C4 onto it and received certs. I have both run and participated in multi-outfit crashes, and you should have had an Infiltrator go up cloaked and tell you what was on the other side BEFORE you throw your entire force at it.
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  5. wolfva

    SHHHH! You can't mention valid tactics! That'd be childish! After all, no one should ever be able to kill him in any way except a face to face battle where they both bow to each other, then to the judges, then wait for the bell to ring. And if you disagree, why, you're an unethical child who plays cheesily and and and you're a bad person! Or so he seems to think.
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  6. MikeJackson

    im an ex-league of legends player. i look at the minimap too often at times.
    on that incident. i was playing medic. waited for a while, the first group which was like 2-4 squads jumped up. my minimap didn't show any vehicle. only a spam of dead bodies. people were dying before they could even Q him probably. and before that nothing as well. dunno how to explain this, really.
    when i decide to go up, comms already started getting in about what's going on.. so i jumped sideways threw a res grenade and c4'd him before dying to something else.

    the shield is irrelevant. he had a lot of freedom to do W>S>W>S within his position in the garage. shield also wouldn't have stopped him to get to his position in the first place, just use the vehicle spawn pad after hitting the shield..
  7. MikeJackson

    all i want, and a LOT of people i know ingame want, and im pretty sure that's what SOE meant when designing this game and later on shaping it into an esport is 2/3 sides clashing into each other and using tactical mechanics, weapons/vehicles the way they are designed to be used, challenging each other in a thrilling battle.

    what you wrote isn't funny brah. and isn't what i meant at all.

    there's a big difference between the actions you speak of, and the action of running people over a tunnel exit that's supposed to not be ran over by vehicles in the first place. backshooting is a result of the backshot not using the environment well or having awareness issues. other stuff there is in the game, and used how it's supposed to be used. using something that is OP doesn't mean it's bad on the user's part, it's the devs job to balance it.
  8. deggy

    So wait.......

    You won.

    You C4'd him.

    And you got stupid numbers of certs for that res grenade.


    You successfully countered his tactic.

    You L2P'd before anyone here even told you to L2P.
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  9. Yerk

    The tunnel design was bad in the first place, since it allows camping. Then they added powerful things in game such as Harassers, Max abilities, etc that allow players to camp exiting defenders.

    However, if you know there's a lightning there, why continue going? I suggest you use recon darts so your platoon knows what's going to greet them when they exit. There are also several exits to that base, you might want to backtrack by hugging the walls and walk back to clear areas.
  10. MikeJackson

    didn't say i pulled the trigger tho, was close tho. even if i did, there's more important stuff than exp.

    cheese THAT cheesy shouldn't be allowed (through a simple map restriction or adjustment to warning/damage script). that's all im trying to raise here, awareness of this "strat", to remove it.
    it dumbs down the game, ruins gaming experience on both sides, yada yada yada.
    48+ on the balcony looking bored at 1 guy running over 24-48 other gamers. a big battle that could happen at that max crush denied from everyone. is it going to be hilarious after it becomes everyday routine that people do? cool story.

    if i was on the other side, would've still done this thread. it's not a "I GOT KILLED BOOOHOOO thread". i know the initial post sounds over emotional, but that's just how furious i was at the time, it was still rather fresh in my head. this is about the hole more than about the guy who used it. this is about the map that needs some small fixes. not a cry of OP PLEASE NERF.

    this thread mostly got responses from behind-keyboard smarta$$es, or people who didn't read the thread, or got it the wrong way. instead of looking at the bigger picture.
  11. MikeJackson

    we didn't know. read through the comments. im repeating myself 2397293 times. minimap didn't show jack ****. there was no time to scout ahead. bad comms. language barriers. 2/3 outfits "kinda" cooperating (just a big mess tho). first group that jumped didn't look up or the guy just wasn't parked ontop of the hole when they went for it.

    i know the base's layout. i wasn't in lead. i would've used side doors tunnel and flanked/avoided.
  12. wolfva

    Considering I wasn't trying to be funny I fail to see how my success at not being funny is even worth mentioning. That you can't see the value in thinking outside of the box and utilizing a tactic to prevent enemy reinforcements from taking a base isn't something that should be eliminated is beyond me. Here's a little historical note about tanks; they were originally created in WWI as an anti-infantry weapon. During WWII a bright young man came up with the idea of putting sharpened blades on the front of Sherman tanks so they could cut through the Hedgerows...which were basically impenetrable up to that time, forcing tanks to easily mined and ambushed paths. As the Allies moved through Normandy, tanks were used to blast and push holes into buildings; GIs used these holes to move through the city rather then the streets or doorways for the same reason. Now, YOU may have rushed to Geneva and demanded that such tactics be banned as 'unethical' or lacking in the pride enducing honor of glorios fair 1v1 combat.

    Here is the difference between us. If I was the one who was caught by that tank, I'd be thinking of ways to destroy or drive off the tank. I'd be thinking of other modes or directions of attack. You, on the other hand, sit back and demand that someone else eliminate the possibility of it ever happening again so you never have to think how to counter such a tactic. Cheesy or not.
  13. Kaon1311

    A lightning denying an area to infantry.....sounds good to me.

    Pretty much like non rendering infantry denying a whole hex to tankers.....like you said "he who pulls the cheese and spams wins"
  14. iEnvy

    I fail to see how its cheesy, I think it sounds hilarious personally.

    Youre just mad cause youre bad, and youre bad cause apparently all of your guys got destroyed by a lightning that got a ton of roadkills.
    All I can think is "l2p"
  15. Konfuzfanten

    Wait, so you are just doing what the devs meant you to do, while the lightning guy is abusing, by doing what the devs meant for him to do. Because you know, if the devs didnt want him to do it, they would make tunnel exit instant kill vehicles.

    Yea, the devs totally agree with you, thats why we dont have any weapons in PS2 that can instant gib any infantry player.

    QQing about cheese and then having 170 hours played in a TR harasser is hilarious. Get a grip. Ohh and i dont complaing about cheese. i know its part of PS2. Pick the tactic and weapon that works and roll with it.

    But thats the difference between you and me:

    I KNOW i can beat any guy in 1vs1, doesnt matter the weapon, class, vehicle or tactic the guy is using, i can always out play or cheese the other guy.

    Stop being bad, learn how to aim and your need to qq will go waaaay down.

    I promise.
  16. patricio_z

    Its not like anyone at SOE ever thought that would be abused...ever, blame SOE for poor *** base design, not the players adapting to what is given to them...
  17. HannibalBarca

    PS2 is a game of war, and I support playing to win. If the devs wanna prevent it then they will. Bringing it to their attention is useful. Ranting endlessly on the forums is not. Move on. Or try some cheese yourself (it's tasty).

    As a side note, sometimes cheesy, glitchy new tactics become accepted as proper gameplay, such as:

    Tribes - Skiing
    Quake - Rocket Jumping
    PS2 - ESF Reverse Maneuver

    When this happens, the tactic often becomes a crucial and much-loved aspect of the game; something unique and interesting. However, this does rely on the player base being willing to embrace new challenges and skills.

    (Please note that I am in no way claiming that "Tunnel Roadkill" is destined to go mainstream and become core gameplay in PS2, though the thought is amusing).
  18. Ozade

    Now those were the days, also cant believe this thread went on 3 more pages after I got bored of it originally lol.
  19. FocusLight

    Yes ofc, all the guys involved were just "bad" so L2P is all they need to do. I will try and remember to rub this in your face when something like this happens to you and your outfit mates.

    No amount of skill would stop what happened in that situation. NO ONE saw the Tank, he was ready in front of, not on top of, the hole. NO ONE could stop him from getting everyone killed in this manner because when the order was given to go up everyone complied, all he had to do was run back and forth to kill the guys that popped out in front of him, behind him and those who got pushed up after he moved over the hole. That does not make anyone bad, it makes them unfortunate.

    There is no learn to play issue here, the only issue here is someone taking offense to this "tactic" being possible and getting laughedat and yelled at for DARING to suggest that this be changed to not be this absurd. And then there is you, being a condensating tool about it. "You just got to L2P so you won't be as bad, te he he he."

    This whole thing is not about what's fair, it's not about comparing this to being sniped, or being angry about dying, or anything that people have dragged in here so far. It's about asking to fix the fact that one player can, thanks solely to poor base design, stop dead an entire assault of 20+ players. This should not be possible. What SHOULD have happened was, there should be no tank to run everyone down. The defenders pop out of the hole and the attackers get themselves an actual fight. You know, the thing we play this game for?

    Next time you want to behave like a sad kindergarden-level griefer, ala "Your just bad, you just got to L2P this game", then please don't. Next time, at least TRY to understand the underlying issue at hand.
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  20. OldCuban

    Mike, you have a lvl 96 toon and you're complaining about tube camping? Seriously?

    Deal with it!

    The guy did nothing wrong!

    As a matter of fact you just gave me a new idea on how to better camp that tube!

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