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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nenarch, May 14, 2014.

  1. Nenarch

    Just curious is VS max ever going to get something again after zoe.

    Let's just say it\s not even funny to pull it unless you got atleast squad of outfit members who need it. Been like that since zoe nerf, I did my auraxians on vs max during zoe period so don\t even need it for that. Mainly just curious if we\r ever getting something similar to NC max in firepower or superior mobility what makes it worth pulling out as it doesn\t die so fast without doing anything.

    AA max&AV vortex purpose it\s ok, otherwise would not touch it unless squad mates need it to soak dmg so we can break enemy hold in inf fight.

    Might check road map, but this problem is still there and it\s making ppl move away from vs to nc&tr atleast on our server.
  2. DJPenguin

    Then use Charge like any smart max user does regardless of faction. And like you said it's still good w/ AV and AA which is still superior and more than what the other 2 factions' abilities have going for them.
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  3. TheBlindFreak

    Are you implying that ZOE is making people switch to TR's Lockdown?
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  4. Stormsinger

    Using ZOE, I make myself a giant, glowing target, with no advantage at any range I would actually want to use it, while taking significantly more damage from all sources. The forced uptime means you cannot react to shifting circumstances, generally turning you into a blob of free certs. Using ZOE these days... I may as well be basting my lobster suit in garlic butter sauce. All it does is make you a tastier target.

    Using lockdown, I can deploy / undeploy much, much faster then the ZOE's forced uptime, while gaining a massive increase in firepower, with no detriment to defensive stats. AA becomes hilariously good, as does AI when defending a fixed position. With pounders or fractures, sneaking up on a vehicle means you can obliterate them before they can do all that much (Granted, a very rare situation as a max, but i've had it happen) - using lockdown, I know what to expect, and if I position well, I can mobilize before anyone can flank me.

    Lockdown is actually quite a bit better, at least in my experience. I know i've certainly played my TR more recently, partially due to the uselessness of ZOE.
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  5. TheBlindFreak

    Now I haven't used ZOE since before the nerf. How does it fare? Specifically, the damage buff it gives and the mobility buffs. While I agree that it probably is garbage, it isn't worse than Lockdown or Aegis. It's just a different flavor of garbage.
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  6. Stormsinger

    The glow actually blocks vision in dark areas / at night, the max-speed increase no longer exists - all it does is make you start moving slightly faster, force an uptime of ~15 seconds once activated (You can't turn it off), and increase damage taken from all sources. If I am remembering correctly, it removes the damage bonus of bursters / AV weapons. As far as AI is concerned, it increases damage slightly... so slightly that it still requires the same number of rounds to take out an infantry unit.

    Aegis is nice in that it's still a defensive bonus, even if it behaves erratically - it still helps more then nothing. It's best in structures versus infantry advancing from one direction, which synergizes well with their AI shotties' engagement ranges.

    Lockdown behaves predictably, it's bonuses are constant. Firing speed in exchange for mobility - it's both straightforward and reliable. I have used this to tremendous effect. It may require planning and good positioning to use properly, but I find uses for it in AI, AA, and AV alike, in almost all scenarios... this can be useful.

    ZOE turns you into a beacon, reduces damage mitigation, and prevents you from turning it off. The best use of ZOE these days.... is for running away, and charge is still superior for that. There's just really no reason to use it any longer - both the NC and TR have ES max abiliites that provide some faction flavor, and a bit of functionality.
  7. Nenarch

    ZOE is pointless, no1 uses it, when a outfit full of BR100s and no1 uses it, you know it's flawed theres no debate on that.
  8. Arkenbrien

    I've never seen a ZOE max since the nerf.

    I do think Max abilities in general could use a looking at.
  9. EGuardian1

    Depending on my weapon at the time, if I see a ZOE i raect differently.

    Carbine: Crap. Take a shot, run for your life!
    AR: Same as above
    Rocket Launcher: BRING IT.
    LMG: BRING IT... but I want to be behind.
    Pump Action Shotty: CHARGE!
    Standard Shotty: YOLO!
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  10. kadney

    ^ that.
    At least you could call it somewhat "balanced" right now, because nobody uses their ES Max ablities. They are more or less terrible altogether.
  11. Runegrace

    There was a time when MAX units just had Charge. Then the abilities were release, and TR MAXes still just had Charge. Of the rare times I see lockdown used, the MAX usually dies within 5 seconds. Have an outfit member who has some success running it when holding down a doorway in a biolab or something....well, until he gets weapon-locked from allies running in front of the stationary MAX laying down constant fire into the door frame.

    ZOE was just made bleh, and it's pretty sad. Could have been a fun ability to both use as play against, much like the NC MAX shield. But if you're complaining that the VS MAX is itself incapable then I can't agree. VS MAX with Charge is pretty comparable to the TR MAX with Charge, so it'll do damage in the right hands. NC MAX will as well, but there's obviously less parallels with the NC MAX given the weapon systems.
  12. maudibe

    REALLY? Anti Air is a dual burster max and those guns are the same for each faction so how is that "superior" when it's the same. The anti vehicle are dual comets or dual vortex. In VR the vortexs where literally about twice the time to kill a tank as the comets so why anyone would pay 1000 certs each when a second comet works better and is only 250 certs is beyond me, but....lets get on to the fact that the comet holds 2 rounds, while the Raven holds 5 rounds per arm. The Raven has a total ammo supply that is about 2 or 3 times the amount of the comets and kills tanks in slightly less time than the comets and will get hits at long range like comets as oppossed to pounders for TR but TR has Fractures for long range AV work so how exactly is NC or TR infrerior, I want to know for AV work. Then finally we have anti infantry where its pretty much common knowledge that the NC max is king of close range and the TR with dual pounders is hard to beat, but the Vanu Max with any combination is inferior to both in survivablity. I dread going out as anit infantry with my Vanu Max. I pull a Vanu Max to deal with air first and then switch to AV and only after thats pretty much done will I switch to anti infantry cause I know i'm going to get killed in short order that way. I'm not saying its not advantageous against infantry, I'm saying I would rather have my dual gatlling gun TR or dual Pounder TR max anytime and I would much rather have a shield bearing dual shotgun Max. But.... i'm not complaining, I like Planetside the way it, save for libs invincibility.
  13. sindz

    VS Max needs comets buffed, then they are in a fine position.
  14. DJPenguin

    If you put as much effort into reading what was wrote as you did your rant you'd noticed the thread is about the effectiveness of the ZOE when used in conjunction with the weapons available to it and that i remarked how it is still effective and superior with said weapons.

    On a different note you're comparing wrong tiers of weapons. If you're gonna compare the Comet to anything it's the Falcon you want not the Raven.
  15. Ronin Oni

    I use shield on NC MAX and LockDown (yes, I effin use Lockdown) on my TR MAX

    Unless they revamp ZOE again, I'll never drop a cert point in it. It's literally pointless. WORSE than pointless. It's purely a self nerf.

    I only ever pull VS MAX for long range AV (dual vortex ARE sick) and dual burster.

    I'll switch to AI guns and use them if I have a MAX already for AA/AV and I go into an inf fight, but i don't pull a VS MAX for an inf fight. Ever.

    Course, if they ever fix Pounders, I'll prolly stop pulling my TR MAX for inf fights too.
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  16. LIKE A BOSS!

    There is no point even use current ZOE. Its a nerfed charge.
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  17. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, a half speed, take more damage charge :rolleyes:
  18. Axehilt

    This is definitely accurate advice, but it feels like the OP's underlying point is that ZOE shouldn't be left in a cruddy state (and the extension of that is: neither should the other empires' unique abilities.)

    Really I'd love to see NC/TR get a better unique skirmish ability and VS get a better point-hold ability (with the assumption that the existing abilities also get balanced to fit their role better.)
  19. MostlyClueless

    A 100% movement reduction is a pretty big detriment to your defensive stats.
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  20. BillBoBaggins

    Max suits should cost 750 resources :p
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