What's your Favorite Implant?

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  1. Tyrant103

    I've been using Battle Hardened for almost everything, I'll switch between Enhanced Targeting and Safe Landing when playing as an SMG Infiltrator.

    I use Enhanced Targeting also whenever I dedicate myself to using AP (I usually use a lightning as disposable)
  2. Axehilt

    I do feel it's occasionally useful, but it goes a bit like this:
    • If I'm getting knocked around it's almost certainly because my opponents are using vehicles.
    • If my opponents are using vehicles I almost certainly should not be infantry.
      • So I jump in a vehicle, and battle hardened wouldn't be relevant.
    • But in the handful of situations where infantry are justified (usually defending the point building as attacker or defender) there are times where I feel Battle Hardened is useful.
    I dislike flinch, but partially alleviating it has limited value compared with some of the other benefits to be had (usually Regen3, since we're talking infantry play, and the key there is it lets me avoid taking medkits which are kinda only for useless K/D-whoring. I play to help my faction win fights, so I strongly prefer C4 which is just way better at doing that.)
  3. LibertyRevolution

    WycliffSlim showcasing safe landing 3:
  4. Camycamera

    the default implant, enhanced targeting, is the best one imo, i don't use anything else. the energy consumption is low, it is not very situational at all when compared to other implants (such as regen health, where implant energy would be wasted away when you have full health), can be used with vehicles, and is very useful.

    thanks to it, i have been able to prioritise which targets to go for, to the point where i have killed maxes with the commissioner.
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  5. OldMaster80

    This is specifically designed for Stalker Infiltrators: they never run, in order to remain less visible. I use that every now and then and it's great. Enemy Infiltrators spam recon darts thinking they are safe because they see no signature on the minimap then suddenly BUM BUM and they're dead.

    I use Regen I for everything except sniping. I was considering Battle Hardened when screenshake was broke recently, but it got fixed fortunately so I don't find it necessary anymore. Sensor Shield would probably be my fav implant if it wasn't such a dumbed down anti-radar utility and tier III in addition. As a tier III it should completely counter all motion sensors regardless of movement. Then it would actually be a viable implant for every class, not only stalkers. Seeing how motion sensors light up every fight these days stealth is nearly impossible. I feel like there really needs to be a viable counter to it, especially as long as motion sensors remain as accessible/spammable as they currently are.
  7. vsae

    Battlehardened or safe landing 3 on infantry.
    Safe landing 3 on vehicles, due to ejection seat bug.
  8. t31os

    I don't use any, most of them are direct replacements for just playing smart or well, a lazy/bad feature for lazy/bad players.

    Auto spot, auto mine detection, auto *save my butt when i fall off this ledge*, auto health regen.... etc... Heck i'm surprised there's no auto *kill that guy who just shot me* implant to.
  9. Prudentia

    Battle hardened against flinch
    Safe Landing 3 for Light Assault (in combination with Adrenaline Pump i can ADHS everywhere)
    and for Heavy the almighty concussion build with concs, bandolier and... damn what was the Implant called? :eek:
    tough i also use it for my Point Defense Medic with a Pump action, it's just hilarious when 2-3 concs fly into a room and you then **** all those clueless heavies. i can also only recommend to get one of the new voicepacks for the improved V6.

    also for anyone stating that they don't use implants because of the energy:
    i use T3 most of the time and all i have to do is craft every few days and with a SPM of 200+ my ultrachargers are increasing faster in numbers than the rabit population
  10. Xasapis

    Heavy Assault:
    • Regeneration, when solo
    • Battle hardened, when in squad
    • Clear vision, when the squad is really good
    Light Assault:
    • Regeneration, when solo
    • Safe landing, when vehicle hunting
    • Battle hardened, when close quarters sniping (ghost etc)
    • Hold breath, when long range sniping
    • EOD HUD or Sensor shield, when SMG infiltrating
    • Regeneration, if derping around
    • Regeneration, for general use
    • Enhanced targeting, for MBT combat or general vehicle combat
    • Awareness, for Harasser or Lightnings
    • Battle hardened, since regeneration is build it.
    • EOD HUD, to forewarn for explosives and traps even behind walls.

    For those people who don't use them because they fear that they run out, I got good news. You will never, ever run out of chargers if you play with mostly Tier 1 implants. In fact, I got over 30 ultra chargers made and I never had to use any of them, since the normal drop of chargers is enough to keep my energy maxed.
  11. Stopper

    Battle hardened for Infiltrator with BASR
    Safe landing III as medic, ESF pilot and some LA loadouts
    Enhanced targeting as HA and MAX
    Regen III as SMG Infiltrator, others LA loadouts and as Engy.
  12. Raap

    EOD HUD is the only option for my vehicle-heavy play style.

    I would have liked more options, but I really don't have any.
  13. Xasapis

    I found EOD unreliable to use on vehicles. Mines take too long and too late to be identified in semi-big or heavy fights (even with tier 3).
  14. Banana bread

    Counter intelligence.
    Know when you've been seen so you can take necessary precautions and with some basic listening abilities know where the enemy is however you can also know they have spotted you not some other ally also when I run on an open field and get spotted I take a sudden movement like stop go back alittle or move to the left/right depending where I think the sniper is (usually not a difficult task most are in some cluster with the other loud enemy raddle) I've dodged many many sniper bullets and even infantry bullets from a middle-far wep. I'm like a Neo that glitches through the floor every few minutes!
  15. xDesideratus

    EOD Hud is for people without any situational awareness, and Regen implants are so slow that it's going to really hurt your uptime and medkits make them basically obsolete; Instead of using either of these, you should focus on getting good so you don't need them. Clear Vision is by far the best for any sort of serious play, because concs are almost always thrown before a push; In addition, Clear Vision on your HA means you can whip a conc nade at your feet and mow everyone else down pretty easily. EMP Shield is useful on an Infiltrator for the same reason (EMP spike, then SMG everyone). Enhanced Targeting is good for vehicles, but vehicles are so rarely ACTUALLY needed, despite how often fools pull them.
  16. Archiadus

    I don't use any of the implants, if I wanted to play easy mode I'd be playing a single player game. :p
  17. Xasapis

    That makes zero sense. You can have a medic without C4, but he won't be using part of his allowed toolset. This is not about easy or hard, this is about using the tool set you have available or refusing to do it.

    The regen is not that slow at all. Usually by the time the shield is fully up, the regen has healed you almost completely. It fits players with a catious game style.

    I do understand that when playing in an organised squad, this particular implant becomes pointless, however, it is very useful for loners, which is the big majority of people playing the game.
  18. Archiadus

    The majority of implants help you with basic things that you can easily do yourself, the ones that don't do that make things easier for you so if anything you're not making any sense.
  19. AlCohonez

    Not using any, having to bother with the whole energy conservation is annoying and I won't spend SC or certs on this.
  20. hostilechild

    EOD3 and Regen3 like you i find i am using a lot. and Battle hardened due to tank/esf spam more than flinch.

    (Useful in a lot of situations, just maybe not enough to use often - the wish i had that implant in)
    Marker doesn't suck when fighting VS or anyone in the dark. So many times i lose the target at night and this prevents that. (maybe not so useful if you have a autospot macro)
    Awareness i found useful in small squad fights to help out squad mates finding the target or that pesky LA/infil (when you don't have infil for spotter darts/device)
    EMP shield, emp grenades drop the shields of infantry (500hp instead of 500/500) and they also deplete heavy shields. (don't remember seeing this in my implant inv and pretty sure i had them all. **but emps are rarely used**
    Clear vision wasn't mentioned but if I run conc grenades i use it since conc myself a lot or while holding a point.

    Counter intelligence/sensor shield really are rather poor. safe landing, hold breath etc same. Should have been more a class upgrade type thing.

    Really need to be able to have 2 implant types. (class implant-1or2 per class specific and utility implant)