When did you first switch factions?

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  1. P149U3

    TR is always the first Faction i play then when i hit max BR I play another faction
  2. Badname707

    NC since beta. I have a VS I made on release day, but didn't play him until the cert giveaway they had for double purchases. I fly around in my scythe occasionally, but I can't stand Connery VS.
  3. Meeka

    I started out TR, and then a few weeks later, tried NC and VS.

    I mostly started playing NC after I reached 100 on my TR, and only do TR when my Outfit/friends are online.
  4. JudgeNu

    I also have an alt on Waterson.
    This subject has come up several times but we always chime in!
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  5. Regpuppy

    Been NC since early beta.

    Made two alts(one TR, one VS) when I got membership just to soak up the passive cert gain and try certain weapons.

    The end.

    Not all of us have complex reasons. I just don't play my alts seriously, or even much at all. But I have them incase a friend from another game hops on or I want to just ride a magmower/prowler for a bit.
  6. Modern Ancestor

    Was all TR in PS1 for 2 years then went NC for the remainder and shortly before Werner became to and end visited VS.

    As i finally recently got into PS2 (log in problems) Ive played all sides mostly evenly.

    Knowing fully what i get into and learning by myself is kinda hobby/curse for me. Bothers me to no end if i dont know the capabilities of opposing faction and their armament.
  7. HLM

    I haven't.

    I have made characters on each empire to test weapons and vehicles and such, but I could never actually fight as them without feeling like a traitor to the glorious Republic.
  8. siiix

    never , and never will .. it just feels wrong to me
  9. Fox234

    I don't swap factions on the same server. If the side I chose is losing I either try again on another server or play something else. I hate the 4th faction which makes PS2 hit and miss on fun.
  10. Santondouah

    I have a BR100 NC. After PU02, when NC started being overpop, it was really boring to steamroll TR/VS thanks to 50% pop. Even worse during WDS (ZEEEEEEEEERGS). I then started both a TR and VS that I alternatively play.
  11. GardenOfSilver

    TR from the get-go in the Planetside 2 beta.

    Have been playing around with some VS (my old Planetside faction) and NC. At times I'm tempted to jump ship and join up with the NC, but my friends - the few I have - play on TR and the NC are generaly the most populus group on the server.

    Also, the TR just looks plain better.
  12. NinjaTurtle

    I mained NC for over a year on Waterson

    Since the OP populations began to make playing NC boring I decided to switch to VS as they were the most under populated. Best decision I ever made, absolutely love the VS arsenal and aesthetic and I'm having more fun on VS than I had for the last few months as NC

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  13. Aander

    As you can see below in my sig, I really only play my TR main. I created alts on the other factions probably a few weeks into the game (I started playing right after launch), but hardly ever play them. I log them in pretty often for the passive cert gain, but that's about it.
  14. Kunavi

    It first happened out of curiosity and to set up some controlled PVP off the PTS if possible. With things being how they are on my Server though, I'm glad I had been racking up Passive Certs(Soooo tedious FFS!) on my VS and NC and for having spent SC on NS equipment. Lately the TR seem to want to step it up so I'm back to my roots, even though I'm not fully convinced yet. Even so I still don't like what SOE is going with the TR so far so there's that too, pushing me to play VS more. I'll know for sure what I want to do when we get the next balance pass.
  15. BaldGibbon

    just to make a point.

    I never have more than one character on a server, so I am not one of those fourth faction chappies.


    My first toon was with the NC from the very first day of the game....my two reasons for choosing the NC was that the forums were bleating that the NC were the poor cousins in relation to combat ability to the other two at that time and the NC was underpopulated on my server.

    Then after a few patches, the fourth faction started to join in increasing numbers and to me, my enjoyment for playing the underdog started to wain.


    I started a VS toon for the very same reasons, at the time it was supposed to be underpowered in some aspects and it was without doubt the smallest faction on that server....I played this without rest until very recently.


    My latest toon is my New TR character.....yep you guessed it, on the new server they were massively under strength and under a constant 2 way ( often coordinated ) attack.

    Plus I have always secretly liked the TR from way back when I had my character as TR in the original planetside.
  16. Ice

    I played TR exclusively in PS1 until my outfit died and I eventually ran out of other people to play with. I rolled VS later in the life cycle during a bump in folks returning to the game.

    I played TR exclusively in PS2 until my outfit died and I eventually ran out of other people to play with. I took a break for a few months then rolled VS to join some folks I spent years fighting against but never really fought with.

    This game has always been more about who I play with rather than who I play as. To this day I have about 12 hours of NC playtime after 10 years of PlanetSide.
  17. Aegie

    Started in Beta as VS and switched to NC at launch because it was clear that then that the faction traits of NC were best for my preferred play style. Played NC almost exclusively with a little TR here and there until a merger brought that TR onto my NC main server. About a month or so ago I started a TR alt on Mattherson to help out with the TR under pop there and because NC is often a bit over on Waterson (my main server) and I have been playing that most recently- occasionally jumping back to my NC to keep up with my outfit when the pops are more or less equal.
  18. TRick Shot

    TR since Beta!

    The only reason I have a VS character, is because I created it out of frustration when Woodman became impossible to log into for a week once. It is still the only reason this character still exists on Miller, when server issues, pop imbalance (or just low pop in total) makes it no fun.

    I did try an NC character before this VS one, but deleted it before BR3 when I started feeling an urge to marry my cousin…..and I don’t even have a cousin!
  19. Aesir

    There is switching and there is switching ... I'm NC and will stay NC for the principles they stand for or "should" stand for.

    This however does not mean I do no play TR or VS. I'm a gamer, you gotta try everything. It's both to break the pace for some fresh felling about the game again and to assure me that the grass isn't greener on the other sides in most places ...

    The same day in tech test I made my NC character, I also made a VS and TR one ...
  20. BillBoBaggins

    When i found out TR have better weapons and easier to handle.