When Tunnel Camping Goes Wrong.

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  1. MikeJackson

    in the land of 1 minute before cap, enemy recon darts, cross outfit attempt with nothing except leader comms or anyone actually orchestrating it all, and most potential risks known and historically manageable (harasser/sundy pouring in fury shells, multiple maxes, etc), no.
    more ******** comments please..

    again, not the point. some things shouldn't be allowed.
  2. Ozade

    Can we have this valiant player's name so we can look at his killboard and laugh at the derpy people who got run over? you know theres more than one tunnel exit right? and that jumping out of the one every one expects you to jump out of is feeding campers?

    Oh you didn't know that and went for the obvious route? Probably cos your just as bad as the rest of the un-organized publics zerging a point instead of checking the up camped routes first. I tip my hat to the lightning driver for making cry babies post 'I got killed and its not fair' threads so we can all have a laugh :D
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  3. Alarox

    No, it is the point.

    Running people over is allowed. That lightning where it was is allowed. In addition, preventing the Lightning from running you all over is easily possible.

    You guys totally screwed up, so accept the fact that you got obliterated by some guy doing something so simple. He didn't exploit, or hack, or come up with some new concept nobody has ever conceived. All he did was run your ***** over and now you're complaining about your own embarrassing mistake like it was somehow not entirely on you guys.
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  4. MikeJackson

    wasn't leading at the time. i know there are more routes to take. this one's the default one, and was chosen for this by others.
    usually people aren't THAT cheesy there. worst case scenario was always sundy/har with fury and a bunch of noobtubes and maxes. nothing that can't be dealt with once you rush it with "enough" numbers (normally attackers are scattered and aren't all focusing the tunnel/balcony area). we don't care bout feeding, it's an alert, objective in mind, u die u get rez'd.

    1 minute to flip, there's no time for scouting. i would've picked a different route myself, again, not my watch, roll with the team (being it 3 outfits communicating through leader comms all running open plats).

    gimme your main char name brah, i wanna see how good you are.
  5. MikeJackson

    as i stated in the main post, im OK with people running people over, and vehicles camping that hole and shooting it with furies and whatever.

    since driving over or parking over these holes gives you an instant warning and damages you, the devs intention is clear that these holes aren't designed to be abused this way (which makes this player's actions foul). so it's clear to hole users that this can't happen (on paper) (which leads to blindly jumping up knowing that the worst is some vehicles next to it and other stuff already dealt with before and won), and to most vehicle users that think the punishment might make this action last for just a few seconds before taking too much damage and game over.
  6. Ozade

    Main name is squiggels currently br 79 on cobalt and that tunnel is always assumed as being camped when we are rolling OPs on prime time. There is a perfectly good tunnel just outside the vehicle shields and is rarely camped in my experience, if you had the numbers you say you did then it should have been a cake walk. You got outplayed by a random, it happens so learn from it and move on.

    Just as a point of reference a tech plant alert in the week was VS vs TR (roughly 50/50 numbers multiple platoons both sides and this was the plant that was gonna win the alert) and there were recon darts everywhere so we saw the inevitable rush of lambs to the slaughter at the last tunnel exit. However the TR we were facing did what you didn't and used the alternate route to bring an organized platoon max crash to the point via the 2nd tunnel exit and because every one was expecting the assault to come from the back of the plant we almost missed it. We won in the end but they sure as hell made it further than your lot did, and they didnt come crying to the forums when they were pipped at the post.

    OP is crying cos 1 guy was in the right place at the right time.
  7. Teegeeack

    Oh I saw a guy do this a few days ago when we were capturing a TR techplant. All them roadkills. Sat right on top of the tunnel. It was hilarious. They blew him up eventually though.
  8. MikeJackson

    as i stated, wasn't lead there. know this tunnel usually is camped (sure all leads were also aware). dealt with and won worst case scenarios there (until today's new found cheese, worst case scenario was furies, noobtubes and maxes). know and used before the tunnel next to the side door shields (one which i would've used in that case or any case) or the one that's first in the tunnels (banana building i think). you're questioning me as a player just because i followed orders and played with the team on an alert and the orders or execution were sub par. if im not mistaken we still saved that techplant tho (there were a whole lot of max crushes in the last 15 mins so my memory is blurry if we won or lost after the initial deaths) and got everyone rez'd and killed the lightning.

    you're not revealing anything new to me. and again, wasn't lead so wasn't my call.

    fact still remains. what he did is against what the devs don't like people to do with dem holes, is cheesy, and wrong.
  9. Ozade

    Not questioning you as a player, I'm sure your very good. I'm just mocking your response to what happened. There is a report function in game for bugs and for players exploiting bugs. Complaining on forumside does very little but encourage trolls to try the same thing next time they have a chance.
  10. MikeJackson

    a comment earlier suggests otherwise with you calling me bad.

    it's a forum that im pretty sure, is read (tho probably not fully because yeah they get it, zoe op) by some devs. that's all im asking for, to make devs aware of this, and if it's wrong in their eyes, like it is for me, change something to make it not viable or woth it for the other side.

    i hope more people will try it. maybe more people will wake up and realize something's broken here and is anti-fun and unfair. and against common game sense everyone acquires the first time they drive over a hole and get a warning for it - that "tactics" (it's stupid people refer to cheese as tactics) like this are probably wrong, or can't work, or won't happen to them.
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  11. DramaticExit

    I watched this happen from the NC side of things... What I fail to understand is why, when the Lightning was parked on top of the anxiety-tunnel, the TR continued to use that approach. It was... weird.

    I mean... when you're at the bottom of the tube thing, you can look up and see that there's a lightning parked on top of it, and you can see the corpses of people falling back down again... So why keep bashing your head against a brick lightning?

    While I don't think the guy with the lightning was being particularly sporting, it's not like it's exploiting something like a model clipping through something, or being able to see where you shouldn't.

    It's not something I'd do, because I prefer to shoot people in the face than find clever methods of running them over, and generally that sort of thing registers pretty high om the lameness charts. But it's not cheating or really exploiting anything, any more than running someone over in the field would be... It's about the same as the guy who strapped a couple of bricks of C4 to his mosquito and crashed it into the garage section of the tech plant to try and kill an NC sundy at about the same time as the lightning incident was happening.

    I was kinda annoyed about the fact that because he was parked there, nobody else was getting any kills. I mean, surely, that sort of farm is meant to be shared, right?
  12. Ozade

    Meh this is the same forum siding as every other person creating threads to complain about something that killed them. I honestly don't see why you view getting roadkilled like this being different from being shredded by a cluster**** of fire from the hordes watching the same tunnel. Hell even if that pilot had sat his lightning back and just farmed you with his main gun he would have cut swathes of you down any ways, you wanna ask SoE to make that area a pain field for all vehicles and occupants?. No one likes getting roadkilled it is annoying as hell but it happens, FFS I'm vanu more often than not I'm roadkilled by a friendly mag while repairing but it doesnt warrant another fruitless thread which will get buried under the next thing that killed a guy that he thinks is unfair. You wanna stick to your guns and say that passage over a tunnel should be punished more harshly then good luck to ya.
  13. MikeJackson

    a lot of things..
    false belief that things like that guy did aren't viable and can't happen (cause they never did until that point and you know that parking or driving over that hole will get you damaged).
    being it was 1 minute until flip and 3 outfits kinda cooperating on this in a pretty stressful and close alert.
    no comms whatsoever describing what happened to all first dead guys. in the end we're europeans, some of us have trouble delievering what happens fast enough. and all this running people over was really brief and fast.
    first guys to jump werent looking up and communicating, and others' view was blocked by allies who jumped before them (so they couldnt also dumbfire it until reaching that floor).
    probably everyone thought this lightning would go down faster too and everyone would get res'd and it's all good, but hole damage dissappointed (and im not sure, but probably had 1-2 engis on him and/or fire supp).

    i stayed down below for 5-10 more secs as a medic. radar for me didn't show any vehicle, nothing but a bunch of dead bodies you usually see when a tunnel camp is hard (again, worst case scenario is known and historically beaten before). i jumped up, saw what's happening threw a res grenade and a c4 on that guy and died from something else.

    we didn't stop to think, it was spawn point all the way in together. 1 min to go. wanting to keep it as surprising as possible (numbers and jump timing) due to potential recon darts and radars.
  14. MarvinGardens

    I would definitely appreciate some base modifications that makes it harder to camp the spawn/exit points. Getting camped just isn't fun. I suppose you could spawn at a nearby base and make the long trek back to the base via foot, air, or armor, but unless you are with a large coordinated platoon it's pretty pointless.

    Personally, I'd rather be able to fight to the bitter end at the besieged base. But if I can't even get out of the spawn, it isn't fun for me, and I'm assuming it isn't fun for the the guys afk-ing during the base capture because the cap was in the bag and all they needed to do at that point was wait. If the capture was closely contested to the very end it would be more exciting and fun for both attackers and defenders.
  15. Amundsenkalmah

    Today i was playing an alert.
    So some TR spawned a max anchor HE prowler and camped outside the spawn.
    He kept shooting at us in the moment we get out of the spawn this happened on prime time, with all major (insert NC or VS) outfits present, and trying to save that (----) from being capped with a last effort max crush.
    I hope he gets reported.
  16. MikeJackson

    this isn't about the camp itself. it's a problem, but not the problem we're discussing here (which is continously driving over a tunnel hole that everyone believes does enough damage to vehicles to not make it viable and protects you in that way).
    other forms of camping tunnels can be and were dealt with before, to not really bother us that much when crushing. kinda like going for a tough contested lay up knowing the risks of missing, but also knowing that you might get the foul call.
    and you can, get out of tech plant spawn rooms.. there are 3 tunnel options with 2 of them being not camped at all. 1 can lead you straight behind the discussed tunnel campers or completely avoiding them on your way to point).
  17. MikeJackson

    bad comparison.
    tunnel holes do damage to vehicles and infantry, blatantly showing that devs intended that people wouldn't run over or park and block that tunnel.
    there's nothing in the way the game was designed to not allow prowlers to do what they did to you in your story. nothing showing that developers are against that **** (which im against too). and walls on esamir and other ideas they are currently adding are an afterthought.

    check the base design and anti spawn camping thread. i'm there against alladat. so yeah.
  18. Kid Gloves

    Spawn room painfields do damage to infantry as well.

    This doesn't stop you from running in, killing someone and pulling out again.

    Pain fields aren't 100% 'thou shalt not' game rules. They're incentives not to stand in that area. If you ignore the incentive you can stand where you like, but you reap the consequences.

    In this case, the lightning driver accepted the consequences of damage to his lightning in exchange for a ludicrous amount of roadkill. Sounds like a good trade-off to me.

    He didn't break any rules. He just was in the right place at the right time. Doing something your enemy don't expect is a fairly standard practice for winning battles. He did something you didn't expect, and as a result he killed a whole bunch of people.

    Learn from this. Next time, organise a scout to check first. Or show up earlier than <1min on the cap.

    Sometimes you lose. That's the nature of the game.
  19. Konfuzfanten

    Is it no skill behavior and easy mode?
    Yes it is, but so is the TR harasser you are using to farm easy kills. So why QQ?

    Is it abuse?
    No it is not. No one is or was forcing you or your outfit to be braindead and just jump up into his trap. You could have scouted the area BEFORE committing your forces. Just as sitting in spawns shooting noobs that are too dumb to move away from the spawn isnt abuse either. If the devs didnt want you to stay near/on the tunnels exits they would make them instant kill you.

    And if you didnt have time to scout, then why the are you surprised that someone outsmarted you?

    Wait so the guy with 7200 harasser kills is talking about less cheese and more "skill"? Do you know the saying:
    To throw stones in houses of glass?

    ANd here you go my profiles:
    TR: https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428072203475643761
    VS: https://players.planetside2.com/#!/5428026242696961905
  20. Xellas

    Well the whack-a-mole holes are badly designed in the first place. I mean really, our long-awaited 'tunnels out of spawns' dump us into quite literally a blind one-way popup that has a full 360 degree exposure? That's absolutely TERRIBLE design, almost hand-tailored for the attackers to camp. 2 maxes on those things can hold the better part of a platoon with almost no danger of being killed. They should be tailored to at least have shield booths, or widen the tunnel and have the 'ceiling' be a one way shooting shield like spawnrooms, so you can clear campers out or at least identify the direction they're waiting on you from.

    As for what this guy did, total cheese move, but hilarious cheese.
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