[Vehicle] When are the promised infantry AV nerfs coming?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ColonelChingles, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. Hatesphere

    not that I dont think HE needs a little love at the moment, but try not to be bias, just showing two circles means nothing without dimensions.

    the large circle is 11m outer radius, and 2.5 inner, the small green circle is 1m inner 5m outer radius.
  2. ColonelChingles

    The Devs said that nerfing everything was the goal. I suppose it is implied that the Devs want to reach their goal.

    So far the Devs have only nerfed half of everything, namely the vehicle half. So either they're only meeting half their goal or that was never their goal to begin with.

    In asking the Devs to meet their stated goal is close enough to a "promise" that I feel comfortable with using that word.
  3. ColonelChingles

    My concern was simply with the relative size of the nerf. Absolute size isn't that relevant, because the concern is how much things have been nerfed by.

    In other words if infantry AV options received as much as a nerf that HE shells did, then it should take 3-4 C4 to kill a tank or something. The tank nerfs were drastic, so infantry AV nerfs must be drastic as well.
  4. ColonelChingles

    I can agree with this position as well.

    Either no one gets nerfed.

    Or everyone gets nerfed.

    But to nerf some and not others is a mistake.
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  5. DatVanuMan

    Exactly. My FailRider is crappy without HEAT:(
    Even as a HA, I must admit that.
  6. EliteEskimo

    I'd love for this valid question to be asked on reddit too, but sadly the infantry players will downvote nuke it and it will likely never meet the developers eyes. Which means it is up to Radar X or someone on twitter to get the question to them. Radar X do you know what the plan is for infantry AV nerfs? A good plan would be to reduce all infantry AV to a max of 300 meters, a.k.a infantry render distance, and either remove C4 from LA's or make it so C4 would be directional so 2 sticks to the rear would be the only way to kill a full health MBT.

    I won't be surprised if nothing ever happens though since Higby still doesn't even have an hour in all 3 of the MBT's, and the AV turret has been broken for over a year and still doesn't properly render past 300 meters in larger battles.
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  7. Elrobochanco

    Plans aren't promises. AV and Vehicle weapons are a lot less lethal to infantry now in many cases. Perhaps this was all the change that was needed to get the results they desired.

    No point in complaining about the "amount" of the nerf or that it only happened to vehicles (not true, but some people feel this way). I'm pretty sure the overall point was that it shouldn't be so ridiculously easy for anyone in a vehicle to maintain such an inflated KD while grinding new players right out of the game.
  8. ColonelChingles

    Naw. The Devs explicitly stated that part of their goal would be to reduce the lethality of infantry against vehicles.

    They did reduce rocket damage versus infantry through messing with indirect damage, but this doesn't affect heavy vehicles.
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  9. Casterbridge

    For me it would make the most sense to nerf it once the resource revamp is done and vehicles can't so easily be spammed.

    That shoul also coincide with vehicles having a more important role with the whole nanite delivery thing.
  10. KnightCole

    Bulldogs were nerfed? PPA was nerfed? barely...

    1 bulldog sundy can still beat 1 stock prowler lol....
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  11. ColonelChingles

    Bulldogs were nerfed against infantry, mostly by reducing their velocity or blast radius/damage.

    Naturally changing their blast damage/radius doesn't matter against tanks (which ignore all blast damage anyhow), and velocity doesn't matter that much when you're trying to hit a large enemy tank.
  12. Pikachu

    Bulldog used to have 10 shots in the magazine. Splash did damage to heavy armor. Outer radius used to be 8 now it's 5. It has had buffs also. Increased direct damage and velocity.
  13. SteelMantis

    But the balance between vehicles and infantry wasn't good. Solo vehicles could (and still can with a little increase in difficulty) farm masses of infantry. Infantry might be able to wreck an armor column if they worked as a team and spent some time getting to a good position.

    To nerf infantry AV at this point would just put us back to easy mode farming for vehicles.

    And I have got to say, as someone who primarily drives tanks, despite the minor nerfs it is still easy to farm infantry in vehicles.
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  14. ColonelChingles

    The splash damage really did damage to tanks? That's news to me. I always figured the indirect Bulldog damage would be treated the same as all other indirect explosive damage when it came to tanks... that is to say a 100% resist.

    As for buffs, I was only referring to the post-early August changes.

    I mean maybe you have a point, but the case here was that the Devs specifically mentioned that the goal was to reduce lethality across the board. This would include vehicle AI capabilities, but was also expressly stated to include infantry AV capabilities.

    If the Devs had set out and said, "we're nerfing vehicles only because they're too strong against infantry" then that would be one thing. But that wasn't what happened. The Devs seemed to be pretty okay with the vehicle-infantry balance, because they were going to nerf infantry AV damage too.

    Just that the second part of their goal hasn't happened yet.
  15. eldarfalcongravtank

    thank god![IMG]
  16. Pikachu

    It was changed in GU1 or GU2 so it didn't last long. I'm too lazy to check but I think it was the same for zepher.
  17. KnightCole

    Now nerf it's damage vs heavy tanks...cuz seriously......if it cant hurt infantry, why the hell can it hurt a tank any better?
  18. Pikachu

    Btw I don't think normal bulldogs got velocity nerf. I only found buffs in the patch notes. The air version got buff then it's recent nerf.
  19. Scorponok

    HA rocket launchers still have a 0.35meter indirect damage radius it should be changed to 0...atleast then it would acually take a direct hit to damage a tank putting some more skills required into it, and maybe increase the drop off on the launchers spesially the default and lower velocity.
  20. ColonelChingles

    As I mentioned above, usually indirect damage from things like rockets and tank shells don't actually deal damage to tanks. Flashes and Harassers yes, but not to tanks.

    I think the exceptions to this are AV grenades and C4... those will damage tanks through splash damage. Maybe more if you think hard about it... but for the most part tanks are explosion-proof.
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