When can we expect night time camos for TR/NC?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Gary, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Gary

    This clearly is granting a huge advantage at night =/. I was all for the darker nights and really wanted them but now i would rather see the entire planet surrounded in suns to prevent night ever happening again =/

    During the day the VS can also apply a camo which covers the black and shows through the purple. To any VS on Esamir.... here is a hint... buy Ice Camo.
  2. ShopTrain

    I think they went a little to far with the black, and they completely forget about the purple. But honestly, I can't see you guys at night either, unless you have bright camo. From what I've seen most people put on camo that they think looks cool, doesn't matter if it's bright or not.
    And red is harder to see at night than blue, something to do with our eyes and what not.
  3. LonelyTerran

    Black and Red for the TR would be nice.
  4. HadesR

    Wow thats really how black it is ?

    I saw a SS someone posted yesterday from TS and it was still grey but with less purple .. But **** me if they made it that black

  5. DeadLamb

    yeah that's why the running joke is that it's barbie dress up for your character.. IMO camo's serve little to no purpose in game other then picking what "you" want to look at when in 3rd person vehicle mode and to look a little cooler to your own teammates being they see the camo the most anyways.

    that's about it.. The game paints an "enemy" tag over other players and most of all gives everyone a HUGE radar screen that tracks everyone on your team at all times. So you already know (or should) that whatever moves in front of you is not on your team.. It's why people who TK as you move in the door etc peeve me off so much, you HAVE a mini map showing you friendlies are running in the door.

    Outside of the going "neat" on the kill screen of someone who shot me I could not tell you the camo anyone had on at any given time, it has that little effect in game. The purpleish squad color in game being too close to the one I use for VS has helped them more then any camo..
  6. Shockwave44

    The VS color doesn't matter when you have camo on so stop complaining.

    This is how it looks. There is no black, only grey.

  7. FnkyTwn

    How many threads are you gonna post on this subject Gary?

    Why not just roll a VS character if you get such a kick out of the new VS skins?
    I mean, VS has had these new skins for all of 5 minutes, after having arguably the
    worst skins/models for the past 6 months. Can't you just be happy for them?
  8. Ganelon

    They go from being barely noticable during the night to completely invisible, why the **** should I be happy for them when they've had this advantage since launch?
  9. Entaro

    QQ. No really, use Q.
  10. Morpholine

    Just don't QQ too much, or you'll be locked out of it for a little bit.
  11. Leer

    The VS evening wear cannot be comment on as nobody has seen it. The day wear looks fine...in the snow.
  12. Poet

    Instead of all these fancy camos, I just want to buy a different colored triangle to put over my head when infiltrating. Besides, who doesn't use IRNV at night? :)
  13. Joseywales

    Vanu own the night before the new threads, you can't see them well, I wouldn't mind having black camo for night fighting too.