When shooting downsight with a shotgun...

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  1. No0T

    Shoot pallets in a burst with more precision when shooting down sight aiming.
  2. Rydenan

    It's called a smart choke, and it's already in the game.
    Mag-scatter and the directive shotguns (i think) have it.
  3. Icehole1999

    That is some shotgun if it fires pallets. How many pallets in one shell? Are they pressure treated?
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  4. Lucidius134

    ngl this made me laugh a little too hard from the mental image
  5. That_One_Kane_Guy

    No really I think this guy is onto something, I notice that when I'm skeet shooting if I use my sights, it helps the ballistic computer built into my shells to psychically divert the pellets into a tighter cone. Totally. For realism.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    No0T is right though :eek::eek: , less pellet spread than hipfire when ADS shooting. IIRC smart choke reduces CoF when hip firing while stationary but increases it when firing on the move. I think you can also buy a smart choke attachment for the Baron (haven't used mine or looked it up for a while so not entirely sure).
  7. Moz

    Inside a shotgun shell are pellets..... Pretty much all shotguns fire pellets!
  8. Demigan



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  9. adamts01

    Who cares about real life at this point? Real life buckshot will wreck someone at scout rifle ranges in this game. And I thought aiming down sights did tighten the group? What's bull **** is the laser sight not doing a damn thing on the Jackhammer, not a single thing. That needs to apply the same bonus as it does so every other gun in the game.
  10. Moz

    Hahahaha, how did i miss that! >.<
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