[Vehicle] When are the promised infantry AV nerfs coming?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ColonelChingles, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. MahouFairy

    Exactly. Looks like it's time to farm the hell out of infantry players until they all cry. Why waste so much effort trying to destroy a tank when you can just farm infantry?

    I get satisfaction destroying tanks with RLs, but I also get immense pleasure farming the hell out of the nerfed or soon to be nerfed infantry. I think I'm going to go for the latter.
  2. MahouFairy

    Nahh, you only get 1 or 2 kills while I get to farm 10+ infantry with every run. Why not? This is only balance.

    I die more to infantry than to tanks. This isn't a setback for me. AV nerfing means that I'll be less vulnerable to one threat, which is good, considering that I used to be afraid of both infantry and tanks.
  3. CNR4806

    You sure he'll make it to High Threat status? Last time I checked HE has been nerfed to oblivion that mounting a Kobalt on top of the tank or running Skyguard are probably better ideas, and he's planning to "farm" with HE.
  4. MajiinBuu

    I wasn't complaining :rolleyes:
    I was simply trying to add humor to the thread, I never even mentioned buffs of any kind. The only thing I ever complain about in PS2 is my framerate, and that's completely on my problem.
  5. HadesR

    Doesn't that work both ways though ? ..

    If Infantry have set up an AV nest based on teamwork .. The tank shouldn't be buffed so it can survive going up against 5 -10 people working together ... The tanker should adapt and use other resources to deal with them ..

    Combined arms game works both ways , and one side or the other can't remove themselves from it when it's convenient to the argument .
  6. MahouFairy

    It's still better than using AP or HEAT. Plus, with the threat of infantry AV nerfed to oblivion, I have one less threat to worry about.

    Seems like a fair trade.
  7. Shockwave44

    Where did I say tanks should be buffed? All I said was infantry should not be buffed against them.
  8. KnightCole

    LOL, does **** really need to be nerfed any further? Everything is slow, lobby like everything is a mortar. Dumbfires cant hit **** cuz they travel so damn slow. Tanks cant kill a blind 1 legged infant except if thye shoot the gun right up the kids nose........

    Infantry weapon velocity is kinda derpy, dear god. This game needs no more nerfs...FFS...
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  9. ColonelChingles

    That would have been a nice sentiment to hear at the time of the HE/HEAT nerfs, the PPA nerfs, the Banshee nerfs, etc.

    Not saying that you in particular didn't say "no" to the above nerfs. Just that there sure wasn't that amount of "gee, enough nerfs already". Oddly enough now that infantry AV options are being nerfed suddenly players start getting nerf fatigue. :p
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  10. CNR4806

    AP has a faster velocity. With HE blast being increasingly a non-factor and a direct hit being pretty much the only reliable way to kill anything anyway, HE is pointless and AP is the way to go. I mean come on, you can even blast other vehicles with it and not lose too much AI capability (because the AI option has been nerfed to non-AI option level, mind you).

    And in any case, suppressive fire with Kobalt or Skyguard (the latter at closer range due to inaccuracy) is more reliable at getting infantry kills, especially when you made a point at targeting LAs, which are relatively fast-moving and move in three dimensions.

    Not that there will be many LAs for you to target if DBG still refuses to transform LAs from flying jihads to something more meaningful in other roles by the time of the mythical tank buff, but still.
  11. MahouFairy

    Nahh like I said, I get immense pleasure by painting the spawn shield with explosions, so HE is still the way to go. No matter what, HE will be more affective in AI work.

    I don't really care about effectiveness overall. All I know is that I am here to make infantry cry and let them know that I'm only aiming for them.

    Until someone nerfs HE further till there is no difference between AP explosions and HE explosions or buffs the AV back (if AV got nerfed), I'm not going to bother attacking tanks.
  12. CaiBai

    AV infantry nerf ? So i will need 30 direct Deci hits to kill a tank ? Frontside ? It takes 3 Deci rockets in the *** to kill any heavy tank, its almost fragin impossible to pull to anyone mildly competent. And now what ? Lets allow the vechicle farm ? Small groups of dudes cant do a **** to a tank, unless hes stuck in confined area and thats his own damn fault. And when tank is swarmed by 10+ heavies they should be able to kill it... or maybe lets nerf it so they wont be able ?

    I would like to say that MAX costs same nanites as heavy tank and dies to TWO deci shots ! Please do explain why tanks are supposed to be even tougher ? Please do explain it LOUD coz i cant hear over the sound of 15 prowlers spamming AP shells like machineguns trough windows....
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  13. ColonelChingles

    Because back in August 5, 2014 the Devs made a deal with the players.

    The Devs said that the balance between vehicles and infantry was good. There were no problems with the vehicle-infantry balance prior to August 5.

    But what was bad was the lethality across all units in the game, or how quickly anyone died. Infantry to tanks, tanks to infantry, infantry to air, air to infantry, tank to air, air to tanks, etc. Just everything was dying too quickly.

    So the Devs wanted to reduce TTK across the board. They wanted to make things hit softer. Everything to hit softer.

    The Devs made a deal with the players. First, the Devs would reduce vehicle damage against infantry. Then the Devs would reduce infantry damage against vehicles. That was the August 5 deal.

    So starting on August 5 and continuing until today the Devs have been reducing vehicle damage against infantry. HE cannon. HEAT cannon. PPA. Banshee. Just some of the vehicle AI weapons that were reduced in effectiveness.

    What the Devs still have to do is to reduce the damage of infantry AV weapons, proportionally to what they did to vehicle AI weapons. It's just part of the deal.

    As for why tanks don't die to rocket launchers in the same way that a MAX does...
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  14. CriticalThinker

    Man, really? It was "neutered" because you can't kill an entire group of infantry with 1 hit? Now you need, what, 2 hits? Now you need to, what, actually aim?

    ****ing spoiled little baby. Why don't you stop farming and step out of your vehicle for 2 seconds and tell me that infantry is OP against vehicles. ****ing ****ter.
  15. ColonelChingles

    Well it is a 100mm+ cannon... not like we're shooting spitballs. Of course it's going to explode and take out a stack of infantry. It's a cannon.

    Not like I'm asking for anything close to how powerful real tank cannon are... which would be like these:


    That's one of the wonders of being able to carry more than what two feet can bear... you get big guns. Better guns.

    But seeing as how it's the Dev's goal to limit the lethality of everything, I'm fine with shooting spitballs... if only infantry are subject to the same handicaps. :D
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  16. CriticalThinker

    First of all, this is not real life, this is a game.

    Second of all, nerfing Infantry in tandem with nerfing vehicles would leave balance in the same place it was before.

    If you have a problem with infantry killing your vehicle, then you sir are **** at this game.
  17. ColonelChingles

    DING DING! We have a winner! Yes, that is the correct answer!

    Vehicle balance was absolutely fine before the August 5 patch, we just have to nerf infantry AV options commensurately so that we're back to a pre-August 5 balance. That was the deal that the Devs promised us, and we're just waiting for them to deliver on it.
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  18. CriticalThinker

    No, in your opinion, as someone who farms from a vehicle, they were fine. And your opinion, as someone who farms from a vehicle, is terribly bias, and you sound like a spoiled baby because his EZMODE isn't quite as EZ as it used to be.

    My point, which you were too dense to understand, is that nerfing infantry AV options in tandem with rebalancing vehicles would leave balance exactly where it was before - ie, broken. But I can't expect a player like you to understand; you're a child who cares less about the health of the game and more about your own personal playstyle.

    Personally I have zero issues with infantry AV when I'm in my tank. But then again I'm not absolute **** and I can maintain above a 3.8 KDR in HGV.
  19. ColonelChingles

    Nope. Not my opinion. The Dev's opinion, which is quoted on page one of this thread.

    You're the one with the deviant opinion, my friend. ;)
  20. CriticalThinker

    Oh nice, an appeal to authority, because we all know the Devs are never wrong and never make any mistakes, which is why they were all recently fired, amirite?

    You need to think before you let your little baby fingers do any typing.

    PS: ;)
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