When are we getting massive battles?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Klypto, Dec 11, 2014.

  1. Klypto

    I keep seeing this thrown around "massive battles" as something to describe planetside but I hardly ever get to see them. I do see a lot of massive cluster ***** though in bases waay too small to support the pop.
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  2. Ronin Oni

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  3. STR1D3R109

    You will see them when redeployside is removed so people have to travel inbetween bases ;P haha
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  4. Xind

    What's the point of increasing the battle size when people aren't rendering in the sizes we already have? Without dramatic improvements to the infrastructure of the game, I don't really know if they're viable. >_<
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  5. Ronin Oni

    stretch those people along a larger front to a bigger battle. Problem solved.
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  6. Alarox

    When we get larger facilities with room between them rather than a bunch of small outposts in cramped lanes.
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  7. Flashtirade

    They're in the game, you just can't see them because they don't render properly.
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  8. hawken is better

    In Planetside, "massive battles" = a group of 96 players on one side of a 2-meter-wide doorway spamming explosives at a separate group of 96 players on the other side of that same doorway and vice versa.

    SOE genuinely believes that is "good" gameplay.
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  9. DFDelta

    We get massive battles the moment we get rid of the year 2000 era, 10 player sized camps and get real bases added.
    As a reference, something the size of a AMP station should be medium sized.
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  10. Jaquio

    There will always be a limit to how many people you'll see in a battle.

    Because when populations in a fight reach a certain point, less and less people join the fight, and more and more people start running infils and sniping from the perimeter to rack up cheap kills and talk about how big and bad and awesome they are.

    The TR are worse at it than the VS. I don't know how bad the NC are, but it wouldn't surprise me if we're the worst of all. From my experience, whenever you see 96+ TR vs 96+ NC, probably 50+ on each side are snipers in the hills.
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  11. Xind

    Remove snipers rifles? :eek:
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  12. Jaquio

    No, sniper rifles serve a valid battle purpose.

    I honestly don't know what the answer is. But, as an example, defending a tower against the TR is an exercise in frustration sometimes, because it honestly feels like there's an unbroken ring of snipers 360 degrees around the tower looking to score cheap kills.

    Often defending isn't even too difficult because they can't push forward despite numerical advantage because half of their force wants to spam kills from safety. I'm sure we do it too, I just have no frame of reference for it.

    It just makes the game seem like no fun.
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  13. Leftconsin

    It doesn't take much to bring my infantry render range down below 20m. Sometimes I have people shooting at me I never see. Sometimes I'm shooting at people who suddenly stop rendering while just 20-50m away.
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  14. Tommyp2006

    Planetside is a series of 8v8 maps with 200 people crammed into them, with a few bases large enough to support maybe 24v24, like the Ascent. Instead, it should be a series of a couple much larger bases that spread out farther across the map. Quartz Ridge is an OK size for a smaller base. "Larger Facilities" like Hvar tech plant, with its outlying satellite bases, should count as a single base, and there should bases that size spread around the map. What large facilities should end up being, is several times the size of tech plants. You would end up having more players per fights, but less places to spread the population about. The old proposal I remember seeing about region capping would work better for large numbers of people. With very large facilities that spread out over large distances.

    Yes, I remember them doing this in beta, but they didn't have enough players to fill those bases. Or a lattice system to help concentrate those players. They've also learned a lot about map design since then. However, things like this will never happen at this point in the game, as it would require them to redo all the maps again.

    Lost potential.
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  15. Leftconsin

    And SOE keeps screwing up the base design in building in 2-3 mandatory infantry choke points into every new base. I'm sorry, but funneling 100 people into one doorway isn't good battle flow.

    IRL it might be considered a fire hazard.
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  16. NoctD

    Having now played NC on Emerald - I understand where Klypto's coming from. Never seen such a bad, disorganized mess of vehicles... the VS/TR zergs I've seen are orderly and not total chaos.

    The Emerald NC takes cluster frak to a whole new level of stupid!
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  17. doombro

    Unless they decide to remake all the bases using totally new building assets like the warehouse, it ain't gonna happen. The bases in PS2 will hold 36v36, maximum. I so badly wish for bases to be giant interior complexes rather than a bunch of little buildings scattered around. I would give the world to go back in time and tell them that those buildings were terrible ideas.
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  18. Ransurian

    I'll routinely see appreciably large battles going on in and around amp stations, near Quartz Ridge / Indar Excavation Site, and in the expanse between Mao and NS Material Storage.
  19. Devrailis

    Nothing like having a nice fight building up only for the losing side to immediately redeploy away their two platoons the moment things seem to go south. There is no effort to dig in and fight much of the time. Feeling pressure? Redeploy!

    Of course, redeployside is SUCH a great thing for this game.
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  20. Zapon

    They would have been in game with the

    #1. Platoon/Squad update that was delayed twice and is now in limbo- included companies of 4 platoons, a comms system revamp, and further adjustments to the game to allow for this as well as incentives to see smaller action groups with fireteams included
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