[Vehicle] When are the promised infantry AV nerfs coming?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ColonelChingles, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. KirthGersen

    Oh ****, these endless NERF PLS threads.
    Well, I'm using HE/Viper/Zepher/AI MAXes and will be use it till it will farm.
    Why? Because **** nerf-askers, that's why. Everyone who thinks nerfs>L2P doesn't deserve any better.
    To be honest I'm a bit tired of AI cannons after 20K+ kills with them on both chars, but I will forse myself to use it further.
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  2. ColonelChingles

    Ha. Ha.

    Is it actually happening? Are the Devs following through with their promises?

    If I'm dreaming, please don't wake me up!
  3. ColonelChingles

    Ah well.

    In the shake-up with SOE->DBG, this is a friendly reminder that I am still holding our new overlords to promises made 205 days ago. That's almost 7 months, more than half a year that this promise has not been delivered on.

    I understand that there was something in the works, and that it's understandable that the Devs might need a bit more time to get their act together.

    But seeing as how we're starting to push out balance patches, this would be an excellent time to remind the Devs that they need to nerf infantry AV lethality across the board in accordance with the promise. I hope they have not forgotten!

    Because vehicle operators certainly haven't. ;)
  4. MahouFairy

    Yeah you have been dreaming, because vehicles were already buffed overall, meaning AV has been nerfed. I'm fine with another AV nerf though. I've given up on RLs anyway. I have enough certs to buy HE cannons for my Prowler and Lightning plus enough certs to MAX out lock down. I don't have to worry about fairies anymore, since C4 is going to be nerfed even further. Providing "artillery support" seems fine for me as well. Why waste a life trying to take out a tank with UP RLs when you can do something useful like farmin-- oops I mean providing artillery support.
  5. Scorponok

    well they have often spoken and then backed out...so we shall see if they stay true to their word.
  6. CNR4806

    Vehicle buff? What alternate reality do you live in?

    The most that I've seen so far are talks about nerfing infantry AV and the actual nerfing of vehicle AI over 6 months ago. The devs have not delivered the infantry AV that they've talked about, not even on PTS.
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  7. Shockwave44

    Last time I checked, all factions have access to tanks.
  8. MajiinBuu

    Last time I checked, tanks cost resources.
  9. FateJH

    <petty>Last I checked, all factions have access to resources.</petty>

    A better argument at this point is probably to point out that you can't use the benefits of a Vehicle Terminal the same way you would the benefits of Loadout Terminal. That is, you can rapidly switch back and forth between Combat Medic and Heavy Assault as need be; but, you can't rapidly switch back and forth between Skyguard and MBT as need be.
  10. MahouFairy

    The vehicles are going to be buffed, implemented now or not. Whether we like it or not. However, I can assure you that I will abuse the hell out of HE on those defenceless infantry and fairies with their one time use fangs filed to uselessness, until the nerf cycle reaches its limit.
  11. Shockwave44

    So everyone in your faction is always out of resources. Is that what you're telling me?
  12. Xind

    Well, Ravens did get nerfed a small amount, but a nerf none the less.

    I'm just glad all of those ideas didn't go through in one patch.

    30% MBT HP
    C4 no longer 2 shot kills.
    Buffed MBT Secondaries
    Nerfed AV Mana turrets and Raven (Which really makes VS too good at ranged AV)

    It's all too much at one time. Personally the next change I'd like to see if the AV Mana turret range brought in because I don't think anything should be shooting/killing targets that are not rendering it. Then, I'd like to see the secondary rebalance...and if tanks are still "weak" we can look at C4 again.
  13. CNR4806

    Oh, so once I asked that question, you fell back from "vehicles are already buffed and AV already nerfed" to "vehicles are going to be buffed"?

    Too bad, this "going to be" is exactly what this thread is all about. Vehicle players, especially tankers, have been waiting for 6 months and counting for that "going be" that has still not materialized even in the most crude form (PTS), because the devs somehow decided that it is a good idea to only implement one side of a proposed two-way lethality downgrade and put the other part into the back burner.

    And after that tank nerf, we've seen Banshee and PPA (two more vehicle AI weapons) nerfed and all that ever happened to infantry AV was the devs accidentally destroying the Striker with its overhaul, and the slight Raven nerf three two days ago that is all too tame compared with what happened to vehicle AI.

    Edit: Timezones. I hate them.
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  14. AshHill07

    I wanna know what happened to these new MBT Primaries and Secondaries ...
  15. MajiinBuu

    You mean to tell me that your faction isn't always out of resources? :eek:
  16. Shockwave44

    Stop complaining about vehicles and trying to buff infantry. If there is a vehicle problem... grab vehicles. Otherwise, leave the area. If you can't adapt fine but don't use it as an excuse to fit the game around how you play.
  17. TheMercator

    Tanks actually got a huge buff before their infantry weapons got nerfed. Remember the time two decimatorshots to the rear would kill a tank? And two standard ones would set it on fire?
  18. ColonelChingles

    I don't, although I haven't been playing from the very start. When would you say that happened?
  19. Jachim

    So that's it, huh? Obsessed with K/D, so let's make the tankers suffer and become loot piñatas.

    Which is funny because even with these nerfs, tankers will always have better K/D, which is why it's such a useless stat and just needs to go away already. You can keep just as high a score per hour as a tanker as you can as infantry. That is the (still flawed, but better) marker you need to focus on.
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  20. Jachim

    and i will enjoy farming your loot piniata vehicle as my AV cannons rip you to shreds, and bask in the certs of your 'high threat kill' I get because you're useless against other tanks
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