When Tunnel Camping Goes Wrong.

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  1. MikeJackson

    you've probably seen worse cases of abuse in these scenarios..

    but today an NC (i hope someone has his nickname and reported him) spawned a lightning at an amerish techplant and kept going back and forth on the tunnel hole running more than a platoon of people over the moment they jump up the elevator. this happened on prime time on ceres, with all major TR outfits present, and trying to save that techplant from being capped with a last effort max crush.

    (im ok with "tactical deployement" of vehicles/maxes next to that hole and shooting it. but running people over and over again for a minute or two, when it's already a pretty hectic and stressful situation is just..)

    this is worse than libs on biolabs.

    my suggestion is harsher punishment (more damage taken) for driving over that and maybe make engineers unable to repair that vehicle for like 3-5 seconds. he should die to "LEAVE THIS AREA..".
  2. SenEvason

    I'm surprised a platoon worth of players let themselves get killed like that after seeing what happened to the first few people. They could have easily taken another route.
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  3. MikeJackson

    it was a coordinated crush between 2-3 outfits jumping the elevator all together with no indication of this lightning guy there. and it all happened really fast.

    that's not the point. this action shouldn't be allowed in the first place.
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  4. SenEvason

    That's your opinion of course. It sounds like a pretty good way of denying enemy reinforcements to me, as well as being kinda hilarious. It's not as if he is exploiting a bug in the code. And as I said before, they could have easily taken another route.
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  5. Konfuzfanten

    Abuse? The guy is just driving back and forth. It doesnt matter if he drives ppl over or shoot them, its all legit.

    Ohh and you can still rocket the lightning from down the hole, when it drives over the hole. A few friends and i killed a Harasser doing the same thing, that way.
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  6. MikeJackson

    he's abusing the fact that the code is too forgiving towards this type of action. no fair play, dickside2 mentality. he who pulls the cheese and spams wins.
    i wasn't leading at the time, and trust me i know there are other ways of crushing a tech plant when short in time. this is the default route given with current base design so it's the first thing you attempt (knowing that usually people aren't THAT dicks when camping it).

    can't believe you are defending such foul play.
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  7. MikeJackson

    it's ******** bully no skill behavior and easy mode solution that abuses lenient game rules.

    i know brah, been sneak repairing gens on amp stations forever and killing campers who walk on the hole. you had info on that harasser. normally crushes go in instantly (element of surprise and due to recon darts), and this guy wasn't ON THE HOLE when the first guys went at it and there was 0 info on it, and the rest had their vision blocked by allies who jumped before them. also comms aren't quick enough to report it to the rest as it's an irregular event. myself, i was able to jump to the side and put a c4 on it as i normally tend to jump last as a medic and realized what's happening.
  8. HadesR

    What he did was maybe cheesy .. but it's not breaking any rules so your " Hope he was reported " comment wasn't needed .. If we are going to try and ban people for using cheese then we would end up with only 3 people left per server ..

    Blame SOE for making by bad design it possible to do that ..
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  9. SenEvason

    If the code was the way it is specifically to prevent people from doing this, then yes, I would call that exploiting. But the devs haven't been all that clear on what exactly they do and do not want people to be able to do, so I'm having to assume they don't much care about this.
    And in an objective based game like this, I'm all for throwing sand into your opponents eyes if the game developers want to let me do that. This is a fight, not a duel.
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  10. MikeJackson

    the code damages vehicles who step over these holes. of course the intention is to prevent people from parking or driving over them. and until this incident i thought it was harsh enough to make people not do such things, guess not.
  11. MarvinGardens

    Creative and innovative use of base features. Also hilarious. I support the lightning pilot's strategy. Should it be fixed? Probably, but that's the dev's job. I don't see any reason that player should be reported.
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  12. SenEvason

    Then yes, in that case it is exploiting, and should be fixed, as well as making it apply to all of the holes instead of only applying to some and not others. Since it applies to only a few, players can't tell if it is the way it is because devs don't want them to drive on them and haven't fixed it, or the devs are okay with it and the pain fields are set up correctly (which is still a problem after several months). But I can't tell what the devs want for this, so I'll wait until they say something about it before condemning people that do it. Also, if they do want to protect against that sort of thing, I don't see it as a tactic that should be removed, so I hope they don't remove it.

    And as others have said, a player shouldn't be reported for this kind of thing, as it is extremely unclear that the devs don't want players to do this.
  13. sagolsun

    I'm mildly embarrassed to see a fellow TR complaining like this.

    Planetside isn't tennis.
    Planetside is WAR!
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  14. MikeJackson

    i would rather have 12-24/24-48's all across the continent with 0 cheese and interesting skill based fights. but that's just me. probably wasn't needed, but if it happened to you, you sure you'd be calm and collected about it and not want this guy's head? jus' sayin'.

    anyway, this thread isn't about banning that guy.. it's about making it impossible for stuff like this to happen via design changes.
  15. MikeJackson

    first time i'm witnessing it, so yeah kudos to him. hopefully you'll see this more often and will happen to you too (for the sake of more people saying enough is enough on the matter and waking SOE up 'bout it). not so hilarious when you're try harding a tight alert.
  16. HadesR

    I have no issue with it being changed , it would be a relatively simple fix if that's the route SOE wanted to go.
  17. Alarox

    Step 1: Send one guy up.
    Step 2: Guy says "there's a Lightning up here"
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  18. MikeJackson

    AFAIK it applies to all holes and spawn rooms ingame. including ones on AMP station walls (been with an harasser on a wall once to know).
  19. SenEvason

    Really? i must have been driving on one of the bugged ones then.
  20. MikeJackson

    planetside gameplay is ruined by cheese like this, vehicle spam, and zergfits. and all for the sake of some stupid roleplay, and make belief "war".