[Vehicle] When are the promised infantry AV nerfs coming?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ColonelChingles, Sep 27, 2014.

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  1. ColonelChingles

    Back in the August 5th patch, the Devs promised that infantry AV capabilities would be nerfed. To quote:

    Since then, vehicle AI weapons have been largely nerfed. HEAT and HE cannons were effectively neutered against infantry. Bulldogs were nerfed. PPA was nerfed. For example, this is what HE turned into:


    Where the inner green circle is the only OHK range (and that's if the target infantry isn't wearing flak armor).

    But all that was supposedly okay, because this wasn't supposed to be a vehicle nerf. It was supposed to be an everything nerf, where the relative balance between things would stay the same.

    So how have infantry AV options been nerfed since almost two months ago?


    Is it even on PTS or on the roadmap?

    A Tweet? A Reddit? Anything?

    So two possibilities exist. The first is that the Devs totally intend to nerf infantry AV capabilities, but simply haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe other priorities like the PS2 came up. But if that is the case, why only implement half of the program? If the Devs are unable to adequately nerf infantry AV capabilities, then they introduce imbalance to the game because they've only nerfed one side and not the other. If they knew that they will be delayed in nerfing infantry AV capabilities, then they should have held off on nerfing vehicle AI capabilities and done the entire thing at once. To correct this, they should rollback the vehicle AI nerfs until they are ready to nerf both vehicle AI capabilities and infantry AV capabilities.

    The second possibility is that the Devs never intended to nerf infantry AV capabilities in the first place... and this promise is simply a lie in order to trick vehicle operators to not become enraged at yet another bit of unfair treatment they're getting at the hands of the Devs. Which would be odd, considering they had no difficulty in outright nerfing vehicles before, but it's within the realm of possibility.

    So I'm asking the Devs. What is your position on nerfing infantry AV capabilities as you promised a few months ago, and when is it going to happen? I mean we're not talking about new art assets or new interfaces or even anything that requires new programming. Just reduce the lethality of all infantry AV options by the same percentage by which you reduced vehicle AI options (which in the case of HE would be about 80%). Simple number tweaking that can happen easily in a weekly patch.
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  2. NXR1

    Well the striker was made completely useless, thats only one thing but still its something
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  3. Pikachu

    The circles shows current and release state of HE radius.
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  4. Alarox

    Higby: "In general we want these changes to bring MORE combined arms, by reducing armor lethality vs infantry we can reduce infantry AV power a bit." https://twitter.com/mhigby/status/484361901250338817

    Higby: "Hopefully both can participate in fights more meaningfully with a bit less infantry<->vehicle lethality, that's the goal."

    Sounds good to me. Start by making infantry AV ranges reasonable. They're currently well beyond tank engagement ranges and infantry render distance. At this point it isn't about protecting themselves from tanks, it is about farming tanks or completely shutting them down.

    "We need 300+ AV to protect us from farmers."

    1.) Tanks can't hurt you at 301m.

    2.) AP is used more than HEAT/HE combined. Let your tanks fight their tanks.
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  5. MotionBlured

    They didn't promise anything.
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  6. Alarox

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  7. MotionBlured

    Where in there does it promise anything? You're trying to imply something that was never said.
  8. NinjaTurtle

    I agree infantry AV needs nerfing however I fear that since most players play infantry SOE will bow down to the majority and leave things as they are.

    Why else has it taken so long to fix the AV mana turrets... all they need to do is put a damage drop off so that at 300m it does 0 damage, past that infantry can't render as a result the infantry are at 0 danger from tanks shooting at them. As a result they do not need to be able to defend themselves

    Where does it NOT say it
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  9. Alarox

    You're right in that they never said "we promise to do X". I guess we're disagreeing on what "promised" means. I don't think of it in the childish way where you try to get someone to specifically say "I promise" so you can whine later. If that's what OP is talking about then I disagree.

    They said their goal is to reduce lethality both ways. They've already taken many steps toward this goal. It is reasonable to expect the continuation of their goal (reducing infantry lethality against vehicles).

    It is either they have no intention to do this and it was all just a bait-and-switch or it is low priority for them.
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  10. The_Blazing

    I'd just like to know what the devs want the vehicle vs infantry game to be exactly.
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  11. Dracorean

    I don't think reducing overall lethality would solve the problem, classes in my opinion have been watered down to just be effective at whatever is thrown at them, rather than adding synergy with other classes to make them more effective while reducing this 'flexibility' that classes seem to have now.

    Simply put, removing some of the tools that makes a class capable of doing something that should be done by another class.
  12. MotionBlured

    It's probably a low priority considering the PS4 version is right around the corner. If I had a say in it, I'd wait on further balance changes until the second half of the resource revamp. Right now vehicles can be spammed and therefore have less value. When losing one actually means something again, we can take another look at their survivability.
  13. Hatesphere

    The only thing I could see being nerfed at this point is C4 and tank mines, giving C4 directional damage and making it have to be placed on the very back to gib a tank would be bees knees; Getting rid of mine stacking would also be a welcome change for me.
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  14. DatVanuMan

    How badly do you want US to be nerfed? I believe no one should be nerfed, and any changes made to the vehicles be reverted. I hate SOE's new "nonlethality" campaign, so I don't think anyone (Except MAXes and aircraft) should be weak in this game.
  15. Ranik

    Expect ******* nothing. It's been over a month now. They basically lied straight to everyone's face so they could shove more nerfs down everyone's throats.
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  16. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    i hope never if you think about the c4. if i cant c4 a vanguard ohk with my fairy im done. no chance with prowler and now you want our only solution for this nerfed? remember they can still use their shield to absorb the complete 2/2 c4.

    for me its fine how it is right now.. the Infantry<>Vehicle thing. but i wouldnt say anything about a engi AV turrent nerf. just turns the engi in a weaker deployed prowler with heavy impact but no bullet drop and they already can do so much like: repair, ammo, AI turrent with shield, special underbarrel weapon (shotgun/smoke/nade laucher). since everyone has it its kinda balanced.
  17. Crayv

    Also where is that "promised" reduction on tank main cannon velocities?

    Seriously though, there is a differences between planned and promised. I never saw the word promise in any of those tweets/messages. I think I saw the word planned in there but never seen anything where they said it was going to be a 100% thing.

    I'm still waiting for that "promised" dance studio in WoW.
  18. SuperTrooperWaterloo

    Are you talking about lockdown? Well you just have to switch to TR to get it^^ But you have to drive 0 MPH to get it =(
  19. Alarox

    It was on PTS. We all got on TS and talked to Higby and Kevmo. Everyone told them that it was a bad idea so they removed it.
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  20. LodeTria

    The short answer is never.
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