When Tunnel Camping Goes Wrong.

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  1. Kaale

    As it stands running people over is probably fair game, I agree the holes design is currently poor due to being completely exposed. really holes need some blast shields around/over them to reduce the damage taken on exiting.
    No more driving/parking on them and some cover when you first emerge. UBGL still an issue but when aren't they?
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  2. Axehilt

    Just seems like there should be more than just the one hole to surface from. At a certain point you have to accept the fact that you've lost the base, but I think it's fair to ask for one or two additional exits to be placed inside the base.

    Honestly they could kill 2 birds if they had one of them go up to the gun deck, since it takes forever to pull an aircraft at a tech plant (in some cases I think it's actually faster to respawn at the warpgate and pull air from there instead, which seems silly.)

    I feel like Tech Plants are already defender-advantaged, and that if anything was done to make life easier for camped defenders then even more changes should be made to make the base easier to capture so that while fixing this issue we also take a step towards making it a more balanced base.
  3. Xellas

    Bases absolutely should be heavily defender-oriented. These are BASES... the very concept of a base or installation is designed around the concept of giving defenders advantages. The fact that people can roll in with equal numbers and have a good chance to cap these things is a massive design flaw... it should be that any competent defense team should be able to hold 2-3x their forces at bay, to force these things to be zerg-breakers. The fact that these things are so tiny and easily assaulted is a flaw in the game.

    I'd much rather have insanely hard to cap bases that resulted in drawn out games of back and forth with infantry than have the rolling zergs that we have now that allot a grand total of 10 minutes per base at best before the defense is overwhelmed. Seriously, there's a grand total of maybe 4 bases per CONTINENT that can't be rolled over with the giant tank waves that make up Zergside's main forces nowadays.
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  4. Thunderer

    Well, that guy probably got sick of all that Harasser Sh*t and decided to Run you all over and who knew?
    Wiped your entire squad in the process. :D ROFL
  5. wolfva

    Gods spare me.

    "OH NOES! That guy! He's like, killing our people and not letting us take back the base and kill HIS people so like, OMG! We gotta report him and yell about him on the forums and demand...DEMAND...that this be 'fixed' and he be punished so NO ONE will EVER kill our people again to keep them from killing their people!!!!! It's not...FAAAAIRRR!!!"

    I see the problem here. You're in the wrong game. You don't want to play a massive war game between 3 sides. You want to play some type of gladiatorial arena game where everything is exactly even, every fight is evenly matched, with hard rules and referees to ensure that those rules are folowed. You don't want the chaotic mishmash of combat. You want duels. With rules and seconds.

    Cheesy or not, it doesn't matter. This guy did his JOB. He kept reinforcements from getting to the fight. Now, one of YOUR people could easily have shouted on voice, "Don't go up! lightning running us over!". Then a couple of LAs maybe hop over the wall and drop C4 on him or something. Whatever it takes. But no. That'd be to hard. Let's complain about how unfair it is and demand the Devs stop it. Well spanky, LIFE isn't fair. Nor is Planetside 2. Get used to it. Or, go play one of your adored arena games.
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  6. faykid

    thanks for the tip! i didn't know you can do that until now!
  7. Greddy

    I take all the credits! I was the one who C4 that Lightning :cool:
  8. Azarga

    Hail to that Lightning driver.
  9. MikeJackson

    nothing new.

    peanuts in comparison to massive hit & run.

    if the devs wanted people to do whatever they wanted on dem holes they wouldnt have implemented pain fields in the first place. as it stands these things warn you and damage you instantly and continuosly. creating a fasle belief that you can't get blocked, or run over continuosly once you jump up. it's like calling a "kids crossing sign" an incentive to drive slowly.

    you can say the same about bio lab roof liberators, since there's no direct rule against it. this is sicknening.

    you don't know what happened on that alert, or the forces jumping between 2 tech plants on amerish continuosly. or the comm mess when dealing with leader comms and europeans. smarta$$es are OP. and i wasn't even lead, so w/e brah.

    im ok with losing. i would've had posted this even if i was on the NC side that evening (winning side).
  10. KnightCole

    Or SoE could put walls around those to...seems they have this Walls on everything..kick lately...

    I hate the new biolabs and new amp stations for that.

    Pretty soon its going to be Drywallside2 where were shooting walls at each other's wall armor while trying to capture the Wall factory on each cont....but the only guns we use are shotguns, knives, mines and C4. Oh, the occasional SMG as well.
  11. stalkish

    What confuses me is how the OP has only just noticed this tactic, it was being done the same hour that the GU with them in went live. Infact i purposely never ever use that tunnel even if the squad im with is dumb enough to try, it always ends badly.
    As some have already said its a valid defense stratergy, and defense is hard enough as it is already so i dont call 'cheese' (LOL) on it.

    What i find more annoying than this is marauder harrasers EVERYWHERE. Theyre inside the walls on esamir, theyre at the point in amp stations, on the walls of large facilities, camping shield gens, camping any and all spawn rooms, they're frikin everywhere and what the devs have said is 'if you can get a vehicle there its good game' now if thats the case with harrasers, why not lightnings?

    Might be miss-reading this but OP seems more green with envy about not getting that amount of kills in that short of time, rather than actually being anoyed at the so called 'cheese', if you want to call that 'cheese' then lets be honest this is the 'cheesiest' game around, i mean there are 1 way shields that allow you to sit and own enemies with completely no risk, place and forget AI mines, insta kill shotguns rockets and UBGLs, HE tank spam, out of render range lockon or mana turret squads, instant revives of entire squads, unlimited ammo crates....i leave it at that.
  12. Spoprockel

    Heh, why didn't i think of this before? That's just hilarious! :D

    I would've laughed my *** off if that had happened to me. Maybe even sent a tell, congratulating him for his perfect timing.

    I don't care much for winning alerts, but events like that are what keeps me playing this game.

    They might install some pillars near the hole to prevent it in the future...
  13. Axehilt

    What's the last game you played that offered interesting, tactical/strategic competitive gameplay with completely unbalanced maps?

    When everything is balanced, battles are won through skill, strategy, and teamwork. A game is deep when all those player decisions are what makes the difference between winning and losing. When things are lopsided, skill, strategy, and teamwork become less relevant because the defenders' victory is a foregone conclusion.

    So not only are defender-advantaged bases shallower, but they're stagnant. They result in the same boring, predictable fights happening at the same bases over and over again. Why would you want that?
  14. MikeJackson

    oh you went there. alright smarta$$.

    7295 kills with harasser which are 26%~ of my total kills (27510). and 1558 on other vehicles which are 5%~. so you got 31%~ kills by vehicle. and 69% kills on foot with 13d 6h as medic and 18d 20h as LA and 170h 25m as HA (which is alone equal time spent on harasser [170h 57m]). doesn't that say a lot about my prefered way of playing?

    at least i don't spend 13d13h out of 24d9h (55%~) or 109h2m out of 220h14m (49%~) of my time only as HA and be a total 1 trick pony for k/d using mainly just my favorite LMG all the time.

    never said harasser or TR's options on it are hard or don't deserve balance changes. and last thing me and my partner were doing was look for easy infantry kills. we were AV in the middle of enemy territory 48+s all the time and looked for challenges (3,566 vehicle kills). we were doing what the harasser, given to us by devs, is meant to do. no matter how hard or easy it may seem to you.

    the guy in the lightning did something with that hole that wasn't meant to be done. like liberators aren't meant to ride the roof.

    time constaints, pressure, multi-outfit coop with broken leader comms, knowing that the worst the enemy can do is manageable, not knowing anything like what that guy did can actually happen so not preparing for that level of cheese, etc.

    instant kill is not newbie friendly. think about it.

    stop talking out of your *** kid.
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  15. MikeJackson

    you're protecting such cheese, that ruins the gaming experience of both sides (NCs didn't get any exp and were left there without a fight too you know), all for the sake of make belief "war". how old are you 12?
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  16. MikeJackson

    no need for walls. a simple buff to "LEAVE THIS AREA.." damage. or poles like you see inside amp stations.
  17. VirtualGuerilla

    There's a 50 page thread still raging on of how vehicles shouldn't influence bases to the extent they already do. The funny thing is your outfit mates found a problem in a base where vehicles don't usually directly dictate what's happening on the capture point. The only other bases would be a Bio Lab.

    I suggest you coherently reply to that thread and explain what you think should be changed about vehicles camping spawns/shelling capture points etc.

    We all want a more enjoyable experience where combined arms is degraded to the level of spam ftw!
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  18. MikeJackson

    it's an offense strat if anything. people jumping up are defenders.

    never thought it could happen. cause since day 1 you know you take vehicle damage when driving over or parking over one of those, making you falsely believe the only thing you have to worry about is UBGLs, maxes, noobtubes, engi turrets and fury. and no one ever did it when i was on, to me or to my enemies on this server.

    harasser are blocked off point (at least 2nd floor) in amp stations now. not sure about indar tech plants tho (haven't tested). you could say the same about fury harassers. don't bring faction into this.

    these holes are a grey area. devs intended for people not to abuse them by parking or driving over them with the damage and warnings you get, without a formal rule against it tho.

    nah brah. no envy. just trying to make the gaming experience a lot better for everyone and not just for 1 guy being a dick and pressing W>S>W>S over a hole that everyone believes protects them from such ****.
  19. MikeJackson

    got 2 comments on that thread already. and basically agreed with you DA guys through and through.
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  20. MikeJackson

    counter strike. there were always maps that were better for ct, or better for t.
    league of legends. map's in favor of the bottom left side.