What's Your Average FPS?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by RayDrazon, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. RayDrazon

    I'm just wondering what everyone's frame rate is. I sometimes have trouble aiming and I mostly blame my deaths on my frame rate since my PC is not that good for gaming.

    That said, my average FPS: (With all settings at minimum, unparked cores, gamebooster, etc.)

    Out Of Combat: 30-50
    In Small Skirmishes: 20-30
    Massive Battles (100+): 5-20

    As the Planetside 2 System Requirements are relatively high for games I'm used to, I'm just wondering what kind of frame rate you guys get. I want to know if I'm considered the "Average" in Planetside 2 in terms of Frame Rate. What do you guys think the average player's frame rate in Planetside 2 is? What's your frame rate?

    Please post and comment below. Thanks.
  2. AlienDrone117

    My setting is similar to what you have - Low or very low custom graphic setting @1280x720p, unparked cores except for game booster as I run TS and GB always disable them rendering my TS useless. Before Tweak, I run the game everything on Med @1600x900p, no umparked cores and no GB and the fps was horrible compare to after the tweak.

    Before tweak fps: (med setting @900p)
    Out Of Combat: 40-50
    In Small Skirmishes: 25-35
    Massive Battles (100+): 15-25

    After tweak fps: (low or very low custom setting, 720p)
    Out Of Combat: 70-90
    In Small Skirmishes: 40-60
    Massive Battles (100+): 20-30

    Here is my spec, and it is a laptop:
    i7 2720QM 2.2Ghz - Turbo Boost is disable
    6GB 1600Mhz
    NVIDIA GT 555M DDR3 3GB version (I also overclock this GPU to 800Mhz)
    Windows 7 64x, NVIDIA 306.97 WHQL

    Here is the link to the thread where I got this setting from: http://forums.station.sony.com/ps2/...y-planetside-2-with-the-best-fps-guide.55017/
  3. slannmage

    I7 970, 6 cores
    16GB Ram
    Nvidia 670 SLI
    Asus DX2 Sound Card
    Installed on an SSD

    Out of Combat around 50-60FPS
    In Combat 20-40FPS
  4. Freyar

    Out Of Combat: 50-70
    In Small Skirmishes: 30-55
    Massive Battles (100+): 20-35

    Intel Q9550 2.8Ghz
    8GB DDR3
    nVidia GeForce 670 GTX
    Windows 7 64x
  5. Poet

    i5 3570
    GTX 570
    16 gb DDR3
    Win 8 x64

    I WAS getting a smooth 50-60 until the last patch, now I'm lucky if I get above 30.
  6. manfromh

    ATI 6470m
    8gb ram

    40-45 (or even 50) in the middle of nowhere. 30 - 35 in outposts. Around 20-25 in towers and big bases. 15-30 in battles of various sizes. Huge ones can drop it down to 7 fps, but that happens rarely.

    Everything on low and render quality at 70%
  7. Beartornado

    I've already done that guide, I can get up to the 40s in fps in empty areas, sometimes higher.

    I still drop to 10 or less in the heaviest of battles, gradually getting worse and worse until 3-5fps is standard.
  8. T0urist

    All settings medium no ambient occlusion or that other check box in video and no v-sync.
    2.8ghz quad core i7 930 stock
    5990 ati card
    running windows 8 professional 64 bit

    in base - 70fps
    in medium combat - 40fps
    heavy combat - 30fps

    Seems fluid enough though little lag. Brothers computer feels alot smoother but mine seems fine and enjoyable
  9. SirBurning

    average 43
    Maximum: 69

    Average : 58
    Maximum : 98

    I get around 40-50 in big fight, Inside fights can get me to 30. Flying i usually get 70ish.
    That is on medium
    My spec's:
    i5 2500k @3.6 Ghz
    8 GB 1600Mhz Corsair Vengeance
    Sapphire HD6950 2GB @ Stock speeds.

    Usually my CPU is the bottleneck, might overclock it to see if that increases my frames much.
  10. PerfectInsanity

    I7 930@4Ghz
    AMD 6870x2@1100Mhz
    12gb DDR3@2133

    Out Of Combat: 80-120
    In Small Skirmishes: 70-80
    Massive Battles (100+): 50-70
    Big *** *********** battles!: 35-45
  11. Seeings

    GTX 460 1gb
    8gb ram
    nothing overclocked

    Out of combat: 50-70
    in small combats: 45-60
    large battles: 40-50 (it almost never comes down below 30fps ever)

    At High settings on most options.

    One thing I think everyone needs to know is that if you have any HUD programs (like Steam, Raptr or Xfire to name a few) then turn off the HUD display for them, infact don't use steam at all for this game.

    In all my games I played, I all of a sudden got low FPS and I didn't understand why, but after turning off Raptr's and Xfire's HUDs my FPS skyrocketed and I could increase my graphic settings alot
  12. wowie

    Out Of Combat: 20-30
    In Small Skirmishes: 10-15
    Massive Battles (100+): CTD-5

    Computer meets minimum specs. "Ultra-low" settings enabled via .ini tweak.
  13. zgunner

    Out Of Combat: 50-65
    In Small Skirmishes: 30-45
    Massive Battles (100+): 15-30

    This is with my GPU almost fully OC'ed. My CPU is crap.
  14. Lazaruz

    Out Of Combat: 50-70ish
    In Small Skirmishes: 30-35ish
    Massive Battles (100+): 18-20ish

    Needless to say I have everything as low as possible.
  15. Cydious

    Out Of Combat: 50-70
    In Small Skirmishes: 10-15
    Massive Battles (100+): 1-5


    I've give out on this game, impossible to play with this fps issue, when in beta ive got no fps issue!
    The game crashing every 5 to 20 minutes "apphang"

    Win 64 "new install"
    i7 3770k
    DDR 8go
    led screen 2560 x 1140
  16. B4dK4rma

    Read my signature!!
  17. oOCKYOo

    Out of combat: 70+
    In small Skirmishes: 50-70
    Massive Battles: 40-50

    Win XP 64
    i5 3470
    630 GT
    8 GB DDR 3 1600Mhz
    Settings on Ultra (UserOptions.ini edited)
    1080p resolution
  18. Aerensiniac

    i'll be blunt about it: 20
    In an action free zone i get as far 30-40 but heavy action drags it down to almost under 20.
    All of this on minimum graphic, 4mb ram, 3.2ghz e8900 pentium and a sapphire hd6570 videocard.
  19. k3lt

    Out Of Combat: 50-60
    In Small Skirmishes: 30-40
    Massive Battles (100+): 10-20

    1680x1050 all on low, rendering 85% + .ini tweaks.
  20. Dekka

    I7 2600k OCed 4.2ghz
    16gb GSkill Ram
    Nvidia GTX 570 (Running the latest Beta Drivers from NVIDIA)
    @1080P Resolution
    Rendering at 88%

    My settings in the Userconfig file:

    Out of combat roaming through Warpgate/ AMPS/ BIOLABS: 65-85 FPS
    Small Base Battles: 50-70 FPS
    Large Base Battles with lots of everything going on: 35-50 FPS

    Extra Notes to help anyone out using this for reference:
    - Ambient Occlusion, Fog Shadows, & Motion Blur all register about a 5 FPS dip each.
    - Difference between Shadows on High and Low is 10-15 fps.

    Hope this helps!