When Tunnel Camping Goes Wrong.

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  1. Cinnamon

    Placing a vehicle on top of a grav lift exit really is crossing a line that sensible people wouldn't want to cross. I think that any good platoon leader would blow their top if one of their people did boring stuff like that. There are already too many things that make defending inside boring like harassers covering the point and general ubgl spam.
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  2. Andrea SKye

    While its in the game, its a valid tactic and NOBODY should get punished for it.

    I dont think its cool tho, and think SOE should remove it. But it is valid right now, so why punish people for playing the game and using the environment to their advantage.
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  3. DramaticExit

    ... Hot.
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  4. VirtualGuerilla

    Ah, my bad! I didn't recognise you.

    Also, I should have said, "We all want a more enjoyable experience where combined arms isn't degraded to the level of spam ftw!"
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  5. CrashB111

    All they need to do is place some barricades on each side of the hole to prevent vehicles instant killing people coming up through roadkills. The worst is still Blockade Armor Sunderers parked over the hole since they have so much hp, and with Engineers repairing them are essentially impossible to take out.
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  6. kadney

    I wish we actually had more tunnels in the game at all. Like all those "dummy tunnels" in the south of Indar around Tawrich and the South-East in general..
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  7. Axehilt

    A 5-10% advantage, sure. And the game would be deeper if that advantage was eliminated.

    Meanwhile we're talking about Bio Lab defenders winning seriously 80-90% of fights with even pop. That's in a whole different category of imbalanced.
  8. Zombo

    Well, it WAS TR, that Lightning driver had an pretty easy prey to be fair

    I call on future threads: "NC and VS Lightnings are OP! TR Lightning needs a buff"

    ... You guys know you can shoot through shield from the inside, yes? Or C4, Tank Mines? every heard of those?
  9. MikeJackson

    another smarta$$. read through the comments. same **** written by others, and replied by me.
  10. KnightCole

    Why doesnt SoE just remove vehicles all together? There seems to be no need for them anymore. Tanks have no blast radius, Infantry have 6000 ways to kill em. The bases are all being made to be Anti-Vehicle. ****, by the end of 2014 We will have built in Anti Tank mine defenses around every base, then on top of it the Infiltrator will have an Anti-Vehicle Rifle, the Engi will get a Super MIne launcher and the even the MAX will be lugging around Dual Heavy Shrikes.

    Maybe SoE needs to rename this game Call of Infantryside2...its more CoD then Battlefield now, seeing as its an infantry heavy influenced game now. BF has great vehicles usually. BF2 M1 Abrams, drive around and ohk infantry...yes sir, that was a tank. But wait, the Infantry had a nice ROcket that could ohk the Tank if it caught it in the ***. 3 hits in the front or side. PS2 had the vehicles right before they went and buffed the crap out the armor and nerfed the hell out the guns. It was fine taking 2 hits in the ***, 3 to the front, now its like 6-6-4 for a Vanguard. Slap armor on it and its 6-7-4 or 7-6-4 or 6-6-5....

    The only vehicles worth much are ESF, Libby and Harassers. Even Sundys dont last more then a few minutes upon deployment.
  11. MikeJackson

    you asked him if he knows any other games that have map imbalance and are tactically reach.

    the bio lab problem is not just map imbalance, it's maxes, UBGLs, noobtubes, and unorganized at most attackers.
  12. FocusLight

    I agree with you Mike, as I'm sure I made clear at the time this BS happened...

    However, as sad as it is to also agree with all these cheese-abusers applauding the tactics, it's not technically an exploit - Standing over the hole get's you killed because you are not supposed to camp it like that. However, when he ran off and on the hole like that he kept re-setting the timer. It's a disgusting tactic, but a legit one as far as that condition goes.

    The ultimate issue here is the absurd idea proposed by the base design in this case. Giving defenders rapid-response options like the tunnels is a good idea, but it fails badly in it's delivery - it don't matter if you have 10 guys or 100 guys, to get to that location EVERYONE GETS SPAT OUT THE SAME TINY HOLE, and at good speed too where you have no control over where you go, no way of seeing who is around you before you end up there, and little to no control over your weapon's fire either.

    Everyone get's funneled out into the same small area, easy to camp and easy to saturate with explosives to kill anyone cramped into that tiny spot. I'm going to propose a simple change to this in the suggestions section because I just came to think of something that would be far more fair, and un-exploitable like this.

    However, even if my idea don't get accepted SOMETHING have to be done about this, because the tank running back and forth over the hole is just the single most absurd tactic available to attackers here, beyond that you still have the option to park tanks at the other wall and spam HE rounds, you can still mine and C4 the entrance, you can still set up turrets to kill anyone, you can still camp the catwalk above to rain down death on someone that has no hope of getting out of the clear line of fire or anything.

    Going out that hole is a pretty hopeless prospect, a tactic bound to fail hard once a force 1/3 of your own camps it. That alone means that as a defensive option, it's simply not viable as any semi-organized force that attack your Tech plant has all the benefits in this case.
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  13. Epic High Five

    The only counter to hilarious is more hilarious.

    The obvious solution here is to cover a friend in C4 and send him up first. If he dies to a camping vehicle, detonate him.
  14. makrome

    i can clearly imagine what the lightning driver thought while w-s'ing like a madman :

    I love the smell of cheese in the morning, it smells like ... certs
  15. FocusLight

  16. VirtualGuerilla

    Hmm, I'm not even going to get into the balancing issues between infantry and vehicles. However, I will say there were some things best left out of this game(shotguns, ZOE to name a couple).

    I want this game to be an enjoyable fps where I don't have to worry about being spammed into oblivion, by everything except infantry, while literally in the capture point area.

    In my opinion, capture points should be infantry only. Vehicles should not dictate what goes on there or whether or not infantry can leave the spawn room. Now beyond that, it should be a vehicle's playground, not unlike what goes on now.
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  17. wolfva

    What makes it 'cheese' is that you were on the receiving end. Look, I can see you would much rather play an arena game instead of a war game. Granted, there are similarities between the two genres, but there are also differences. So. You don't want to play PS2. Then don't. Stop complaining about someone using a valid tactic just because you lost.

    As far as "...all for the sake of a make belief "war"." Yes. THAT. IS. WHAT. THIS. GAME. IS. ABOUT. It's a war. Didn't you read the literature? Or even the homepage? It's sold as a massive war game. The purpose is to conquer the enemy and drive them back. Did that happen here? Yes. The purpose is NOT to enter into an arena for non-stop combat. So. Here you sit, complaining about it being a war game? Okaaaayyyy.....
  18. ronjahn

    I've been doing this since those tunnels were implemented.

    Poor tunnel design + poor decisions + poor communication = lots of certs and laughs for me.

    I've never road killed 3 entire platoons, but I guess I just haven't gotten that lucky yet. I bet that guy was ROFLMAO the entire time.

    If SOE didn't intend on people driving over that hole then they would have caused it to instantly kill the vehicle or they would have put walls or barricades there to prevent it.

    Just accept that you got out smarted/out played/out cheesed by a random pubbie and move on.

    After saying all that I agree that these tunnels could use some additional defense, but until that happens you now know its a possibility.
  19. MikeJackson

    driving over a hole is war to you? epic battle man. epic.
    it's cheese in both end's eyes. there's an nc here who was on the other side at that given moment, and agreed.
    there's no pride to be taken in winning due to such ********, i would teamkill a TR who does it myself. it's unethical, and not what i or the enemy deployed/flew there for.

    you can beat an enemy cleanly. without it being a contest of creative cheese. through organization, REAL strats, and individual skill. all can happen in massive big battles and small ones alike. that's the ideal gaming experience of a WAR game. the change starts with each and everyone of us, so stop the childish crap, stop the eye for eye mentality. and play with honor.
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  20. MikeJackson

    it was ranging from 2 squads to 4 squads of TR bodies on the minimap. my res grenade got me some good exp.

    they clearly didn't want people to run over that or park there. else they wouldn't even added that warning/damage script. instant death is not noob friendly. barricades weren't added probably because they thought that the script is enough to encourage people to fear them holes and not abuse them.