when are the developers going to get real?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by tahn1000, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. tahn1000

    everything - and by that i mean ONE OF ANYTHING - does more damage than all the missiles i pack as a HA. in what reality does this make sense! please fix
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  2. MotionBlured

    It makes perfect sense, especially considering I have no idea what you're on about.
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  3. Winfield

    10/10 thread with lots of logical arguments and explanations. Thanks for your contribution.
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  4. squarebug

    He's saying vehicles are better. For the record ITS TRUE OP
  5. vsae

    Would not rocket again.
  6. Camycamera

    and people wonder why the devs don't visit these forums more often....
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  7. CipherNine

    True. Poor OP got flamed within minutes after posting.
  8. SerasVic

    because you are infantry peasant !

    On serious note, if rockets killed tanks in 3 hits why would you bother taking a tank?
    It's basic balance of infinite free quantity (infantry) compared to valuable restricted quantity (armor, maxes)

    And btw 2 deci in the back of MBT does wonders

    edit: if you want realism let tanks shells blow up infantry on 20m radius aswell
  9. D.C.V.

    Sooo you are telling us that a tank should die if you use all your rockets on it? At first i was also annoyed by that but then i realized how ridiculous it would be if someone spent half of his resources on a tank just to die to a random BR 1 using the default rocket launcher. I think it's OK as it is now.
  10. NC_agent00kevin

    That, and they would shoot into the building and blow half of it apart, killing those occupants that thought they would be cute and pop out, fire a rocket at it and run back inside.