When people complain about population, they're probably not talking about world population.

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  1. Dis

    ala PS1, make the capture XP relative to the size of the defensive population. If capturing an empty base nets all of 100 XP, the zergfits might actually start looking for a fight instead of steamrolling vacated territory.
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  2. Phrygen

    most players wont agree to not getting xp. Also, outfits don't work that well with one another. If that means outfits are sending their forces to multiple fights... then good.
  3. deggy

    Give us an easy way to get there and give us certs for just showing up. The problem with bonuses is that if the outnumbering is REALLY BAD you simply don't earn any XP, so your attempt to save was unrewarded.

    "Redeploy to Eisa Tech Plant? 50-cert bonus." Maybe it could only be used once per hour.
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  4. VoidMagic

    umnnn... you guys need to reconsider working together now that TE is gone... BWC are a truly talented bunch, you guys need to lead the charge... I have tons of faith in your outfit Phry... nudge... nudge...
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  5. Jkar

    I'd suggest that first of all we need to get rid of the flat exp number you get for taking a base. Exp for base assault and defense should be based on all the actions that took place in said hex and then be distributed among the people that were there percent wise similar to alerts where the winner gets the big juicy exp pot, distributed among participants depending on how long they've been in this big battle. Of course people that need to log off early or crash would have to get that exp regardless at the end of the battle so this might pose other problems.

    However I think long and even battles will be worth a lot more for the winner that way. Defenders would also need a sort of win condition just like when attackers take over a base (perhaps 95% of attackers pushed out of the hex and no points flipped / generators compromised?). Zerg rushes will subsequently be worth a lot less or next to nothing if you're camping one guy in a spawn room and hopefully people will spread out to seek more even battles instead of exploiting the current system by just going somewhere you know you'll win in a minute and afk somewhere in a corner to get you free exp.
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  6. Phrygen

    1- the sentiment is actually appreciated
    2- I'm new to the outfit, and i try to speak only for myself and not for the outfit as a whole.
    3- there is a difference between outfits working together for a common goal of victory, and one outfit convincing another outfit to leave a fight to go to an empty lattice connection so the first outfit can get experience.
  7. Oreo202

    Any XP at all will cause attackers to sit at bases that they basically own already. Unless there is proper encouragement to defenders to try to prepare defense at a different base, attackers will sit at bases hoping for 100 XP from a defender that steps out of the spawn.
  8. maxx

    PS one mechanics of ant if you have get something from warp gate to your base that that requires you to leave your base to protect that and for the attackers to leave the base to try to destroy it

    or make XP match population but not just positive if you're overpopulated in an area you get less XP. no matter what numbers involved farming becomes a pointless exercise you have to kill hundreds in order to still make it profitable.
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  9. VoidMagic

    /kk well... gl then... all the kings xp games and all the kings nerfs and all the personal skill in the world won't win you an alert without a soldiering attitude and espirt de corps...

    I don't say this to be a punk... I say it in hopes that Mattherson's TR/NC return to the glory that once was when outfits like the 666 and TE gave us truly epic fights.
  10. tier1trooper

    As shd said, bigger boosts for the underpopulated or as a new(?) idea adding an exp boost layer to the map:

    Where instead of showing allied or enemy forces, faction control or otherwise; show regions as brighter depending on how much exp boost one would get there. This should have the effect of shuffling people on the cert farm around in real time to where they are needed based on the current exp boosts.
  11. RomulusX

    When a cont is getting steamrolled (IE super advantageous over the enemy) get rid of the static XP for ghost caps. That way it rewards players to actually find a real fight.

    *edit* Get rid of static XP rewards for bases/outposts anyways.
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  12. Nepau

    I would think something along the lines of a XP boost in a local fight instead of just contenent/server wide could help. Say a 10-20% boost to xp when your about even to slightly outnumbered. I would put a limit on it though so that if your Massivly outnumbered its not profitable to just sit in a spawn to farm xp instead of moving elsewhere, but withen say a 38-55% pop range (in a 2 sided fight) would be where I would put the boost. Once your the overwhelming side you shouldnt be getting an xp boost, even if overall your population is lower on say the contenent or world.
  13. maxx

    the solution to that would be to make it harder to win the higher your populated the lower your health gets or the less populated are the higher your health gets. Some combination of this. So if you come to win will just jack up the difficulty so it's fun for you because of the difficulty fun everyone else not get the daylights beaten out of them
  14. Ronin Oni

    Make XP for cap dependent upon XP earned in the fight to take it... with MUCH lower base XP rewards.
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  15. Being@RT

    Practically impossible to find a solution that won't just be bypassed in some way. May change player behaviour, but their motivations/goals will remain: certs/hour. This is both with carrot and stick approaches as long as there is grinding to do (and with the rate new items are being added to the game, this is likely a neverending grind for all but the most hardcore players).

    What you need is more persistence and purpose. Right now there's zero reason to care about what happens after you log off, because the map control changes way too fast. The territory you helped capture an hour before going to sleep and kept that entire hour.. has probably changed hands at least 4 times by the time you wake up again next day, and trying to predict what state the map is in is pure guesswork.

    That winners get stronger (via resources and direct exp rewards) doesn't exactly help people switch to the underdogs either, locally or globally. There's always a point in relative strength of forces where no amount of extra exp bonuses help, since your capability of inflicting harm on the enemy diminishes as enemy numbers increase..
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  16. VoidMagic

    Ok so half our empire wins the fight while the other half logs on our alts on your faction and sits in your warp gate inflating your pop. Don't think we can't half @zz it in the actual battle blowing off our own faces and yours with badly placed grenades and ineffective fire.

    PVP isn't won by xp mechanics, it's won by the will to win, and the inner strength to do what must be done.


    p.s. I don't condone exploiting... but, if were looking at ways to fix the problem it's best to get the kiddie solutions off the table... PVP issue... PVP solution...
  17. MarlboroMan-E

    I agree with this in a serious way. Exp bonuses do so very little to move people ... especially if you're in a good "farm" fight - you only have to kill 1 extra dude every 4 to get the equivalent of a 25% exp boost.

    I guess the question is how do you change motivation to get people to want to WIN fights, as opposed to win by earning more certs? It resurrects the KDR discussion and everything else. Some sort of a command system would sure help, even if it's just what we had in PS1, or if we ever get the Mission system that's been talked about since beta.
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  18. Grith

    An experience bonus worth a damn. This is the fisrt thing. It doesn't matter if I get 20-40% more for a situation where I am out numbered 3:1 or worse. If I don't make those kills then I don't earn much.

    If you do increase the experience gain, make it decay slower just in case everyone decides to go over there.

    Also some continents or areas are just not worth it. I like vehicle fights. Very few places on maps that are vehicle friendly.

    If you put in sancturary again it may help out. In planetside 1, if you lost, you went back to sanc, talked with each other about where to go, then all launched at the same time. Here you get instant action which sends you normally to your death so that you can warp around to a different fight.

    Last thing. The UI doesn't help me go to areas that need help. The first UI for the continents shows me 3 pie charts. Each are land control and not population. So I don't know which needs someone to go to, or a squad to go to. I have to click on each map individually, look at percentages. Then I have to look at the map and find all the locations fighting are at to see if there are multiple places with 12+ people in them. Or I may be warping to a continent with 12 total people on it.
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  19. Money

    I've never understood why it cost an engineer resources to place mines but HA get rocket launchers for free. In PS1, Engineers took pride in immediately prepping a conquered base for defense by mining strategic areas. Defense in PS2 is a hard sell when resources are scarce and very little xp rewards for successful defenses. Smart players understand that in this game, to build xp quickly, they are better off repairing something and then moving on with the zerg to the next cap. If we had the tools and the incentives to properly defend a territory or for that matter if it was even fun, fights would hold more purpose and matter more i.e. Translation: FUN!

    I feel like new players in this game struggle to find the fun once the majesty of the scale wears off. Just a bunch of slamming your head against a brick wall, rinse, repeat. Malorn, I'm surprised that someone of your PS1 experience can't convince the current powers that be the difference between a big beautiful sandbox FPS game and a big beautiful sandbox FPS game with purposeful play. Hint: Metagame = Fun!
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  20. Phrygen

    1. didn't seem to have anything to do with the thread and
    2. Is very misleading considering the AV mana turret is free to place and has unlimited rockets without any cost.
    As for the rest of the thread, the resource system is being revamped.

    Also, malorn knows what he is talking about