When is daybreak going to ban the cheaters?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Walking Shark, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Walking Shark

    Entire cheating outfits like FPS Korea just run rampant, and the biggest open secret on the server is that a lot of the "elite" outfits are just running ESP, wallhack, and aimbot.

    I know all you fanboys are going to criticize me because of course no one could ever hack in a first person shooter (despite the many waves of bans that have already come down). It's time for another one, I'm happy to lose to someone who simply outplays me but I'm sick of having to overcome people's bots.

    Hell, if you don't want to ban them (because they spend so much money), just put all the cheaters on one server and let them play with each other, and leave the rest of us to play in peace.

    Last time I quit the game was because of developer inaction, it's looking like that's what is going to drive me away again. Which is too bad, because this game would have a lot to offer if people weren't allowed to cheat at it.
  2. GenTech

    But if they played against cheaters, they wouldn't be having fun.
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  3. Jac70

    It's pretty hard to tell if someone is using a cheat. I never see obvious cheats. Only stuff I see is weird instadeaths but there could be other explanations. Such as this one at 40 seconds - an LMG shouldn't be able to do that at 80m. Especially the Gauss Saw which is supposedly one of the hardest guns in the game for recoil.

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  4. DarkStarAnubis

    I am 100% sure I saw cheating only once in almost one year of gameplay: someone firing from outside into the spawn room passing the force field as if they weren't existing and chain-killing everybody (I am playing on Cobalt).
  5. baka

    I've felt for a while now that aimbot use has gone up, but only with a subtle application - maybe increase headshots by 25% or so. I get the "Tink, tink, tink" of headshots at range what seems to be more often than I should. And I have seen players I have gotten the drop on spin around and "Tink tink" me to death more frequently.
    Now I know I pretty much suck at CQC, but the percentage of headshots I am getting (and not from everyone) has increased.... unless DBG has increase the headshot hitbox some to make TTK faster?
    I just don't know, but it does cause me to log out sometimes when the fun is gone.
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  6. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Reporting them to CS (@ help.daybreakgames.com) will always help us and ensure a ban on whatever hacker you ran into.
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  7. tommyrocket

    If we use /report in-game, are those looked at? I feel we need ways to add to those reports if they are even looked at, such as recordings of the last 5 minutes of gameplay. Shadowplay can do that, but it'd be nice for the game to also have that. (Shadowplay personally crashes my computer, so I can't use it)

    Aside from that, do you know if CS is able to view what a player is seeing from the first-person view? I know you can't see what they see on their screen directly, but at the very least, something akin to Crysis Multiplayer or Titanfall 2's killcams would help, just for admins.

    I will just say right now that I have used the in-game report function before, and more recently just for those with the infinite-range ANT lasers. That was weeks ago and they still play today, so yeah. Just wondering.
  8. Silkensmooth

    FPS korea is definately cheating. ALL of their players are AMAZING. All head shots all the time.

    I too see a lot of people who can repeatedly headshot at over 100m with a guass saw. I've been playing a long time and every time i grab a guass saw im like how the hell do you hit anything at range with this thing.

    There are a lot of people who definitely seem to know where everyone is all the time.

    And then there are the people who suddenly appear behind you out of no-where.

    Google planetside2 hacks and you will see the things they can do.

    What i dont understand is why they cant take legal action against the hack creators. They have a website, deliberately hacking a game. I thought hacking was a federal crime.

    Put some people in jail, that will fix it.
  9. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Yup, all reports we get are reviewed by CS, in-game included! I'm actually not 100% sure what specific tools the team uses to dive into the reports, but the more information/proof you can give the better, always.
  10. tommyrocket

    All right, cool. On that note, (if it wouldn't be a bother) could you forward a suggestion for me? I just want to suggest they add more text/options/anything available for the in-game report system. An overhaul of some sort. I don't know the specific character limit they have for text in there, but I feel it's too short, and that we can't really provide sufficient information or proof with what little we have to work with.

    I know the customer support tickets allows for all that, but... in-game is pretty convenient, and you can use it right after somethin' crazy happens while you still remember it & or have the perp in sight.
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  11. Oleker2

    Obvious cheaters I haven't seen in a while, but there is loads and loads of daily players with some VERY and really mean VERY fishy aim. Players chaining headshots back to back across the bases or from the ground up to towers. And at the same time you dump entire magazines on them getting hitmarks the whole way, and the heavy shield just tanks EVERYTHING with no damage to their health.
  12. raffa2

    That video doesn't look like cheating, also know that it's not "just an LMG" that shot you, you've been shot by a Gauss SAW, the hardest hitting LMG, and probably you recived a few headshots.
    80 meters is still within effective range of many LMGs anyways.

    Also boneheadoverlords are a bunch of tryhards so it would explain how his aim was so consistent from such distance.

    i'll add you were a sitting duck and exposed yourself even more for the second shot, that's what killed you.
  13. typnct

    server lag/client lag - what you see is in the past
    usually when you get shot and you see 2 3 shots and die he prob shot you about 15 -20 bullets already and you just started getting the shot alerts but... the client already determined you were dead!

    in server communication client side games less lag-good, average lag(about 100 ms) extremely bad, huge ping well... you are an assault god!(legal cheating! remember you get shot after being behind a rock, hill, in cover etc?... yeah thats why)

    you can check how it works by placing 2 pc's next to each other and making an inf decloack in front of you and kill you
    what you will see:death and then he decloacks
    what he saw:decloack, shot, clock and you are dead(about your ping+his ping+server proc time)

    so yeah... finding hackers is tough as every ping spike for someone might look like a cheat!
    anyway just report suspicious activity and im sure the dev's would love to help ;)
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  14. Prudentia

    always use the website report, ingame does nothing.
    there was an VS alt of an NC guy who was doing nothing but teamkills for months, got reported by dozens of people over and over and over and over and over.
    got annoyed, went to the website, sent a ticket, guy hasn't been online since.
  15. Lee Weldon

    That notorious wall hacker that definitely isn't using dildars or motion tracker spotters, let alone sound of footsteps, gunshots fired etc. I was accused today of aim botting, I could not be far from it and I'm a terrible player that can't even get a positive kda. I think people need to chill a bit.
  16. Towie

    Firstly i'd say that since BE introduction, the obvious cheating has decreased (and massively so). Well done DBG.

    However i'd say the video looks fishy - the Gauss Saw is not one for chaining headshots at that distance. If you look at the bullet spread - there basically is none which again, is not what you'd expect. It hits hard but kicks like a mule.

    Possibly a moot point though - the player in question seems to have disappeared, can't find him on players, fisu or dasanfall - so he either quit or (ahem) was a cheating scumbag who got banned ;)
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  17. Bojangles02

    I think I found a cheater, apparently a part of his body pays the rent, anyone else?
  18. Valenz

    If it was any other LMG I might believe that. But you have no idea how the SAW betrays its user, and with what frequency. It's probably possible someone *COULD* do what that video shows but I'd wager the guy has to be like at least 1h in VR getting the muscle memory down for it. It IS the SAW after all.
  19. Rafabeatz

    The problem with the hackers in Planetside 2 is the excessive damage of the headshot which is practically a gift for hackers, and with which Daybreak Games indirectly invites hackers to use Planetside 2 giving them an important advantage like that. If the headshot didn't have such an important damage they would not have that much advantage.
  20. Blam320

    Those accusing FPS Korea of cheating are forgetting one thing: ping. They're connecting from across the Pacific Ocean, and therefore have incredibly high ping. Thus, you could be shot by them before you even know they're standing in front of their face.

    It's not just a problem with FPSK. It carries over to all players across all factions connecting from overseas.
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