What's wrong with this picture?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Camycamera, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. Camycamera

  2. DrPapaPenguin

  3. sindz

    Dont know, seems fine. A typical TR player huggin the spawn.
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  4. Nitrobudyn

    I thought the sundy is suspecious, but the miniap shows it's perfectly fine.
  5. Mezinov

    That is an NC Sunderer. He has his colors set to Friendly vs Enemy; not faction colors. Also the yellow lumifiber is kind of a dead giveaway.

    On that note; whats wrong?

    You are holding a MCG instead of Locking Down in a Dual Pounder MAX.

    Even with several engineers repairing a locked down DP MAX would turn that problem into NO PROBLEM lickity split.
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  6. Tonberry76

    that orther players show his butt ?? :p :)
  7. Vikingo

    The picatinny rail is placed too far out to put a scope on it and placed in such a way that you cant have any other attachment on it without obstructing the view. Stupid gun design.
  8. aoyagiaichou

    Well, it's 4:3, that's first thing that's wrong.

    TwisterRapier is ugly and blurred.

    You have 32 FPS in a relatively empty base.

    Someone is driving an unarmored Sunderer into an enemy base.

    Also parts of the HUD seem to be missing.
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  9. Grayson

    Hidden Ridge Mining sign on Mr.TwistedRapiers butt?..
  10. Logri

    How did the sundi get there?
  11. BusDriverTR

    I assume it was driven there. Don't quote me on that though.
  12. IamDH

    That hidden ridge mining isnt so hidden?
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  13. Cinnamon

    No flashlight on the MCG.
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  14. LordCreepy

    Gpu limited - most likely an error in the matrix
  15. Nitrobudyn

    There are 3 2 NC sunderers there. If there were only one i wolud wonder, why is anlyone risking that mauch. But there are 3 2, so as i said, it's perfectly fine ;)

    Edit: 2 sunderers (the rthird vehicle is a tank)
  16. Giggily

    The fact that you can just drive a Sunderer over those tank barriers was pointed out to the level designers a few weeks ago.
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  17. Vikingo

    AHA! Mr.TwistedRapiers has a [A] where his A-hole is! I am so clever!!!
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  18. NikkoJT

    You've got Motion Blur turned on.
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  19. Camycamera

    my resolution is 1280x1024, that's probably why

    I have motion blur on (it's great for spotting bullet trails easier)

    actually, if i had the minimap zoomed out a bit, it would show a zerg fest of both NC and TR, that is why my FPS is low

    congratulations on finding what's wrong with the picture! :D

    centralised HUD mode.

    and no i was not hugging the spawn room. i spawned in to defend it, only to find a friggin' NC sundy parked right in front of the spawn room, among with loads of other vehicles, which shows some pretty huge flaws in lvl design lol, which is why i took the picture. it did eventually get taken down by a large influx of fresh TR spawns, but i moved to another base soon after i took the picture.